Paedophile attacked young girl weeks after jail release

Published December 18, 2012 by misty534

By STUART ABEL Court Reporter

A MAN who sexually assaulted two girls has been branded a “menace to children” by a judge.

Judge Graham Cottle warned 49-year-old Kevin Davis that he is facing jail.

He told Plymouth Crown Court: “This man is a menace when he is around young children.”

Judge Cottle asked a probation officer to assess how much of a risk Davis posed to the public. He was remanded in custody until his sentence on January 25.

The court heard he assaulted one girl within weeks of his release from prison for a previous offence.

Davis, whose address is recorded as Exeter Prison, admitted before the judge to sexual assault of a girl aged under 13 on April 13 this year.

He also admitted sexual assault of another girl aged under 13 on May 15 2010.

Davis had earlier admitted breach of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order relating to contact with the victim in April.

Plymouth Crown Court heard the 2010 offence had been ordered to lie on file but was brought back to court after the new offence.

A previous hearing before magistrates was told the second girl was assaulted on the steps of some flats in the city.

Deni Matthews, for Davis, said he had been released from prison in April and was due to go to another part of the country where support was available.

The court heard Davis had already been recalled to serve the remainder of a previous sentence and was not due for release until May next year.

Judge Cottle said: “It may be an extended prison sentence is still available, with a long-ish licence period so an eye can be kept on him in the community, so we know where he is and what he is doing.”

He added any new prison sentence could be added to his current term.

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