Paedophile Ralph Mauger says young children dont have breasts! so he cant be guilty!!

Published March 21, 2013 by misty534



The former Jersey centenier jailed for child sex crimes has lost his appeal against both his conviction and sentence.

The 77-year-old shook his head and held his face in one hand, he rubbed his lips with the other as the details of child sex crimes were read out in court.

The court was reminded of what Mauger told one child victim: “I kissed you on the boobs but I did not interfere with you.”

There were six key grounds for Mauger’s appeal. One of his arguments is that a young child doesn’t have breasts so the indecent assault can’t stick.

Appeal judges however described Mauger’s attempt to argue young children don’t have breasts as “intolerable”.

The former centenier was jailed for two-and-a-half years and was found guilty last December and sent down in January.
This week the Court of Appeal sitting at the Royal Court has been hearing a series of arguments from his lawyer to overturn the guilty verdict.
He was found guilty by the Royal Court of five counts of indecent assault and put on the sex offenders’ register for five years.
His advocate Stephen Baker this week argued the trial judge should have ordered separate trials because the allegations of each complainant were not similar to each other.
Advocate Baker also said there had not been proper disclosure of material which might have helped them in cross-examination of the complainants.
On sentencing at the start of this year, judge Julian Clyde-Smith said: “The court does not accept that all the offences can be described as isolated and this is a substantial sentence for a man of your age.”
Throughout his trial, Mauger denied seven counts of indecent assault and one of inciting an act of gross indecency, involving girls aged six to 14.
The five counts that Mauger was found guilty of all happened at a house in Grouville between 1998 and 2006.
“Harrowing, horrific and incredibly upsetting.”
The words of one of Ralph Mauger’s victims, speaking exclusively to ITV News about the trauma of giving evidence in his child sex abuse trial.

The 77-year-old former honorary policeman today lost his appeal against his two and a half year jail term.

Now one of his three victims is calling on Jersey’s court authorities to overhaul the systems, so those abused aren’t put off giving evidence.

It comes as UK politicians agree changes are needed there.

Speaking of today’s verdict, the victim said: “I can’t imagine how I’d have felt, having been through the trial which was harrowing as it was, I think I’d have fallen apart today if there was any other decision.”

But though Mauger’s behind bars, the trauma of the trial, as well as his crimes, have left lasting scars.

She said: “I still to this day have nights where I wake up replaying in mind the questions that were asked of me. I should have said this, I should have said that. Feeling like I put a foot wrong or said something wrong. The trial just brought it all back out and made things a hundred times worse, and having to go through it all again, live through it all again is an incredibly upsetting experience.”

The police are well aware of the upset, which is why they tread very carefully in these cases.

DC Karen Sykes of Jersey Police’s Public Protection Unit said: “People need to know it’s going to be a difficult process. They’ve got to them decide if they want to take part in that process. It’s just offering support at every point, keeping them updated, explain something if they’re not sure about it.”

In the Mauger case, a cross-examination in court by his advocate was described by judges as “a sustained attack”.

In the UK this week, a pledge to overhaul the court system to make the whole thing less adversarial.

Conservative MP Nicola Blackwood said: “Victims, charities, seniors police officers and lawyers all confirm that barriers to victims coming forward is not only the fear of not being believed, it is also a potentially traumatic court process.”

But in Jersey, that traumatic process remains.

Mauger was found guilty by the Royal Court of five counts of indecent assault and put on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

Throughout his trial, Mauger denied the charges involving girls aged six to 14 between 1998 and 2006.

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