Man found hanged after ‘paedophile’ claim

Published June 28, 2013 by misty534


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A WINDOW cleaner was found hanging shortly after being accused of an historic sexual offence involving a child.

An inquest into the death of Carl Alexander Myers, 50, from Trusthorpe heard he died as a result of asphyxiation by hanging.

As there was no evidence that it may have been Mr Myers’ intention to take his own life, Central Lincolnshire coroner Stuart Fisher recorded an open verdict into his death.

The inquest heard that on April 4, Raymond Ward, a builder from Huttoft, confronted Mr Myers over a sexual offence allegation involving a child.

Mr Ward told the inquest: “I formed the view he was a paedophile and I stand by that.”

Mr Ward said he was visiting a customer when he saw Mr Myers’ van in the same street.

He parked up behind him and took a crowbar from his van.

He said: “It was a one-sided discussion. I know what he has done and what he is. I suggested he hand himself in or I would take him to the police.

“He kept mumbling and did not speak coherently.

“I hit the window – it was either hit the window or hit him.

“I told him he had two choices. I sat in the van for a minute or two – he just stayed there.”

Mr Ward said he did not place any more pressure on Mr Myers and that he did not see him again.

The inquest heard that Mr Ward was visited by the police where he made full admissions and was cautioned for criminal damage.

When Mr Myers returned to his home address, he was seen by a neighbour fixing a plastic sheet over his van window.

He then went on to clean windows at two neighbouring flats.

Sometime later, the neighbour heard furniture being moved in Mr Myers’ flat.

No noise was heard after that and his body was discovered a few days later on April 7.

The Coroner confirmed that no third party had been involved with Mr Myers’ death and the historic sexual offence allegation was not reported to the police

This is lincolnshire

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