‘He is not a paedophile, if anything I groomed him’: Schoolgirl lover of jailed teacher Jeremy Forrest says she wants to have his baby

Published June 30, 2013 by misty534
  • The 16-year-old claims that the pair had sex every other day last summer
  • Insists she’ll wait for Forrest while he serves a five-and-a-half year jail term
  • The teenager says she hopes to have his babies when he is free from prison
  • Teacher didn’t know she was a virgin when they first had sex, she says


The besotted schoolgirl lover of Jeremy Forrest has denied that the shamed teacher is a paedophile revealing how ‘she groomed him’ before he took her virginity.

The teenager – who cannot be named for legal reasons – claims that the pair had sex every other day last summer in hotels and in his car, but were caught out when they returned to school for the new term last September.

In an interview with The Sun, she vowed to wait for him while he serves a five-and-a-half year sentence for abducting a schoolgirl and five child sex charges.

The schoolgirl, now aged 16, said that one day she hopes to have the 30-year-old’s baby when he is freed from jail.

She told The Sun: ‘Jeremy is not a paedophile, if anything it was me who groomed him, he has never been anything but concerned for me.’

The girl said that they fell for each other after he put her in detention because of bad behaviour and they bonded over their similar music tastes.

They grew close on a school trip to Los Angeles when Forrest comforted her as she was struggling with bulimia.

When they returned to the UK, Forrest added her on a social networking site where the pair talked each day.

She said that the pair began a sexual relationship at the start of the summer holidays last year and checked into hotels as Mr and Mrs Forrest.

But the girl claims that her teacher did not know that she was a virgin the first time they had sex.

She said: ‘Jeremy wasn’t aware that I had been a virgin until after we had started having sex, I think he thought I knew what I was doing.’

She added: ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with him, and maybe once he’s out we can marry and have children together.’

The pair’s relationship came to light when they returned to school at the start of the new term last September.

In a panic, the pair fled to France and posed as a couple named Jack Francis Dean and Gemma Grant.

They were on the run for seven days before they were caught.

Last week the Mail On Sunday revealed that the maths tutor told his parents during a prison visit: ‘I love her and we want to get married’.

In an interview , Forrest’s sister Carrie Hanspaul described her brother as immature and someone who ‘hadn’t fully grown up yet’, but said she could never think of him as a paedophile and claimed he himself was ‘vulnerable’ at the time of his offences.

She said he was suffering from depression after two years in a ‘destructive’ marriage with his estranged wife Emily.

Speaking on behalf of her parents, Mrs Hanspaul said she had always regarded her younger brother as ‘immature’.

‘He’s never seemed his age,’ she said. ‘I’ve never seen him as a grown-up, even though he’s been a teacher and he took his job really seriously – but he wasn’t very good with money.

‘He’s still very into music and all that, and it made me think he hadn’t fully grown up yet, as if he felt he was still in his early 20s rather than 30.

‘But the girl comes across as being very mature in the way she expresses herself. She’s an intelligent mature girl.’

‘I remember meeting him the first time in prison and asking him over and over, “why the hell didn’t you tell us, why didn’t you ask us for help?”

‘He said, “I love her” and he knew he had done something stupid and wrong, but he said they loved each other.’

The Mail on Sunday also revealed the contents of an emotional letter the pupil wrote to Forrest’s parents, in which she declares her undying love for him.

In the five-page note on lilac Laura Ashley notepaper, signed with two kisses, she describes Forrest as ‘wonderful’.

The girl, who recently turned 16, sent it as her former teacher at Bishop Bell School in Eastbourne awaited trial for her abduction

The girl apologised ‘for any upset I have caused’ and said she felt safer while on the run in France with Forrest last September than at home or school.


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