Letter: Grooming still a big problem

Published July 4, 2013 by misty534

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THE Lancashire Telegraph is to be applauded for the ‘Keep Them Safe’ campaign which seven years ago quite dramatically exposed and identified gangs of depraved older predatory Asian males grooming and sexually exploiting vulnerable young white girls.

It culminated in the the groundbreaking formation of the local Engage Team, an inter-agency approach to this sickening and pernicious problem.

There is no doubt in my mind that the systematic failure of the police and social services to act effectively and protect these girls can be laid firmly at the door of the Macpherson Inquiry, following the death of Stephen Lawrence, when he labelled the Metropolitan Police as being an ‘institutionally racist’ organisation.

It was an indictment accepted without protest by the weak and liberal-minded leaders of all provincial forces whose inexcusable reaction to such a label was to look the other way and pussyfoot and tiptoe around any criminal activity that may have had racial content and possibly undermined their official creed of cultural diversity.

I have also believed for some time that Britain’s complacent Pakistani community must urgently confront and address this issue themselves, and it is refreshing to read that at last Asian community leaders have finally recognised their responsibility and are to deliver sermons in mosques and madrasas condemning this barbaric practice (LT June 29).

Sadly, the recent sentencing of the Oxford paedophile ring reminds us all that this evil in our midst still exists.


Lancashire Telegraph

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