Chepstow man faces jail for sexual abuse of young boy

Published July 8, 2013 by misty534

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A CHEPSTOW man faces a jail sentence after being convicted of the sexual abuse of a young boy in Gloucestershire more than 35 years ago.

A jury at Gloucester Crown Court found David Aston, 52, of Alice Crescent, guilty of eight charges of indecency and gross indecency with a child under the age of 16. Some the offences were committed when Aston was aged under 16.

The court had been told by the victim, now in his forties, how he was forced to commit, and subjected to, sexual acts.

He was aged five when the abuse started. It ended when he moved away.

Aston told the victim not to tell anyone or he’d kill him. “I was terrified,” he said.

The man said his life had been adversely affected by the abuse and he had ended up on the streets of London selling the Big Issue, was confused about his sexuality and felt like a misfit.

“I did not know where I fitted in,” he said.

He came forward as he had been unable to suppress his feelings about what had happened any further and had been encouraged by his partner to seek help.

During cross-examination, when Jason Coulter, defending, suggested the abuse had not taken place and he’d made up the allegations, he said: “I’m saying you’re wrong.”

Aston had denied the allegations, claiming the man had invented the claims.

“It never ever happened,” he told police after he had been arrested when the allegations came to light.

Judge William Hart deferred sentencing Aston until August 14 and said he faced an immediate custodial sentence. He would also be required to meet the requirements of the Sexual Offences Act.


South Wales Argus

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