School girl sex act pervert jailed

Published July 18, 2013 by misty534



A FLASHER who performed sexual acts in front of Uttoxeter school girls has been jailed by a judge.

In March, brewery worker Robert Foster stood naked in his front window and tugged on a piece of string tied to his penis as an 11-year-old girl walked past.

The Uttoxeter resident was convicted of a similar offence last year and got a community work sentence.

However, 51-year-old Foster was this time handed a nine-month custodial sentence at Stafford Crown Court after admitting indecent exposure.

Recorder Simon Draycott QC told him: “In interview with the police you lied by saying it was accidental. You were given a chance in July last year for a similar offence.”

Nick Burn, prosecuting, said the victim was ‘left distressed’ by Foster’s actions and told police: “I felt sick by what I had seen”.

Mohammed Rias, defending, said: “My client never approached the victim in any way, nor tried to speak to her. The incident only lasted a few seconds.”

Foster, of Collin Street, had lost his ‘well-paid’ brewery job through being remanded in custody since April and his marriage was ending in divorce.


by Peter Richardson

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