Ex-head jailed over indecent child images

Published July 25, 2013 by misty534

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The former head teacher of a Pinxton primary school has been jailed for ten months for filming pupils getting changed for swimming lessons.


Derby Crown Court heard on Friday how Matthew Pendleton, 37, of Elmwood Drive, Alfreton, was arrested in January and suspended as head of Kirkstead Junior School.

Pendleton pleaded guilty to four charges of voyeurism and 12 of making indecent images of children. Det con Simon English said: “Pendleton was in a position of trust as head of Kirkstead Junior School and he gravely abused that position.”

Pendleton’s offences came to light when police discovered a computer in Alfreton was being used to access indecent images of children and that address was traced back to Pendleton. Police seized computers and data storage devices from his house.

During interview, Pendleton told officers he had secretly filmed children for his own use. Det Con English added: “We have no reason to suspect he shared these particular images with anyone and we are confident that none of the children were physically abused.”

Kirkstead Junior School stated it has been a difficult time for those affected.

In a statement it added that staff, governors and parents are all shocked by the behaviour, the breach of trust and the impact on the community.

The school said it will continue to work hard to ensure that every child is safe when they are at school and in their care and it will continue to provide a high quality education for all its pupils.


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