I Loved a Paedophile by Dr Lisa Turner

Published August 2, 2013 by misty534

I Loved a Paedophile

“I loved a Paedophile, the seduction, abduction and liberation of a life” is the story of how I was groomed by a paedophile from the age of 12, abducted at 15 and kept as a virtual house prisoner for 5 years until I finally found the strength to escape and start a new life.

The book shows in detail exactly how paedophiles groom their victims, and, contrary to what most people think, they don’t target the vulnerable, it’s much more subtle than that. I also show how relationships become abusive, slowly, over time. So what starts out feeling like love can result in you waking up one day, looking around at your life and wondering how it got to be like this.


It’s the very intimate story of my experiences. But unlike many of the “misery lit” books, this is a more considered account. Rather than labelling myself as a victim or survivor, and my abuser as a monster, I explain the complexities of how such a situation could come about.


My intention was to show exactly how paedophiles really groom their victims. It’s an essential read for parents, teachers and for anyone who has found themselves in an abusive relationship and wondered how they got there.

The book is available on amazon now.

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