Wirral paedophile predator jailed for life

Published August 3, 2013 by misty534

Philip Taylor

Father of two abused eight girls over 20-year period

A Wirral “paedophilic predator” who abused eight girls over a 20-year period while pretending to be a pillar of the community was jailed for life.

Phillip Taylor, 54, groomed the parents of his victims – one as young as three – so they trusted him to look after them.

But once he got them alone he bathed them, touched them and even filmed himself abusing them.

Taylor, a dad-of-two, was only caught after one of his young victims innocently told her dad that the way he was rubbing cream into her body wasn’t the way “Philly” did it.

It transpired that complaints had been made about Taylor, a painter and decorator who has been married for more than 25 years, as far back as 2000 but he denied the allegations made by two teenagers and the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute.

But this time police who raided his home on Bratan Road, Birkenhead, recovered video clips of him actually abusing his victims, along with thousands of child porn images, giving him no choice but to plead guilty.

Sentencing at Liverpool Crown Court Judge Stephen Everett said: “You were outwardly a picture of respectability, a man who had never been in trouble before. A picture of respectability and believability and somebody to be trusted. You grossly abused that trust for your own deviant sexual pleasure.

“I have little doubt you have no inkling at all as to the trauma you have caused those families.

“You are in my judgement cold and calculating. You are a paedophilic predator who groomed not just the girls but also their parents to trust you to look after their children which allowed you abuse those little girls.

“I have little doubt if you had not been caught you would have been willing to continue this despicable behaviour for many, many years.

“There is little doubt in my mind and my judgement from all I have heard and seen is that you will remain a dangerous offender for many, many, many years to come. It may be you will always remain a dangerous offender until the end of your life.”

He jailed Taylor for life and told him he must serve a minimum of seven-and-a-half years before he could be considered for parole but said the reality was that he would be locked up for a lot longer than that.

Judge Everett said: “I would not be surprised to see you in prison for the rest of your life.”


Liverpool Echo

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