Court: Paedophile who groomed 14-year-old Peterborough girl jailed

Published August 8, 2013 by misty534



A paedophile from Peterborough who groomed his 14-year-old victim with burgers and cigarettes has been locked up for more than three years.


Muhammed Waqas (23) made hundreds of phone calls and text messages to the young girl in Peterborough, before persuading her to have sex in the back of a car in Dogsthorpe.

On Wednesday Waqas was jailed for three years and nine months, and told he would be deported after completing the sentence.

Waqas initially denied sexual activity with a child, but pleaded guilty, and was sentenced by Judge Nic Madge at Peterborough Crown Court.

Sentencing, Judge Madge said: “Everyone knows that the age of consent in this country is 16.

“There is considerable public concern about older men who groom vulnerable girls in their early teens and have sex with them.

“Rightly so.

“That is why men who have sex with 13, 14 and 15 year old girls must expect to go to prison. In this court we treat such offences very seriously.”

The court heard Waqas, of Small Heath, Birmingham, arranged to meet two 14 year old girls in February.

He took them to a McDonald’s, bought them burgers and gave them cigarettes. He then ‘bombarded’ them with phone calls – 357 to his victim, and 46 to her friend.

In March, while visiting friends in Peterborough he agreed to meet this victim and another girl.

Again, you took them to McDonald’s and gave them cigarettes, before taking the girls to Dogsthorpe, where he had sex with one of them.

The girl’s friend was sat in the front of the car at the time, listening to music through headphones.

A victim impact statement was read out to the court, with the girl saying she still has sleepless nights as a result of the incident.

Rajinder Gill, defending, said the defendant was ‘immature’ for his age, and his father was seriously ill in his native Pakistan. He added Waqas had no previous convictions.

Detective Inspector Simon Harding said: “Waqas groomed his victim by sending her texts then arranging to meet.

“He was fully aware she was only 14 but still had sex with her, while her friend was also in the car. Waqas preyed on her vulnerability to satisfy his own desires. Such behaviour is not acceptable, the victim showed great courage to come forward to police and we are pleased he has now been brought to justice.”


by Stephen Briggs



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