‘Funbusters’ father and son guilty of downloading indecent child images

Published August 9, 2013 by misty534

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A FATHER and son who ran a business as children’s entertainers from Tardebigge have been warned they face jail after being found guilty of downloading child and extreme pornographic images.

A total of 280 images were found on the computers at the home of Nigel Bourne, aged 28, and his 52-year-old father Robert, who ran a company called Funbusters.

Police found scores of pictures on a Sony laptop and HP desktop computer featuring children as young as four and dozens of searches for “Lolita-type” websites dating from June, 2008. Other images featured animals.

Simon Phillips, prosecuting, told Worcester Crown Court police raided the home in Hewell Lane, Tardebigge, on October 6, 2011.

Nigel Bourne denied possessing 27 indecent images of children aged between four and 14, plus 24 images of extreme porn.

Robert, a former builder who launched Fun Busters almost 15 years ago, and was known as Big Bob or Fun Bob, denied possessing 198 indecent images of children aged between six and 14, along with 31 extreme pornographic images.

A jury unanimously found Nigel not guilty of two charges of making or downloading indecent images of children but guilty of three other similar charges and two of making images of extreme porn.

His father was found guilty unanimously of three charges of downloading child porn and two of extreme porn.

Judge Richard Rundell ordered them both to sign the sex offenders register immediately. Pre sentence reports were ordered and they are due back in court for sentencing on August 30. They were granted bail but the judge warned them they should both prepare to go to jail.

Adam Western, defending Nigel, who got married last year, said he had put up a defence on behalf of his father in court. Apart from their father and son relationship, Mr Western said, he had not worked for anyone else since the age of ten. It was a remote chance, Mr Western said, that two people with the same “deviant, criminal interest” would live in the same house.

Andrew Davidson, for Robert Bourne, said he had a “mental breakdown” in 2008 which resulted in him dousing himself in petrol and setting himself alight. He went to prison and his house had been a “drop-in centre for cons and ex-cons” following that time. Others could have accessed the computers and downloaded the porn.


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