IPCC update statement on investigations related to Jimmy Savile

Published September 19, 2014 by misty534

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has a number of investigations in progress related to Jimmy Savile, concerning different police forces. The following provides an update. 


The IPCC is independently investigating the conduct of Sussex Police detectives over their handling of a reported indecent assault carried out by Jimmy Savile in 1970. Notices have been served on four serving police officers to advise them they are subject to the investigation. Two of the officers, a detective sergeant and detective constable, who visited the woman over the alleged sexual offence soon after she contacted the force in March 2008, have been served with gross misconduct notices. The two other officers, a detective chief inspector and detective inspector, who had supervisory roles, have received misconduct notices.

IPCC deputy chair, Sarah Green, who is overseeing Savile investigations, said: “The investigation is examining interactions between Sussex Police officers and the victim and whether all lines of enquiry were properly pursued.”

IPCC investigators have taken a statement from the woman who reported the assault and expect to interview the four officers soon. A number of Sussex Police policy documents are being examined.

The IPCC directed Sussex Police to refer the conduct of two of the officers late last year.

North Yorkshire

The IPCC has an independent investigation under way into potential misconduct issues arising from the manner in which North Yorkshire police officers handled information about Jimmy Savile, and an associate, the late Peter Jaconelli. Matters under investigation by the IPCC relate to how the force handled information from a 15 year old girl in 2002 regarding Savile, and how the force treated two disclosures made by a serving prisoner about Jaconelli in December 2008 and January 2009. One serving detective sergeant has so far been served with a misconduct notice to advise him his conduct is subject to IPCC investigation. The officer has been interviewed by an IPCC investigator recently.

IPCC deputy chair Sarah Green said: “The investigation is examining whether the North Yorkshire Police response to the disclosures was in accordance with national and force policies on crime recording, intelligence handling and dealing with victims of sexual abuse.”

This investigation follows a referral from North Yorkshire Police in April this year which included whether any information it held on record about Savile or his known associates was properly and comprehensively disclosed to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) when it, and other forces, were asked to do so by HMIC in December 2012 and again by the IPCC in May last year. After assessment by the IPCC those matters have been sent back to the force to deal with.

North Yorkshire Police has an ongoing investigation into historical sexual abuse for which it has previously asked people from the Scarborough area to come forward with any information.

West Yorkshire

An IPCC investigation into allegations against a former inspector with West Yorkshire Police having ‘acted on behalf’ of Jimmy Savile by inappropriately contacting Surrey Police ahead of a police interview in 2009 is nearing completion.

The investigation is looking into what knowledge the former inspector had of any letters received making accusations against Savile and what action, if any, was taken in respect of them. The former inspector has been interviewed under criminal caution by an IPCC investigator. The IPCC has spoken to several former police and non-police attendees of the ‘Friday Morning Club’, or those with knowledge of it, as witnesses over whether they have any awareness of accusatory letters being received by Savile and passed on to officers or discussed.

IPCC deputy chair Sarah Green said: “Investigators have been in contact with a number of the ongoing independent inquiries investigating allegations of abuse by Savile over any information they may have which would be useful to the IPCC independent investigation.”

The IPCC investigation began last year following a direction to the force to record and refer the conduct of the former inspector, identified in a Surrey Police report as ‘Inspector 5’. Other wider Savile-related matters referred to the IPCC by West Yorkshire Police from its Operation Newgreen report were, after assessment, sent back to the force.

Surrey Police

Following a referral from Surrey Police, the IPCC has begun an independent investigation into the conduct of a now retired detective inspector who was involved in 2007 and 2008 in investigating allegations of sexual abuse by Savile at Duncroft School. The investigation is examining the handling of the police investigation at the time and whether information was passed to other police forces in a timely way. The former detective inspector is identified as ‘DI3’ in a Surrey Police report. We are in correspondence with Surrey Police over the scope of the investigation.

Separately, following a voluntary referral by Surrey Police an investigation by its professional standards department, supervised by the IPCC, looked into why a reference to Savile in a previous Surrey Police investigation was omitted from the force’s Operation Ornament report, published in 2013. The investigation found the reference was omitted in error, but that officers had acted honestly and a genuine oversight did not amount to any misconduct. The IPCC has agreed the terms of reference for the investigation have been met.

Metropolitan Police Service

The IPCC requested the MPS review its Savile-related material and consider whether any matters raised in the HMIC Savile report published in 2013 should be recorded and referred to the IPCC as conduct matters against individual officers. Following the MPS response which has not included any referral, we have decided no investigation by the IPCC is presently required. We have advised the MPS to ensure that if any further evidence comes to light they should consider a referral to the IPCC.



Notices served on officers are advisory to inform them their conduct is subject to investigation, and are not judgemental in any way.

For media enquiries please contact the IPCC press office on 0207-166-3239

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