TV paedophile catcher Stinson Hunter says: ‘it’s Parliament next’

Published October 5, 2014 by misty534


TV paedophile catcher Stinson Hunter says: ‘it’s Parliament next’

TAMWORTH’s self-styled paedophile catcher Stinson Hunter has pledged to take his crusade to Parliament.

Following the smash hit success of the Channel 4 documentary ‘The Paedophile Hunter’, Tamworth-raised Hunter, wants to raise awareness about the dangers of online sexual predators in the most powerful building in the country.

A huge groundswell of support has been shown for the work of Stinson and his team from across the world following the hard-hitting film.

Despite the success of the documentary, it has not dampened his appetite to ensure that everyone is aware of the dangers and he said he would ultimately like the issue to be debated by the nation’s leading politicians.

“I would take this to the government, 100 per cent, get me in the House of Parliament and I would tell them all about it, this is a worldwide problem,” he said.

“From day one all I have wanted to do is hold a mirror up to society and say ‘look, this is happening and something needs to be done about it’.”

He admitted he was staggered at the level of support shown for the shocking documentary, which was trending worldwide on Twitter, and saw his number of supporters soar into the social media stratosphere.

“I am proud, I have a mixture of a thousand different emotions,” he said.

“It is bigger than I ever, ever expected it to be. I have been bigging it up but I never thought it would be trending worldwide –it’s insane.”

He has stressed it has never been about making himself a household name – but raising awareness to the frightening problems online – and he is proud that the documentary has done just that.

“It validates everything that I have done and it proves to a lot of people the misconceptions they had about what I do,” he explained.

He watched the documentary with his beloved dog Meg: “When it was finished I took her out for a walk, which I don’t normally do at night but my head was just battered, I couldn’t take it all in,” he said.

With a meticulous attention to detail, Stinson has already started work on his next projects: “I have been planning, I have been looking at the laws and am deciding what to do next. People don’t see what I do in the background.

“I think the first thing I want to do is the online safety campaign, it is not going to happen overnight.”

He turns 33 next week and is planning on taking a holiday before getting back to his now famed work.

“I would do other TV stuff but it would have to be the right project and something I believe in,” he hinted.

He said he was inspired to start his work by the TV investigative journalist Roger Cook, whose ‘Cook Report’ programme was huge in the late 80s and 90s. “He is a legend,” he said,

“He inspired me, his no-nonsense attitude towards it, he was controversial and I wanted to be controversial too.”

This element of controversy has seen criticism fired at Stinson, but he says that the documentary silences the abuse he has received: “It is like two fingers up to them, especially the police, who did not believe that the film was coming out.”

Thousands of pounds have been donated by supporters to help him continue his work.

Less than an hour after the documentary came to an end, he unveiled a new kickstarter project online and it attracted more than £10,000 in pledges.

The total has reached more than £23,000 and should enable Stinson and his team to continue next chapter after Christmas.

“I need time to get my head together but hopefully in January we will start again,” he said,

“But I am not going anywhere, I am not going to vanish, I am still going to be causing trouble but I need to plan what we are going to do next, and how we are going to do it.”

The kickstarter project will rely on pledges and, in return, the site offers everything from a half-an-hour Skype Q & A to Stinson Hunter having a firm’s name tattooed on his leg.

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