Published October 9, 2014 by misty534

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Melanie Shaw, a name on many people’s lips

Three months without evidence in prison she sits

Abused as a child in Beechwood Children’s Home

Now abused by the state, lost and alone

 Imprisoned, surrounded by memories of the past

No one who cares, how long can this last

Keeping Melanie silenced is the name of the game

Doing whatever they like, as they have no shame

Her body broken, gaping wounds that wont heal

The Prison ignoring their responsibility, so unreal!

MPs and the like, turn a blind eye

To this innocent, vulnerable persons cry

I beg you to help her, before its too late

It’s the innocence of a child for heavens sake

Compassion and care is what Melanie needs

To heal her body and her soul that bleeds

Written by @just_standing2



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