Child Abuse Whistleblower Melanie Shaw Finally Released on Bail

Published October 17, 2014 by misty534


Was released today at 11.30 October 17th 2014


A judge yesterday ordered the release of Beechwood abuse survivor and witness MELANIE SHAW from Peterborough prison after a long awaited bail application was granted with stringent conditions attached. Melanie is set to face trial on October 28th on a charge of arson, after her neighbour’s shed burned down.

A rising tide of public outrage at Melanie’s imprisonment, widely believed to be unlawful due to the absence of evidence of her involvement in the alleged incident, may have influenced the judge’s decision, some believe.

Observers reported seeing a very frail and ill looking Melanie, who spoke briefly when called up. One commented: “The judge said it’s very unusual for somebody to be released so close to a trial. I think that was more or less a nod to public support that’s been so evident both in this court and the protest in Peterborough.”

The hearing was almost transferred to a private chamber at the last minute, but Judge Dickinson QC persisted with proceedings in a public court to the relief of supporters packed into the gallery.

Some, like fellow Beechwood paedophile ring survivor, Mickey Summers from Nottinghamshire, have been scrutinising each court action from the beginning. He believes the evidence is so flimsy, she shouldn’t even be in court. He said: “The prosecutor represents a miscarriage of justice. In my opinion, he represents the corrupt Nottinghamshire Police, the corrupt Nottingham City Council, who I believe have taken her off to silence her.”

“Melanie was battering the police’s Operation Daybreak, just the same as I’ve been battering them… Very similar to me, the only difference is, I’ve got an IPCC investigation into my 2003 [abuse] allegations and Melanie doesn’t. I’ve also got an independent Councillor to investigate Nottingham City Council, which Melanie doesn’t have.”

Supporters cheered as they emerged from Nottinghamshire Crown Court before heading off to a pub to celebrate the victory. Wendy Hirst who travelled from Peterborough to be present at the hearing said: “We’re absolutely elated. Hopefully, we can get Melanie into hospital and get her leg checked out. She needs to do that before she can travel.”

Trisha Collins added: “We’re over the moon. Pity we couldn’t take her there and then with us.”

Today Melanie will travel to Plymouth where she will stay in the care of an unidentified custodian until the trial.

By: Anna Bragga

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