Westminster paedophile ring: Cop warned brother of missing Martin Allen questions would get him ‘hurt’

Published November 24, 2014 by misty534


Kevin Allen, 51, claims he was warned he would ‘get hurt’ if he asked questions about the disappearance of his 15-year-old brother Martin, who vanished in 1979

The brother of a missing teenage boy claims he told a senior policeman that he suspected a top-level cover-up – and was warned: “Stop talking like that, you might get hurt.”

Kevin Allen’s 15-year-old younger brother Martin ­vanished in November 1979, writes Nick Dorman in the Sunday People.

And Kevin, now 51, believes case files have been lost or destroyed, scuppering new bids to solve the mystery.

He said: “I’ve no faith in the police. They failed us.

“Within a couple of months of Martin disappearing, my ­father and I said, ‘There’s something not right here.’ Police weren’t doing enough. They went through the motions.

“So it didn’t surprise me when a senior officer warned me I could get hurt. I’ve always said there was something, Establishment involvement, in Martin’s disappearance.”

Martin, son of the chauffeur to the Australian High Commissioner, vanished on his way from King’s Cross, London, to his Kensington home.

Police fear he was a­bducted by a man while on a Tube train.

His disappearance has been linked to notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, South West London – the alleged VIP paedophile brothel currently being probed.

It is also feared that eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra, who was abducted and killed in 1981, was taken to the house.

Police refused to comment last night.

Lost kid files reopened

Detectives are trawling through files on at least 200 missing children to identify three boys allegedly killed by the Westminster paedo network.

They have asked police across the UK for files on boys who vanished without trace from 1977 to 1983.

They have limited the search to those who match the descriptions of the three victims, as given by an abuse survivor who says he saw them murdered.

But the huge number of ­missing boys who match Nick’s brief ­descriptions makes it difficult.

It also highlights just how many boys went missing – often from ­within the “care” system.

Some were never even reported as missing to the police.

The witness, known as Nick to protect his identity, also says he was sexually abused by MPs and VIPs.

Nick Dorman

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