New laws announced by David Cameron to help GCHQ snare paedophiles

Published December 11, 2014 by JS2

Prime Minister, David Cameron, has set out how he will tackle paedophiles online.

He is expected to announce a new £50 million child protection fund to help victims.

More than 1,000 alleged paedophiles have been arrested in Britain in the past year compared to 192 arrested in 2012-2013.

A loophole in the law will be closed meaning it will be a criminal offences for an adult to ask a child for explicit photographs, even if such an image has not been sent.

The new offence will carry a sentence of up to two years in prison.

On the new law, Mr Cameron told the Daily Mail: “There can be no grey areas here. If you ask a child to take their clothes off and send a picture, you are as guilty as if you did that in person.

“Just as it is illegal to produce and possess images of child abuse, now we are making it illegal to solicit these images.”

As well as the new law, the Prime Minister has announced GCHQ will be working with the National Crime Agency to catch those using the web for dark purposes.

Current legislation predates the widespread use of the Internet and social networking sites. It also fails to recognise the nature of grooming, where an abuser aims to flatter the child rather than sending indecent or offensive communications

He added: “Every time someone chooses to view an online image or a video of a child being abused they are choosing to participate in an horrific crime. Every single view represents that victim being abused again. They may as well be in the room with them.

“I want to build a better future for our children. The package I am announcing today is a watershed moment in reducing the volume of child abuse images online. It marks significant progress in delivering a truly world-leading response to a global problem.

“The so-called ‘dark-net’ is increasingly being used by paedophiles to view sickening images. I want them to hear loud and clear; ‘We are shining a light on the webs darkest corners. If you are thinking of offending there will be nowhere for you to hide.”


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