Investigation into paedophile teacher Martin Goldberg begins

Published December 23, 2014 by misty534

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Investigation into paedophile teacher Martin Goldberg begins

INVESTIGATORS looking into why police failed to arrest and take action against a paedophile deputy headteacher have outlined what they will look into.

Essex Police referred itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission on September 30 after it emerged Martin Goldberg, deputy head at Thorpe Hall School, killed himself after he discovered police were investigating him for downloading indecent images of children.

Goldberg had amassed 7,257 indecent images of children on computers and had produced nearly 600 images himself by filming Thorpe Hall School pupils in the school’s changing rooms, in Southend Tennis and Leisure Centre and two other locations, which police have been unable to identify.

Essex Police were first sent information about Goldberg in November 2013, but only went to his home, in Dalwood, Shoebury, on September 9 this year.

He refused to voluntarily answer questions and the next day he was found hanged at his home.

The IPCC will examine:

  • What actions officers took, including risk assessments and safeguarding, once Essex Police knew about Goldberg’s job in a school
  • The unsuccessful application for a search warrant
  • The risk assessments made by officers before visiting Goldberg’s home on September 9 and why they did not arrest him at that time
  • How quickly Essex Police processed information received from the National Crime Agency related to Goldberg
  • Whether the investigation by Essex Police was conducted along national and force guidelines with proper supervision.

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