EastEnders spoilers: Uncle Harry historic paedophile scandal to haunt Kat as soap deny Jimmy Savile link

Published December 28, 2014 by misty534

BBC soap going very close to the bone with shocking new storyline

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EastEnders bosses will drag up a world of emotions for Kat as viewers discover Uncle Harry – who abused Kat at the age of 13 – was a serial sex attacker.

In the following weeks the story will unfold, which will send Kat, played by Jessie Wallace, into a world of hurt and remind her of Harry’s abuse.

Kat was made pregnant by her uncle in a storyline which involved one of the show’s most famous scenes – when Kat told Zoe that she was her mother.

In the near future, Police turn up at Kat’s door to tell her that Harry’s victims have come forward with new allegations.

In 2001 it emerged that Uncle Harry, played by Michael Elphick, was the father of Kat’s daughter Zoe.

Kat will be drawn into the new investigation, almost 10 years since the death of the man who abused her, after it is revealed that Harry left her money in his will.

There are claims that the plot will echo the Jimmy Savile scandal which gripped the news earlier this year but show bosses are adamant that the new shocking story hasn’t been influenced by the revelations that rocked the beeb.

A spokesman told Mirror Online: “EastEnders has a rich history of tackling difficult social issues and Kat’s continued story is one of these.”

Savile is said to have targeted at least 103 men, women, boys and girls aged between five and 75 in attacks in hospitals and state institutions, which included three rapes.

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