Theresa May’s child abuse inquiry shame: Counting the days since Home Secretary promised victims justice

Published January 18, 2015 by misty534


Theresa May’s handling of the historic child abuse inquiry has been shambolic

Today marks 196 days since Theresa May announced her inquiry into historic child sex abuse – and the nation is STILL waiting for it.

The Home Secretary now has the choice of 100 candidates to chair the inquiry after two she appointed slipped through her fingers.

But Mrs May is still dithering over who it should be.

Last week we put six crucial questions to her which she declined to answer.

So today the Sunday People launches the May-o-meter to monitor how long survivors of abuse are to be denied justice.

We want to shame the Home Secretary into pulling her finger out before the General Election in May.

On 7 July last year she announced an ­independent inquiry to ­investigate the way ­public bodies handled child sex abuse claims.

It was to be led by former judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss.

But a week later the baroness had to stand down because her late brother Sir Michael Havers, who was ­attorney general in the 1980s, was allegedly involved in sex parties with rent boys.

On 5 September, Lord Mayor of London Fiona Woolf was named as new head of the inquiry.

But by 31 October she was gone after it emerged she dined five times with former Home Secretary Lord Brittan in 2008-2012.

Labour MP John Mann said yesterday: “This has dragged on far too long. Victims are losing faith and the Home Secretary must sort this mess out.”

But a Home Office spokesman said: “We have to balance the need to make progress with the need to get this right.

“The Home Secretary is absolutely committed to ensuring the inquiry has the confidence of survivors who must be at the heart of this process.

“She has also made it clear the inquiry should be placed on a statutory footing with powers to compel people to give evidence. She is considering options for doing this.”

Six questions we asked Theresa May to answer

  1. When will your inquiry begin?
  2. Why is there still a delay in getting it off the ground?
  3. What evidence have you gathered in the meantime?
  4. Will the existing panel be disbanded?
  5. Are you any nearer to appointing a chair for the inquiry?
  6. Will you be looking abroad for a new chair?

By Nigel Nielson

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