What were you doing in 1997?

Published January 31, 2015 by JS2

For anyone who has any doubts about the authenticity of Darren Laverty @DRLavertyx

DR Laverty

Little piece just to remind anyone who doubts my conviction to the eradication of child abuse. Think back to 1997. What were you doing that year? Who got married? Who died? I went to London. I was asked to speak to some of the countries most prominent childcare providers, executives, judges, MP’s and a host of other interested parties. What did I choose to speak about? The pain I’d caused and the pain I’d suffered. No secrets or lies or innuendos, just plain old Daz Lav and an audience that mattered. All the stuff that’s been shared about me on the Internet recently means very little when you consider that most of who is sharing the rubbish hadn’t even heard about child abuse, let alone campaigned to eradicate it. Below are a few bits from the debate.

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