Rape victim reveals how her foster father and his army pals abused her as a child

Published February 15, 2015 by misty534


AN ABUSE victim has told how she was routinely raped by “wild beasts with cut-glass accents” at an Army barracks when she was a 10-year-old girl.

Esther Grace claims she was driven to the base by her paedophile foster father, a former serviceman, to be abused along with other children by groups of smartly dressed officers.

She recalled how one well-spoken officer abused her several times in a sparsely decorated bedroom.

Esther’s claims, now being investigated by police, come only weeks after Scotland Yard announced it was extending the scope of its inquiries into historical VIP paedophile rings to include military bases.

She told the Sunday Express: “They were like wild beasts and the fact that I was just a child seemed not to make any difference whatsoever.

“These were men, mostly in ­uniforms, with cut-glass accents and an authoritative manner about them.

“Yet what they did to me was the worst thing imaginable and it ­happened on numerous occasions.”

Esther, who has waived her right to anonymity, grew up in Buckinghamshire.

She said she suffered constant physical and sexual abuse by her ­foster father, who made her pregnant when she was 11 then forced her to have a “backstreet abortion”.

The mother of two, now 46, described her horrific upbringing in a 2009 book Nowhere To Belong under the pen name Harmony Brookes.

Now she has come forward and told Thames Valley Police how her foster father, who we have agreed not to name, took her from their home to a military base in southern England during the late 1970s.

She claims he was part of a paedophile ring that included military top brass who abused children at the barracks.

Esther said: “I would always be driven at night when it was pitch black outside so I could never get my ­bearings.

The first time I remember being brought to the base was when I was about 10.

It was in the countryside and very cold and sterile but I can’t remember anything more than that.

“When I got there, I’d be ushered through to living quarters where there would be groups of men standing around. Most times there would be other children as well.

“I remember one man in particular. He was tall, seemed to be well-­educated in the way he spoke and acted and smelled of tar soap.

“He would abuse me in a small bedroom that, like the base, seemed very draughty and dull.

I’d see him on other occasions at other places outside the base. He knew my foster father who was a former military man.

“The abuse on the base happened four or five times a year until I was in my mid-teens.”

Esther, who now lives in Cardiff, gave an impassioned speech outside Parliament last month during a ­memorial to those killed by sexual and physical abuse.

The gathering was organised by the White Flowers campaign and attended by MPs Simon Danczuk, John Mann, John Hemming and Sarah Champion.

Deborah Corcoran, of Abney Garsden solicitors, who is representing Esther, said: “Our client was a ­vulnerable child in the care system who was ­brutally abused.

“She complained to the authorities at the time but nothing was done.

The authorities missed opportunities to uncover the abuse. We are looking into legal action on our client’s behalf for a whole catalogue of failings.’’

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said last night: “Officers are in the early stages of the investigation.”

The Ministry of Defence declined to comment because a police investi­gation is under way.

James Fielding

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