Hotels and taxi firms asked to help tackle child sexual exploitation in Cheshire

Published March 5, 2015 by misty534


The next stage of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the signs of child sexual exploitation launches this week in Cheshire.

Work has already been carried out to raise awareness amongst young people – explaining what it is and offering advice and support to victims, potential victims and their family and friends.

Information packs have also been distributed to every secondary school in the county containing key information and advice for teachers and those working with young people.

The next stage of the campaign focuses on raising awareness of the key signs and behaviours associated with victims of CSE amongst hotel staff and taxi drivers.

Hotels across the county have been sent awareness packs containing a variety of material for use within each site − this includes one poster aimed at cleaners and maintenance staff and another poster aimed at reception staff. These contain important information on what staff should look out for in terms of young people visiting a hotel.

There is also a desk calendar, small stickers and a leaflet explaining what their obligations are as business owners.

Other similar packs are also being distributed to taxi drivers across Cheshire – via the four local authorities – reinforcing the message.

This will be accompanied by adverts on buses and taxis on key routes across Cheshire − highlighting the campaign.

The campaign was first launched in November 2013 and aims to provide a greater understanding of Child Sexual Exploitation − and the issues surrounding it.

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