My thoughts on Andrew Picard ( Boeckman ) & his father Phillip

Published March 2, 2016 by misty534

We are taking this all the way

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Imagine – if you can – a tiny girl of 3 being filmed & photographed whilst she is being raped. It’s unimaginable isn’t it? But it happened & it was captured in photos & film.

Now imagine that somewhere in the UK –  in a world far removed from her – an Etonian pupil looking, watching & sharing her trauma with his friends. To feed his fascination/addiction to viewing this detestable crime. Unimaginable too? No. It happened & Andrew got caught.

Now back to the little girl. Not only does she not understand what’s happening to her, she does not even have the language to be able to tell anyone.

And who is she? Where is she? Does she have a caring family? Has anyone rescued her? Are the police investigating? Somehow I doubt it.

Conversely, the Etonian Andrew Picard (or more correctly Boeckman ) not only knew his…

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One comment on “My thoughts on Andrew Picard ( Boeckman ) & his father Phillip

  • A signed that petition last wk bt av signed n shared now thanx fur bringing this to the attention coz wit u said is very true his parents shud b ashamed ae themselves av been throo similar stuff bt tht poor wee girl he parents have probz shared the pics in a beasty party these ppl need shot theyl never goti prison coz awl tht beastyality goes aw way tae top so we ppl ndti take a stand n do wit we wud do bk n the day run them out their house cave their skulls in wreck their house set it n fire n aw ad luvty set them n fire to horrible evil demonic m.f’z glad u got throo ur shit ur dane rite by the worsts events keep dane wit ur dane n God bless u


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