Today is my birthday

Published May 19, 2017 by misty534
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I haven’t written on this blog for a very long time, there have been reasons for this which, I am not going to write about because they have caused havoc in my life. I have been asked by several people to pick up where I left off. Paedophilia is rampant throughout the world, our governments will do anything except what they should be doing STAMP IT OUT. Today is my birthday I have reached the age of 64

Today is my birthday I have reached the age of 64 an age, I thought I would never reach. I still suffer from the effects of the abuse I suffered as a child, although I have learnt to cope with them, they are still there on a daily basis, whether is be a smell or a word someone says that will cause a flashback to that very dark time.

I wish you all a peaceful weekend, I shall start tomorrow with picking up the pieces here.



4 comments on “Today is my birthday

  • Hi, new to your blog but not to Hampstead cover up (which send me here to this blog)
    Im wishing you the very best and thank you so much for putting so much work and energy into helping children. What is happening in this world is sickening, I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will come soon and take us with Him, and Im ashamed to say, I cant wait to see those evil monsters burn in hell forever and ever. Im looking forward to that day…

    Anyway, God bless you



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