A list of infamous British Freemasons and Bilderberg attendees

Name Comment Source of evidence / Person’s Masonic Lodge
Marcus Agius Former Chairman, Barclays Bank Plc; Non-Executive Chairman, PA Consulting Group; married to Katherine de Rothschild Bilderberg participant (2010-14)
Elizabeth Aldworth Only woman ever to have been initiated into “Regular” Freemasonry Doneraile Lodge #44
Helen Alexander Chairman, UBM Plc Bilderberg participant (2013-14)
Barbara Amiel Sunday Times Columnist Bilderberg participant (1993)
Dr. Ian Peter Anderson Vice President at Phoenix Global Group LinkedIn
Major John Andre British army officer hanged as a spy for assisting the traitor Benedict Arnold to betray his country The Illuminati outline of history
Michael R. Angus Chairman, Unilever Plc Bilderberg attendee (1987)
Timothy J. Garton Ash Fellow of St. Antony’s College, Oxford Bilderberg attendee (1989,1996)
Elias Ashmole Alchemist and author of the book “Fasciculus chemicus” Warrington Lodge #????; Ashmole’s diaries record his Masonic activities
F. D. L. Astor Editor, The Observer Bilderberg attendee (1957)
Alice A. Bailey Occult author and leader of the Theosophical Society Co-Masonic hierarch
Edward Latham Baillieu Stockbroker Empire Lodge #2108; Jubilee Masters Lodge #2712; 2011 Masonic Knights Templar Year Book
Rev. Jonathan Baker Bishop of Ebbsfleet The Telegraph, 14 May 2011
Sir John Banham Former Director-General of the CBI; Chairman of the Local Government Commission for England 1995 Masonic Year Book
David H. Barran Managing Director of the Shell International Petroleum Co. Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1967)
Jeremy Beadle Irritating TV Practical joker and Freemason Westminster City Council Lodge #2882
David Bell Pleaded guilty to defrauding four people in a Will writing scam Northampton Chronicle & Echo, 4 April 2009
John Bell Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford Bilderberg participant (2013)
Allan Bennett Member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Occult group) Isis-Urania Lodge #3
David Berglas Magician Chelsea Lodge #3098
Christoph Bertram Journalist and Political consultant Bilderberg attendee (1978)
Annie Besant Theosophist, women’s rights activist & founder of Co-Freemasonry Founder, British Federation of the International Order of Co-Freemasonry
Paul Bird Partner at Wilson and Bird Solicitors Vale Lodge #6632; Slough Daylight Lodge #9699; Sine Favore Lodge #9856
John Samuel Binks Former Leader of Morley Borough Council Yorkshire Post, 16 June 13; Integrity Lodge #380
Alan Boscella South Wales Ku Klux Klan leader BBC News, 10 Jun 1999
Vendeline von Bredow Business Correspondent, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (2006,2008-12)
Bernard Bresslaw Actor famous for appearing in “Carry On” films Chelsea Lodge #3098
William Brown Corrupt Architect jailed for his part in the John Poulson scandal [q.v.] Pentalpha Lodge #974
Hon. Alastair F. Buchan Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies Bilderberg attendee (1964,1966,1968,1972)
Robin Buchanan Senior Partner, Bain & Company Bilderberg attendee (1997-98,2000)
Martin Buckroyd Jailed for stealing £18,000 in donation and lodge fees from Hastings lodge and Installed Masters lodge Leicester Mercury, 24 April 2001
Sir Billy Butlin Founder of Butlin’s holiday camps (Regimented holidays for the working classes) Scarbrough Lodge #7147
Sir Paul Chambers Chairman, I.C.I. Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1963,1968)
Sir Ralph Cochrane Vice-Chief of the Air Staff Bilderberg attendee (1958)
John Cockroft Economic Leader Writer, The Daily Telegraph Bilderberg attendee (1971)
Ithell Colquhoun Colquhoun joined the Order of the Ancient and Accepted Masonry for Men & Women; Holy Grail Lodge #5; Lodge of the Pilgrimage #1; and the Holy Royal Arch Chapter ‘The Tyrian Master’ #1 Steve Nichol’s book “The Magical Writings of Ithell Colquhoun”
B. D. Cooke Director, Dominion Insurance Company Bilderberg attendee (1957)
Tommy Cooper Comedian and Magician St. Margaret Westminster Lodge #4518
Roger De Courcey Ventriloquist best known for performing with Nookie Bear Chelsea Lodge #3098
Thomas Courtney Knight of St. Columba, convicted of drugging and raping two women Daily Mail, 1 Dec 1992
Sherard Cowper-Coles Senior Adviser to the Group Chairman and Group CEO, HSBC Holdings Plc Bilderberg participant (2013-14)
James Craig Director General, The Middle East Association Bilderberg attendee (1988)
Sir Frederick Crawford Former Chair of the Criminal Cases Review Authority Times Higher Education Supplement, 23 August 1996
Sir Andrew Crockett General Manager, Bank for International Settlements Bilderberg delegate (1998)
Aleister Crowley Magickian; Self-styled ‘Beast 666’ and Freemason His autobiography “The Confessions of Aleister Crowley” says he joined Anglo-Saxon Lodge #343
George A. David Chairman of the Board, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A. Bilderberg attendee (2002)
Ian Hay Davison Chairman, Laing & Cruickshank Bilderberg attendee (1990)
Jim Davidson Obscene, racist, sexist, homophobic, unfunny comedian (#20 in a Channel 4 poll of Worst Britons) Chelsea Lodge #3098
Ian Davis Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Company Bilderberg participant (2013)
Evan Daniel Davies London and Provincial Bank (Llanidloes Branch) Manager who embezzled nearly £3,000 and falsified accounts Cardiff Weekly Mail, 1 Jun 1907
Arthur J. Davis Previously, Chief General Manager, Lloyds Bank Book: “Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford”
Alec S. Donkin Bilderberg Conference Organizer Bilderberg attendee (1986)
Benedict Doree Senior Freemason who bullied and sexually harrassed his colleagues Northern Echo, 13 April 2014; Acklam Lodge #6248
Brian Dougan Solicitor who laundered £66,000 from a “red diesel fuel scam” Belfast Telegraph, 25 July 2006
Hon. Alexander Frank Downie Member of the Legislative Council of the Isle of Man 2011 Masonic Knights Templar Year Book
David Drage Accountant who shot himself before he was due to be questioned about £28,000 of missing cash BBC News, 31 July 2006
Sir Eric Drake Chairman and Chief Executive, British Petroleum Company Bilderberg attendee (1970,1973)
Francois L. Duchene Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies Bilderberg delegate (1969-71)
Robert Dudley Group Chief Executive, BP Plc Bilderberg attendee (2012-14)
William B. Duncan No information found Bilderberg attendee (1980)
James Eberle Director, The Royal Institute of International Affairs Bilderberg attendee (1984)
Sir Ronald Edwards Chairman of British Leyland Bilderberg attendee (1970)
John L. Egan Chairman and Chief Executive, Jaguar Plc Bilderberg attendee (1991)
Sean Ell Barrister (non-practising) General Medical Council Panellists’ Register of Interests
Rt.Rev. Philip H. Eliot Bishop of Buckingham 2007 Buckinghamshire Masonic Directory
Sir William Elliot Air Chief Marshal Bilderberg attendee (1957)
Dick Emery Actor famous for dressing up as women Chelsea Lodge #3098
John Fisher “Grand Dragon” of the British Branch of the Knights of the Klan Sunday People, 17 February 1980
Douglas J. Flint Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings Plc Bilderberg attendee (2011-14)
Emily Fox Teacher at Royal Masonic School for Girls who had sexual relationship with 15 year old pupil The Independent, 6 September 2014
Lawrence D. Freedman Head of Department of War Studies, King’s College Bilderberg attendee (1991)
Gerald B. Gardner Father of Modern Witchcraft Jack Bracelin’s biography “Gerald Gardner, Witch” says that Gerald Gardner joined Sphinx Lodge, Columbo
Sir Reay Geddes Chairman of Dunlop Bilderberg attendee (1965,1978)
Lennie Gibson Criminal Freemason involved in the Essex silver bullion hijacking James Morton’s book “Bent Coppers” says he was Master of Waterways Lodge
Frank T. R. Giles Editor, Sunday Times Bilderberg attendee (1974)
Paul Girolami Chairman, Glaxo Holdings Plc Bilderberg attendee (1987)
David Glass Freemason jailed for stealing £48,000 from two Northumberland Masonic lodges News Post Leader, 3 August 2007
Sir Peter Green Underwriter, involved with the Lloyd’s of London scandal of the 1980s Lutine Lodge #3049
Ronald Grierson Former Vice Chairman of General Electric Company Bilderberg attendee (1971,1980,1992,1998)
David Griffiths Freemason convicted of swindling £90,000 from a care home, to pay off his credit card debts WalesOnline, 22 April 2013
Stuart Gulliver Group Chief Executive, HSBC Holdings Plc Bilderberg participant (2013)
Sir Arnold Hall Aeronautical Engineer Bilderberg attendee (1967,1975,1977)
Tristan Hallam Personal injury lawyer with Russell, Jones and Walker Solicitors Sine Favore Lodge #9856
Denis Hamilton Editor, Sunday Times Bilderberg attendee (1969)
Thomas Hamilton Dunblane killer and Freemason EDM notes Garrow Hill Lodge #1417
Dr. Geoffrey Hanlon Clinical lead out of hours services Leicestershire County and Rutland PCT General Medical Council Panellists’ Register of Interests
Michael Harris College dropout who posed as heart surgeon, to con victims out of money and sex Aigburth Lodge #4103; Liverpool Daily Post, 13 October 2011
Sir John Harvey-Jones Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries Bilderberg attendee (1978)
Michael Hearn Builder who bribed Civil servants to get contracts from the Government’s Property Services Agency Queenswood Lodge #4718
François Heisbourg Director, The International Institute for Strategic Studies Bilderberg delegate (1988-9)
R. Henderson No information found Bilderberg attendee (1977)
Simon Henry CFO, Royal Dutch Shell Plc Bilderberg participant (2013)
Dr. Nigel Hester Medical advisor to Lay Complaints Conciliator General Medical Council Panellists’ Register of Interests
Prof. Timothy Hendra Consultant Physician and Geriatrician and Deputy Medical Director, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust General Medical Council Panellists’ Register of Interests
Fred Heyworth Jailed for life after pouring petrol through his ex-wife’s letterbox and burning to death four children Daily Telegraph, 9 May 1997
Frederick Hockley Occultist and member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia British Lodge #8; Alnwick Lodge #1167
Christopher Hogg Chairman, Reuters Group Plc Bilderberg attendee (1991,1998)
Mr Ronald Hoile General & Vascular Surgeon. Formerly Medical Director, Secondary Care Division, Care UK General Medical Council Panellists’ Register of Interests
Robert B. Horton Chairman, BP Company Plc Bilderberg attendee (1990)
Ellic Howe Occult author, who wrote extensively on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn St. George’s Lodge #370; Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076
Gareth Hunt Actor famous for advertising coffee Chelsea Lodge #3098
Will Hutton Former Editor-in-chief of The Observer Bilderberg participant (1997)
Philip Huxtable Freemason Solicitor found guilty of swindled clients out of more than £280,000 BBC News, 13 July 2005
Arthur Hyne Convited of Bigamy and defrauding money (also ‘Wanted’ in America, where he was known as “The man with 100 wives”) Cardiff Times, 1 Feb 1908
Robin Ibbs Executive Director, ICI; Former Head, Central Policy Review Staff, Cabinet Office Bilderberg attendee (1982)
Roy Jackson Bigamist Freemason who claimed to be working in Malaysia, but was instead living with a new wife in West Bromwich. Jailed for forging divorce documents Birmingham Evening Mail, 31 January 2005
Mary Jo Jacobi Head of Group Public Affairs, HSBC Holdings Plc; Former US Assistant Secretary of Commerce Bilderberg attendee (1997)
Martin W. Jacomb Vice Chairman, Kleinwort, Benson Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1985)
Lord Jellicoe First Lord of the Admiralty Bilderberg attendee (1964)
Michael Jenkins Vice Chairman, Dresdner Kleinwort Benson Bilderberg attendee (1998)
Rheinallt Jenkins Currently under investigation by Dyfed-Powys Police Trevor Kelway Lodge #8466; St. Elli Lodge #3942; South Wales Evening Post, 25 April 2013
Simon Jenkins Political Editor, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (1986)
Hargrave Jennings Freemason, Rosicrucian and Occult author Numerous sources list Mr Jennings as a Freemason
Peter Job Chief Executive, Reuters Holding Plc Bilderberg attendee (1996)
T. H. Jones Late Chairman of the Wool Trades Committee Book: “Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford”
Anatole Kaletsky Editor at Large, The Times Bilderberg attendee (1998,2006-07)
Elie Kedourie Professor of Politics, University of London Bilderberg attendee (1982)
John Keegan Military Historian; Defence Correspondent, The Daily Telegraph Bilderberg attendee (1988)
Geoffrey C. Kent Chairman and Chief Executive, Imperial Group, Plc Bilderberg attendee (1985)
HRH the Duke of Kent Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England Supreme Council 33° Year Book 2013
HRH Prince Michael of Kent Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex Supreme Council 33° Year Book 2013
Alexander King Co-founded the Club of Rome Bilderberg delegate (1970)
John Kirk Cheated various sums of money from people, alleging that he was due an inheritance of £20,000 North Wales Express, 29 Jul 1904
Sir Cyril Kleinwort Partner in the banking house of Kleinwort, Sons & Co Bilderberg attendee (1966,1971)
Andrew Knight Former Executive Chairman, News International Bilderberg attendee (1975,1978,1980-96)
Sir Arthur Knight Chairman, Courtaulds Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1977)
Richard Lambert Independent Non-Executive Director, Ernst & Young Bilderberg attendee (2011)
Fred Lawlor Child abuser jailed for 15 years after forcing a 13 year old girl to have sex with around 50 men over a two year period Daily Post, 7 April 2006 (Trinity Mirror newspaper)
C. W. Leadbeater Theosophist, Pederast and Freemason Initiated into International Co-Masonry; author of “Glimpses of Masonic History”
Bernard Lewis Scholar in Oriental studies, specializing in the history of Islam Bilderberg attendee (1979)
James Lloyd Serial sex attacker known as the “Shoe Rapist+B216 The Telegraph, 18 July 2006
Peter McAdam No information found Bilderberg attendee (1977)
Edward McBride Business Editor, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (2009)
Ally McCoist Former professional footballer Lodge Thorntree #512
John Andrew McCutcheon Accountant who stole £72,599 from his local church, the Freemasons and a Post Office that he ran in Seven Sisters South Wales Evening Post, 13 August 2012
Kevin McGuigan Sentenced to 15 months for wife-beating, but Freemason pals him to serve the time at luxury Priory clinic. The Sun, 29 Aug 2000
Tom McKillop Chairman, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Bilderberg attendee (2008)
Robert E. Mabro Director, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies Bilderberg attendee (1997)
Stephen N. Marris Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics; Former Economic Adviser to the Secretary General, OECD Bilderberg delegate (1988)
S. L. MacGregor Mathers Rosicrucian, Occult magician and founding member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Hengist Lodge #195
Judith Maxwell Former C.D. Howe Research Institute (a think tank) member Bilderberg attendee (1980)
John Micklethwait Editor-in-Chief, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (1996,1998-03,2005,2011-14)
Sir Peter Miller Underwriter, involved with the Lloyd’s of London scandal of the 1980s Lutine Lodge #3049;Daily Express, 6 February 1991
John L. Mills No information found Bilderberg attendee (1981)
Kevin Menzies Freemason caught sexually molesting a dog The Sun, 15 August 2008
Michael Miskin Former Director of Waterglade International, wanted for Tax evasion Sunday Times, 10 August 2008
William Modern Train Guard who stole £150,000 from the Chester Death & Retirement fund Liverpool Daily Post, 17 December 2010
Bob Monkhouse Smug, oleaginous, perma-tanned comedian Chelsea Lodge #3098
John Monks Former General Secretary, Trades Union Congress (TUC) Bilderberg participant (1996)
Ralph Mortimore Stole £103,000 from the estate of a friend, after becoming Executor & Trustee of a Will St. Stephen Lodge #3145; Bristol Evening Post, 17 July 2007
Trevor Nicholls Hotel General Manager, who was in charge when two of his Freemason colleagues beat up two men that accidentally walked into a Masonic event Victory Lodge #3932
Kenneth Noye Brink’s-MAT robber, Murderer and Freemason The Independent, 14 April 2000 (Hammersmith lodge #2090)
David Omand Visiting Professor, King’s College London Bilderberg participant (2013)
Sir Duncan M. Oppenheim Former Chairman of British American Tobacco Bilderberg attendee (1968)
David A. Orr Former CEO of Unilever Ltd. Bilderberg attendee (1977)
Gordon Park Freemason charged with killing his wife, when she threatening to divorce him Daily Telegraph, 29 January 2005
Michael Palliser Chairman, Samuel Montagu & Co. Ltd; Chairman of the Council, International Institute for Strategic Studies Bilderberg attendee (1986)
Alexis Papahelas Foreign policy columnist, TO VIMA Bilderberg attendee (2002)
Joe Pasquale Squeaky voiced Entertainer Chelsea Lodge #3098
Sir Gerrard Peat Partner in KPMG Peat Marwick 1995 Masonic Year Book
Rupert L. Pennant-Rea Editor, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (1989)
H.R.H Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh; 1st degree Freemason, but has risen no higher, because he considers it Silly Navy Lodge #2612; Bilderberg participant (1965,1967)
Sir Harry Pilkington President, Federation of British Industries Bilderberg attendee (1954)
Jonathon Porrit Programme Director, Forum for the Future Bilderberg attendee (1999)
John Poulson Corrupt Architect jailed for 5 years for bribing public figures The Guardian, 28 January 2008
Michael P. Pragnell CEO Syngenta AG; Director, AstraZeneca Plc Bilderberg attendee (2001)
William Purves Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings Plc Bilderberg attendee (1998)
Russell Race Chairman of T.Clarke (main electrical contractor at the Westfield shopping centre) Gavel and Staff Masonic Lodge #9835; Jubilee Masters Lodge #2712
Gideon Rachman Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, The Financial Times Bilderberg attendee (2003-04,2012)
John M. Raisman Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Shell UK Bilderberg attendee (1984)
Prof. William Arthur Ramsden High Court Advocate 2011 Masonic Knights Templar Year Book
Jonathan Rees Private investigator involved in News of the World phone hacking scandal The Guardian, 8 June 2011
William Rees-Mogg Chairman, Broadcasting Standards Council; Chairman, The American Trading Company Ltd; Former Editor, The Times Bilderberg attendee (1972,1993)
Robert P. Reid Chairman, Shell UK Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1986)
Robert Relf Started British branch of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1960s Encyclopedia of British & Irish Political Organizations
Cecil Rhodes Unscrupulous & violent racist who used forced labour as a means of founding the De Beers Mining Co. Apollo University Lodge #357
Sir Michael Richardson Robert Maxwell’s stockbroker; Chairman of Smith New Court; Colloquially known as “Mr Privatisation” Daily Mail, 2 September 1993
Jack the Ripper Serial killer and Freemason Stephen Knight notes that the Ripper murders were Masonic
Simon Robertson Partner, Robertson Robey Associates LLP; Deputy Chairman, HSBC Holdings Bilderberg attendee (1996-97,2013)
Albert Rothery Failed to appear at Bow St. when charged with obtaining credit of £20+ without disclosing that he was an undischarged bankrupt Cardiff Times, 7 Sept 1907
Emma Rothschild Director, Centre for History and Economics; Fellow, Kings College, Cambridge University Bilderberg attendee (1995)
Evelyn de Rothschild Chairman, N.M. Rothschild & Sons Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1983,1998)
Arthur Scholding Shot himself after owing money to his Freemason lodge Daily Mail, 24 Oct 1896
David G. Scholey Chairman, S.G. Warburg Group Plc Bilderberg attendee (1988)
Frederick Seddon Poisoner who was hanged for murdering Eliza Mary Barrow Stanley Lodge #1325; Stephens Lodge #3089
Peter Sellers Comedian known for playing Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther series of films Chelsea Lodge #3098
Patrick Sheehy Chairman B.A.T. Industries Bilderberg attendee (1985-86,1993)
Mary Ann Sieghart Editorial writer and assistant editor, Times of London Bilderberg attendee (2001)
John M. Simon No information found Bilderberg attendee (1973)
Robert Skidelsky Professor of Political Economy, Warwick University Bilderberg attendee (2005)
Walter Smith Assistant to Sir Alex Ferguson at the 1986 World Cup Lodge St.George #503
Sir Michael Snyder Senior Partner of Kingston Smith Accountants Guildhall Lodge #3116
Sir Bernard Spilsbury Over-celebrated Pathologist Gray’s Inn Lodge #4938; Sancta Maria Lodge #2682
Sir Arthur Stanley Conservative MP for Ormskirk (1898-1918) 2003 West Lancashire Masonic Year Book
Sir John Chalmer Stebbings Former President of the Law-Society Law-Society Gazette, 25 January 1989
Jock Stein Former Scottish football club manager Lodge Major Ness #948
William Stirling Jailed for six month after terrorizing ten teenagers with a hunting rifle Daily Mirror, 24 Mar 1999
Martin Taylor Former Chairman, Syngenta AG Bilderberg participant (1993-01,2003,2005,2007-11,2013)
Robert Taylor IFA and Mortgage broker Sine Favore Lodge #9856
Gerald F.M.P. Thompson Former Chairman of Kleinwort, Benson, Ltd. Bilderberg attendee (1974)
Henry Tiarks Director, J. Henry Schroder and Co. Ltd. Bilderberg attendee (1958)
Sir Mark Turner Managing Director, Kleinwort Benson Ltd Bilderberg attendee (1963)
Sir Harry Tuzo Chairman of Marconi Space and Defence Systems Bilderberg attendee (1980)
Sir Peter Vanneck 650th Lord Mayor of London; Deputy Chairman of the Stock Exchange Council (1973-75); MEP (1979-89) The Independent, 31 October 1995
Ben J. M. Verwaayen CEO, British Telecom; former director, Lucent Technologies Bilderberg attendee (2004)
Andre-Francois H. Villeneuve Executive Director, Reuters Group Holdings Plc Bilderberg attendee (1997)
John Virgo Former professional snooker player and snooker commentator Chelsea Lodge #3098
Peter R. Voser CEO, Royal Dutch Shell Plc Bilderberg attendee (2012-13)
Rick Wakeman Former keyboardist in the progressive rock band “Yes” Chelsea Lodge #3098
Arthur Edward Waite Mystic, Occultist and co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck Runymede Lodge #2430; St. Marylebone Lodge #1305
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales Prince of Wales Unlikely to be a Freemason, but was a Bilderberg participant (1986)
Sir Siegmund Warburg Co-founder S.G. Warburg & Co. Bilderberg attendee (1965,1977)
Mark Weinberg Chairman, Hambro Life Assurance Plc Bilderberg attendee (1985)
Peter Weinberg CEO, Goldman Sachs International Bilderberg attendee (2004-05)
Dr. Wynn Westcott Coroner, Theosophist, Qabalist and founding member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Parrett and Axe Lodge #814; Brotherly Love Lodge #329
Sir Charles Wheeler Former BBC Washington correspondent Bilderberg attendee (1966-67)
Graham J. Wilkins Chairman and chief executive of Beecham Group Bilderberg attendee (1977)
Thomas Williamson General Secretary, National Union of General and Municipal Workers Bilderberg attendee (1954)
Martin Wolf Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times Bilderberg attendee (1999-01,2003-07,2009,2012-14)
Peter Wood Business Loans Manager at Foundation East Ltd Feltmakers Lodge #3839
Thomas Wood Stafford Bank Manager charged with embezzling £250 from his employer Manchester Guardian, 21 November 1883
Edith Woodford-Grimes Doreen Valiente claims that Woodford-Grimes was a Co-Freemason Harmony Lodge #25
Adrian Wooldridge Business Correspondent, The Economist Bilderberg attendee (1998-02,2004-08,2012)
Dr. William Robert Woodman General practitioner and founding member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn St. George’s Lodge #129
W. T. Wren Chairman, Allied Iron Founders Bilderberg attendee (1957)
David Wright Vice Chairman, Barclays Plc Bilderberg participant (2013)
Michael B. Yahuda Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics Bilderberg attendee (1997)
John Yarker Occultist, Author and Freemason Integrity Lodge #189; Fidelity Lodge #623
Stephen Young Insurance Broker found guilty of shooting and robbing a car dealer and his wife Daily Mail, 17 December 1994
Dr. Ronald Zeegen Consultant Physician and Gastro-enterologist, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital General Medical Council Panellists’ Register of Interests
(Various Banksters) London based Masonic Lodge for Lloyds Bank employees Black Horse of Lombard Street Lodge #4155
(Various Banksters) London based Masonic Lodge for HSBC Bank employees Holden Lodge #2946
(Various Banksters) London based Masonic Lodge for London Stock Exchange employees Verity Lodge #2739

– See more at: http://fallingmasonry.info/masonic-notables.html#sthash.tqRgHJSW.dpuf

3 comments on “A list of infamous British Freemasons and Bilderberg attendees

  • Cecil Rhodes Unscrupulous & violent racist who used forced labour as a means of founding the De Beers Mining Co.
    Facts wrong here Rhodes was no racist.
    His aim was everybody no matter what colour, but educated to a standard, could have the vote, who lived south of the Zambezi river.


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