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My Story, Bryn Alyn Survivor Dave Harries

Published December 12, 2014 by misty534

My name is David Harries and I am 38 years old and a survivor of child abuse. When I was 5/6 I used to climb out of my bedroom window and run away because of the abuse I was getting off my drunk father. I told my primary teachers of all the nasty things my dad was doing, it was all physical abuse very violent and very cruel/wicked. Social services were aware but never intervened for another three and half years which led me to get more damaged.

Just before my tenth birthday I was given a beating by my father for something I never did. Of course I ran away. The next day being hungry I stole a pack of three Mars bars and I got caught and when the police officer grabbed my arm I winched. Upon getting into the police station the officer made the Sergeant aware of my winching. A doctor looked me over and I had a bruise the the whole of my back. That’s when social services got involved. That’s when I was taken away from my mum.

The weird thing is how the social worker made ‘care’ sound comfortable and safe and creepily inviting. I have never forgot that day Whitney Houston’s track One Moment In Time was on the radio and my mum was broken in floods of tears and my dad never said a word(coward). The social worker took me to Elmfield house in Rochdale. I was put in a big bedroom with a big antique bed in it and I curled up and I fell asleep. Nobody checked to see if I was OK till about half past eight in the morning. Coming out of that room was the scariest moment. Eleven years of age and every single person around me was a stranger. They use to give you a clipper card to get to school and I used mine to go on a bus journey all over Manchester. When I got back I was frog marched into the office. The manager told the member of staff to leave and he belted me right around my head hard then slapped me across my back and bum. The place has been knocked down now plus the night watchman use to be on the girls landing all the time. He use to hit you in the private bits if he caught you out of your room, I can still remember in detail the inside of that place.
I was moved shortly after to Rotherham Keppel’s view. I was placed on Hood. There was two more units Anson/Nelson they also had a secure unit. There was physical abuse here too. In fact I ran off. About fourteen of us ran off and I played a role in helping another lad off Anson pinch the home van. I got the worse beating for that and was put in the secure bit to recover from it . Un-be-known to me my social worker had brought my mum and sister to see me and they refused to let them see me. Social worker did nothing about that. It’s as though he knew. A few incidents involving the teacher and a member of staff happened to me. All physical. I ended up leaving there because of my behaviour. They was sending me to Ashleigh House in Blackburn. They showed me round but I kicked off and they had to put me somewhere quick. They took me back to Rochdale and put me in Burnage View, but that was not their route for me, wasn’t there long before they took me to Red Bank in Warrington. My memories of Burnage View is something I never witnessed in any other home. They was nice it was very family orientated it was a good place.
Back to Red Bank. It was not a nice place, very eerie, big long corridors with dorms off it and restraint rooms. I was placed on Vulcan right at the end of the corridor. It was very strict and the manager had a weird name. I witnessed him one evening, really late. He picked up a boys duvet quilt and touched him for a few minutes. The boy stirred and he quickly put the quilt back on him. He turned around quick and caught me awake. Nothing happened then but the next day was film day. I was sat there with my friend and for some strange reason he walloped me in the face for no reason. I ended up getting in trouble for it and dragged off to the restraint room where I was met by the doctor and the manager and some big members of staff.
I was hand cuffed and then beaten really bad like a major warning beating. I was left there until the next morning still handcuffed and bleeding. I managed to run away which believe me is no mean feat, it was tough but I did it. I refused to go back. Then I was asked really nicely by my social worker- where I would like to go? Weird, because I was used to being told where I was going. I chose Burnage View, I had really good memories of that place but my behaviour blew it.
It was at this point in life I started to behave more maturely.
I came back from school and I was told I have forty five minutes to pack my clothes. Confused, doesn’t come close. I did not get told where I was going until on the way. In the car was my social worker and a girl. She was dropped at Bryn Alyn and I was taken to Pentre Saeson.
It was a big house surrounded and covered by trees. In the summer you cannot see the house and in the winter it looked not a nice place. Scary movie type. Upon arrival there it didn’t seem bad. A games room caught my eye and the pool table. I liked that, little did I know what was coming. The thing that is puzzling- is my social worker seemed to know the manager which was weird as I was the only one from Rochdale.
I was not there long before the sexual abuse happened. Before it started, I pinched a fiver out of the managers car. I was called to his bedroom and he slapped me across the ear sending my head into a light switch cutting my head. I was told to tell the hospital I fell on the light switch. I got butterfly stitches and returned by the manager who was with me all the time. On the way back I was told that I will be stood in the hallway and told to take everything of except my underpants. Again a very confused and scary time at thirteen. I did as I was told. I was made to stand in the hallway for at least four/five hours and my head was hurting bad.
I just wanted to go to bed. Later I went to bed and fell asleep quickly. It felt like I wasn’t asleep long before I felt my quilt being moved, and then felt hands on my underpants. I turned round quick and the manager put his hands over my mouth and give me a stern warning and told to go back to sleep while he played with my private bits. Then he left the bedroom and I just froze then I heard him coming back. He came in the room and I know 100% I heard a camera click, he then covered my privates, straightened my quilt and left the bedroom. That did not stop.
Also there was two cattle grids on the track up to the home and at nights I used to hear cars coming up the drive. It was very late and I never heard them leave. I was taken to Bryn Alyn every day to school, so I got to see the girl that came with me in the car. We became quite close as friends. She went through hell there at the hands of the owner and manager.
My friend was a prolific self-harmer. She was very destroyed inside, she ended up committing suicide. The owner of Bryn Alyn took great pleasure in telling me she was dead. We use to talk a lot at the tree in Bryn Alyn, on the field. The one with the swing. I never went home to see my parents. In fact I didn’t say one word to my dad till I was nineteen, we never spoke at all. Its still not great between me and my parents. They don’t know properly what I went through. I have put a few things in this but, there is trips to France, trips to Norfolk Broads on canal boats and camping near Snowdonia.
They were not trips, it was further hell because we just couldn’t get away from abuse. I was there for three and half years. I was a little fucker when I was young, pinching cars mostly I was good at it and it always helped when I had to run away. I was always in and out the police station’s for pinching something. I was never violent, I never assaulted people, never sold drugs. Just a petty criminal.The truth behind all the trouble is, or happened the first time they put me in the cells. I had the best night’s sleep because I felt safe.
I personally think I was institutionalised from very early on in children’s home and I carried it on through my adult life. I have done 18 years behind a prison door mostly single cell. Because of my past in care, prison was the only thing that resembles a human safe. I used it for that in all my criminal years I have never once pleaded not guilty and please believe when I say I was clever enough to beat seventy five per cent of it if I wanted.
The ‘joy riding’ was an escape for me. A feeling like I was still alive because a lot of me was dead inside. I can’t explain it really but I’ve had a lot of struggles with drugs and was an addict for two years. I nearly lost my children to the authorities which was the light switch I badly needed in my life. My partner and I pulled our socks up and went on a three year long battle to beat the drugs. Boy did we beat them it was tough really tough but we did it.
I then got myself off methadone and felt very proud of walking into the drug services and saying I don’t need their help anymore. It felt good during this time. I had two interviews with operation Pallial and after my second one I had to be a dad. Almost instantly after leaving the police station I had the pleasure that most normal dads take for granted-the pleasure of putting my kids to bed. I swigged at the glass of the well deserved drink I’d poured, sat on my garden chair. Then the realisation of what I had just offloaded hit me. My memories all came flooding back to me like a rolodex, I was having a hyper mania breakdown this lasted about four days.
I ended up leaving my house I don’t know why but I was heading for the police station my partner phoned me and asked me to stop and speak to a lady who was a support worker for a family centre. I spoke to her and asked her personally to come and get me. Our social workers manager would not let her. Instead she came with a brand new social worker. I was taken to my drugs worker. I was tested straight away, I was clean. But it’s what was coming out of my mouth that was bothering them. I was taken to the hospital to see the mental crisis team. I was not allowed back home for two days. I was given tablets but after I read the side effects and seen they was a blocker and suppressant contained, I gave them back. I told him I have suppressed and blocked enough, I had to see shrinks every day for ten days.
After two days away from my family I was allowed back home. Upon walking back in my house my son was poorly but he always give me a cuddle even when he is sick. He did not move off the couch. I got straight on the phone and phoned the doctor. He was whisked off to hospital. My son was really sick he had Pneumococcal Meningitis. This brought me down to earth with a bang. My daughter had just beaten Scarlet fever. So I had my hyper mania, my son and just to add a bit more, my partner found out she was pregnant. Tough times, certainly a part of life I won’t forget.
That was nearly two years ago. I have been on therapy about three years. In fact I’m writing this on the train now on my way to a session. I have had three weeks off so I’m quite a bit anxious. I’m starting a couple of things with therapy in the New Year. I’m quite nervous about EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) but its moving forward and I feel that is what I and all survivors should do if we choose to.
My memories of children’s homes I was in are very clear. I have clear images and memories that stay with me. I remember every person who abused me. Either there proper name or title. Every child I was in Pentre Saeson with, their first and second names and roughly where they are from. I know I haven’t mentioned names. I do know them all. Its tough this situation we are all facing but we know the damage abuse causes. Trust is a major problem. I am a different person today. I have not been in trouble for five years and I am clean from drugs. I have the most loving family. My partner and I have four kids and a dog. When I was a child many girls dream of their weddings, boys want to be super heroes and drive fast cars, well my dreams weren’t that elaborate.
I have what I dreamed of and that is why I am at the stage of my life now to go and fight these evil monsters, search for justice and protection of children. Because when are people going to realise that children should be children not a commodity and the care system should be what it means care. Because we did not get any care, we got used by everyone for their own selfish gains. The Historical Child Sex Abuse inquiry is being treated as a joke with attempts of cover up. That is why I will gladly speak to peoples tribunal as I feel that is the way forward. I am a very humble man who has been through bad times but I will not stop supporting survivors because we all lived in fear but no more. They have ruined all our childhoods, let’s not let them ruin anymore. FULL STOP.
Written by @dharries056 (feel free to follow)

‘Help us tackle horrific child sexual exploitation’ – Western Trust

Published November 18, 2014 by misty534


The Western Trust has called on local people to help them protect children from “horrific” sexual abuse and exploitation.

The Trust has been hosting workshops with taxi drivers, local hoteliers and others, it has emerged, as part of a campaign to promote child safety in Derry and across the Western region.

Kieran Downey, Western Trust Director of Women and Children’s Services, said the issue remained one of its key priorities.

He was speaking after the publication of Professor Kathleen Marshall’s report into Child Sexual Exploitation across the north.

Announcing the findings on Tuesday, Health Minister Jim Wells said that the scale of abuse here remained unclear because of it’s hidden nature.

Mr Downey meanwhile said that the abuse of children highlighted in the report “affects young people in our society and is very much a community safety issue”.

He said: “The safety and protection of children remains a fundamental priority for the Western Trust and social workers exhibit great commitment and dedication on a daily basis to ensure this remains the case.”

Calling on local people to help to identify incidents of child sexual exploitation, Mr Downey said: “The Trust cannot address this horrendous abuse without the help of the wider community.

“Everyone has a role in preventing Child Sexual Exploitation and helping to safeguard children.

“Raising awareness of this type of abuse is essential. As a Trust we have provided local training to professionals and organised a number of local community workshops, to help highlight what can be done to keep our children and young people safe.

“The attendance at the workshops included community groups, hoteliers and taxi drivers amongst others.

“The Western Trust Gateway Service is the first point of contact for anyone who is concerned about a Child or Young Person.

The Gateway team can be contacted by calling the following number 028 71314090. This is a single Trust wide number.”

The Trust assurances come after Health Minister Jim Wells said a major Inquiry into child sexual abuse has found no evidence of organised abuse here on a similar scale or nature to that experienced in parts of England.

The Minister however said that punishment shootings and beatings meted out to children by paramilitaries were believed by many to be a form of child exploitation distinct to the north.

Mr Wells announced the findings of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) on Tuesday morning.

In an Oral Statement to the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Minister said that it had been difficult to establish the prevalence of sexual exploitation, mainly as a result of its hidden nature and under-reporting.

He said that there was no evidence of organised exploitation like the horrific abuse uncovered in Rochdale and Rotherham.

The report was commissioned last year by Mr Wells’ predecessor Edwin Poots, with Kathleen Marshall appointed to lead it. The Inquiry team was tasked to come up with recommendations.

Speaking to the Assembly, Mr Wells said: “On the nature and extent of CSE in Northern Ireland, the Inquiry concludes that it is not new and it takes different forms, as it does throughout the UK, but there are particular Northern Ireland dimensions to it.

“A number of individuals expressed an ardent plea that the Inquiry should speak up about the paramilitary dimension to CSE.

“Individuals believed to be members of, or linked to, paramilitary groups used that authority and the fear it engendered to exploit children and young people. The Inquiry was told very clearly that paramilitary influence may cause and facilitate CSE. Within communities it can build upon loyalty and fear.

“While we do not know the full extent of CSE in Northern Ireland, we can say there are no findings in this Inquiry that point to the type of organised exploitation seen in Rotherham or Rochdale; nor does it have the same ethnic minority dimension. There is no evidence in the report to suggest cover-up, corruption or lack of commitment on the part of agencies or individuals.

The Inquiry Report contains 17 key recommendations and a further 60 supporting recommendations.

A number of the recommendations are already being progressed, including a new child safeguarding policy and a planned review of the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland.

Justice Minister David Ford said the Inquiry was clear that child sexual exploitation was happening in Northern Ireland and that it takes many forms.

He said: “I would encourage anyone affected by this issue who wishes to seek support to contact the NSPCC Helpline for victims. This Helpline is set up to assist anyone wishing to raise concerns about child sexual exploitation. The dedicated Helpline number is 0800 3891701.”

Brendon McDaid

Paedophile jailed for sexually assaulting boy

Published September 17, 2014 by misty534

Reginald Collins

THE mother of a teenage boy who was groomed and sexually assaulted by a known paedophile while they fished on Worthing Pier has spoken of her son’s “anger” at what happened.

Reginald Collins, 62, of Freehold Street, Shoreham, was jailed on Monday for four years.

The mother, who we are not naming to protect her son’s identity, said: “I think it is a good result and I am glad the justice system has taken it seriously.

“But I bet you he is getting more support in prison than the support that is available to my son. It has affected him big time.

“I think he needs help for the anger that it has caused, but that help is very hard to get.

“They gave me a rape card to ring but that is not what we need. He just needs to talk about his emotions and the anger that this has made him feel. It is a trust thing and he bottled it up for so long. He did not know what to do about it. He was embarrassed that it happened to him.”

She was concerned about a change in her son’s behaviour in May and then found text messages on his phone from ‘Reg’.

Her son told police how Collins had touched him inappropriately at the pier. Police arrested Collins, who had been on licence for other child sex offences until August 2013. He pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault and one count of grooming.

Targeted Sentencing Collins at Chichester Crown Court on Monday, Judge Christopher Parker QC said he had “deliberately targeted” the teenager and “used his interest in fishing to gain his attention and, to some extent, his trust”.

He said Collins would serve two-thirds of his 48-month jail term, followed by ten years on licence.

The victim’s mother said she hoped his sentencing would show other victims it was worth “finding the strength to report” sexual offences. But she said her son was now reluctant to fish on the pier, previously something he loved to do. She also called for complete CCTV coverage of the pier.

Rachel Lane, representing Collins, said her client was “ashamed of his behaviour and very sorry indeed for it”
by Rachel Millard

Children’s doctor admits sexual abuse of cancer sufferers aged as young as 11

Published September 15, 2014 by misty534


A children’s doctor has admitted a string of sexual offences against cancer sufferers in his care aged as young as 11.

Dr Myles Bradbury pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual assault and 13 counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child.

He also pleaded guilty to three counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

The 41-year-old paediatric haematologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridge, appeared at Cambridge Crown Court today.

Wearing a dark suit and blue tie, Bradbury also pleaded guilty to one count of voyeurism and two counts of making indecent images of a child

The offences involved 18 complainants which date back to 2009, prosecutor John Farmer said.

Bradbury was bailed and told he would have to sign the sex offenders register.

He pleaded not guilty to a count of sexual activity with a child and a count of sexual assault.

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth said the two offences will probably remain on file.

A sentencing date was not given but the judge said Bradbury could expect a “substantial” custodial sentence.

As he left court, Bradbury told reporters: “I’m so sorry.” He refused to answer further questions.



Catherine Wylie

So ashamed of myself

Published January 6, 2013 by misty534

For many of us the first week of this new year will be a week none of us will forget, and if this is a taste of things to come, we have to prepare ourselves.

It started on Thursday morning 3rd January by this article in the  guardian written by Jon Henley and was further commented on by Damian Thompson from the telegraph the title of which ‘ Paedophiles are ‘ordinary members of society’ who need moral support did something to me, which I find very difficult to put into words, I can only say it acted as a trigger, one I have not felt in a very long time, the urge to harm myself!!

(Many people who self-harm (and those that don’t!) find it incredibly difficult to ascertain exactly why they self-harm. Many have no idea why they are doing it – just that it is something that they feel compelled to do. Obviously, carrying out such behaviour without understanding why, can be very confusing and can leave us feeling like we are “crazy” or out of control this often results in feelings of guilt. These self-deprecating thoughts can result in the need to further self-harm, and hence we get locked into a cycle that is very difficult to break out of.)

As a result of what I had read I lost control for the first time in almost 15 years,  first I tried to phone some friends, who were not at home, making me feel more along and enraged, so I started picking open a wound in my leg which was caused by a lumpectomy nearly a month previously!  The pain was excruciating, but I carried on until slowly the mental pain began to subside, as the physical pain took over.

(Control is important to most survivors. We experience fear when we feel we have no control. With self-harm, you can often have some limited control over the type of pain you experience and when you experience it. It is important to survivors that they have control over their body and their emotions, and self-injury helps to prove that we still have some control because “Self-injury is a pain I can control”)

The following day I had to go to the hospital and have the wound in my leg re-stitched, but first of all I had to explain what had happened, and why I had done what I had done!

I cant tell you the shame that I felt, that this stranger Jon Henley could have such an effect over me! and even more so when I realise  his piece was based on information given by a known Paedophile Tom O’Caroll

Will my mental wounds ever heal, will I one day become free of my abuser who took my innocence when I was just 6 years old?  to these questions I have no answer, but I can tell you that as long as I live,  I for one will never accept that sexual abuse of children can have a positive effect on their lives.   Thank you for taking the time to read and understand me xxx

‘Evil’ Swale man jailed for downloading 800 child porn images

Published January 5, 2013 by misty534

A 34-YEAR-OLD man, who downloaded and shared 800 child pornographic images and 1,200 videos has been jailed for two and a half years.

David Parish of Millfield, Sittingbourne, was sentenced yesterday at Maidstone Crown Court after pleading guilty to 10 charges following a Kent Police investigation.


David Parish jailed for downloading child porn and abusive film footage. Picture: Kent Police

Last July, he was charged with two counts of making indecent images of children, two counts of distributing indecent images of children, possession of extreme images and five counts of possession of indecent images with a view to distribute.

Judge Michael Carroll, on passing his sentence, told the court: “You were an enthusiastic participant in this evil exchange. Young children being sexually abused for the demand of adults will not be tolerated.”

More than 800 indecent images of children and more than 1,200 movies of footage, featuring children being abused, were seized from his home, which he downloaded and later shared with other computer users.

Jo Gordon, Detective Constable, from the child exploitation investigation team at Kent Police, said: “Parish not only downloaded indecent images of children, but actively shared them with others, thus encouraging further offending, and further adding to the misery that is suffered by the victims. He had in excess of four days worth of videos, demonstrating an insatiable appetite for footage of children being abused. Such people are clearly a danger, and I am pleased that the child exploitation investigation team has been able to put a stop to his dangerous behaviour.”

Parish will also appear on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely, and will be subject to a sexual offences prevention order.

by Sam Payne This is kent

BREAKING NEWS: Former teacher jailed for child sex abuse

Published January 5, 2013 by misty534


A FORMER schoolteacher has been jailed for using his role as a rugby coach to exploit a teenage boy and subject him to a catalogue of sexual abuse

Keith Ruby was found guilty of 16 sexual offences against the youngster by a jury in December, and today (Fri) a judge has sentenced him to 10 years in jail.

The court had heard that the 36-year-old had met the teenager, who was a promising young rugby player, when he was teaching at the prestigious Sidcot School near Winscombe in 2004.

Ruby developed a relationship with the youngster, who cannot be named for legal reasons, when the pupil was 12.

The trigger for the abuse was the victim’s realisation that he was gay, which he shared in confidence with Ruby, who started asking him questions about his sexuality and then began physically molesting him.

The abuse started when the victim was 14 and lasted for about a year. It took place during massage sessions at the victim’s home, in the changing rooms at both Weston and Winscombe rugby clubs and on an overseas rugby trip.

The court was told Ruby, of Biddisham Lane in Biddisham, had worked himself into a position of trust with the victim’s family, who had believed he was giving their son one-on-one sessions to further his development as a rugby player.

Although a police investigation was launched in February 2006 after allegations about the abuse came to light, the final offence occurred after the investigation was launched.

The initial investigation collapsed in July 2006, but a fresh probe was launched in 2011 when the victim told his parents about the catalogue of abuse.

Ruby denied all 20 allegations relating to the victim, but on December 6 the jury at Taunton found him guilty by majority verdict of 11 counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child and five counts of penetrative sexual activity with a child.

They found him not guilty of two counts of causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity and two counts of sexual assault on a child under 13.

The Mercury had been prevented on reporting on the trial and its outcome by a court order, which was lifted this morning.

Ruby was also handed a sexual offences prevention order, forced to sign the sex offences register for life and has been placed on a barring list to prevent him from working with children again in the future.

by Mercury24

A sadistic paedophile has been jailed for 16 years for what a veteran judge called “the worst case” he’d heard.

Published January 4, 2013 by misty534



One of his two victims was four when he first assaulted her – and lashed her with a dog lead when she struggled

A sadistic paedophile has been jailed for 16 years for what a veteran judge called “the worst case” he’d heard.

One of Robert Sullivan’s two victims was four when he first assaulted her – and lashed her with a dog lead when she struggled.

Chester crown court heard Sullivan, now 68, tied one girl to a radiator in a disused factory before raping her and beating her over the head with a piece of wood.

He raped one victim on Christmas Eve, smashing down a toilet door at a house in Winsford, Cheshire.

The court heard the defendant used the girls as “playthings” to fulfil his own sexual gratification in a “cycle of violent and sadistic behaviour.”

The abuse went on between 1977 and 1984.

Sullivan was arrested in 2009 but went on the run for 22 months before being caught last July.

He admitted 25 sex charges, including nine rapes.

“Childhood memories are mostly supposed to be happy, sadly for both these victims their memories were nothing short of a nightmare,” said prosecutor John Wyn Williams, who said the girls had told people about the abuse back in the 80s but were never taken seriously.

Judge Elgan Edwards called Sullivan “foul”, adding: “Anyone who has heard this case shudders for what you did.

“I have been sitting in this court for some considerable period of time, I have not heard a worse case than this.

“You will spend most of the rest of your life in custody but I’m sure you deserve it.”

Truro child minder Mitchell Sadler jailed for sexually abusing young girls

Published December 13, 2012 by misty534

By WBKatri This is Cornwall

A CHILD minder who lavished presents on a 13-year-old girl and sexually abused her has been jailed for three and a half years at Truro Crown Court.

Mitchell Sadler, 43, of Perranwell Station, near Truro, was convicted by a jury last month of six charges of sex abuse after grooming the youngster, who was not under his care as a child minder.

Sentencing Sadler, Recorder Andrew Oldland QC, today (DEC 13)  told him: “Your victim was particularly naive and vulnerable for reasons of which you were fully aware.

“You gave her presents and inveigled your way into her trust.  You groomed her, you contacted her repeatedly using text messages or internet chat rooms, expressing your love for her.”

He was also given a  Sexual Offences Prevention Order to run for the next 15 years and told that he must sign the Sex Offenders’ Register – which he would remain on indefinitely.

The Recorder said  that Sadler was of previous good character but as a child minder he was aware of the consequences of sexual abuse.

The court was told that he kissed the girl and touched her inappropriately and tried to stop her telling others what had happened.

There were two aggravating features, her vulnerability and  repeated sexual contact but he accepted that the offences were not the most serious of their type.


does the time fit the crime?? definately NOT