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Stephen Harper – Troon

Published April 14, 2015 by misty534

UK Database - Sex offenders register

April 2015

Pervert (44) told girl (13) she owed him sexual favours for every cigarette he gave her

Stephen Harper, of Wallacefield Road, Troon

Stephen Harper, of Wallacefield Road, Troon, bombarded the 13-year-old with sexually explicit texts and Facebook messages.

She even ended up posing as her mother on the phone as part of a desperate attempt to stop him.

Harper, 44, was added to the sex offenders register in Ayr Sheriff Court on Thursday.

Procurator fiscal Catherine White said: “The complainer was smoking and Mr Harper encouraged this. He would give her cigarettes and money.”

She told the court how the predator would demand a sex act for every cigarette.

She continued: “The messages became if possible even more explicit.”

The child was duped into sending a partially naked image by sick Harper.

Ms White added: “As things progressed he asked her to send him pictures – she did.

“He would tell her things like…

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Suicide Solution

Published February 18, 2015 by misty534

Depression awareness week, an excellent blog, shining a light on those in dark places at this moment ……


Do you ever wake up and look and think there are a million things I could be doing today but when you start to decide what to do your mind shuts down and you decide to write in your blog instead. Or do you ever walk up the stairs to the toilet and as you reach the last few steps you think is this as good as it gets? What I just experienced whilst navigating and negotiating unresponsive and unhelpful advice and information was the same feelings of ‘Hopelessness’ I had in prison.  It sweeps over me like a warm blanket and I normally feel it in the pit of my stomach before it reaches my brain.  I’m lucky enough to recognise it and trained in how to deal with it. I hope you get this message, it’s a bit like de ja vous but the most important thing is…

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Just Talk

Published February 18, 2015 by misty534

I came across this blog by accident, or was it an accident, was I brought here for a reason? with tears running down my cheeks, I would like to say thank you for your honesty, many of us feel the same, everyday putting one foot in front of the other is a challenge, feeling another sort of pain (self harm) takes our minds off it, if only for a brief while…….


For those of you who don’t know about suicide and self harm it may be worth taking a wee look at this. I know some of you will say “Oh, he’s off again about how hard done by he was in prison.” Tough, don’t read on then. The one thing I will say is that I never once complained about my punishment. I do however take umbrage at how it was delivered.

For the past few days a cloud of doom has swept over me like the all too familiar blanket that used to envelop me in prison. The trouble is that ‘now’ I realise that it used to envelop me when I was a teenager and followed me through my adult life. I never knew about the many guises of ‘self harm’ and ‘depression’ and how they can rule one’s life without one actually knowing.

Niall Breslin of ‘The…

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Whitehall study wanted age of consent lowered to 14 and sentences for sex cut

Published February 17, 2015 by misty534

Girls as young as 12 ‘may not only want to take part in but initiate sexual activity’, said 1979 Home Office report


Home Office advisers argued that the age of consent be lowered from 16 to 14 and called for a dramatic reduction in statutory punishments for “consensual” sex with girls as young as 12, according to an internal 1979 research study obtained by the Guardian.

The authors of the study from the Home Office research unit suggested the overall age of consent be lowered so that “sexual behaviour with a girl over the age of 13 (the average age of puberty) is not criminal, provided that she was clearly as aware of what she was doing and its implication as might be expected of a girl of 16”.

They also said the maximum life sentences could be reduced to no more than two years in cases of underage sex with 13-year-olds where “consent” could be shown. In cases of “younger offenders” greater leniency would apply when the “consenting” victim was 12 – below the average age of puberty. Today sex with a 12-year-old can attract a life sentence.

Roy Walmsley and Karen White, the authors of the Home Office booklet, entitled Sexual Offences, Consent and Sentencing, argued that many girls reach puberty before their 10th birthday and may not only want sex but initiate it themselves. They conceded that “the younger the partner, the more problematical the use of the words ‘consent’ or ‘willingness'”. It was commissioned after the then home secretary, Roy Jenkins, ordered a review of sexual offence laws.

The report, kept at the University of London library and read by the Guardian, casts fresh light on liberal attitudes circling at the time in the Home Office about the age of consent. Prominent paedophiles, such as the former head of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), Tom O’Carroll, have suggested the report was evidence that their views were gaining some traction in government. But the report is a long way from PIE’s proposal of the complete abolition of any age of consent.

Speaking in the Commons on Monday, the Labour MP Ann Coffey said that in the past a confusion between sexual liberation and sexual exploitation had been used as a cover by paedophiles.

In their most radical proposal, the report’s authors state: “There is scope for amending the law to coincide with sentencing practice … The higher penalties … could be available when victims/partners are under 13 (perhaps limiting them in the case of younger offenders to when girls involved are under 12.”

They said: “Paradoxical though it might seem to argue that [the point at which tougher sentences are applied] should be lower than the average age of puberty it is not unreasonable. The average age is 13, but it is not unusual for a girl to reach puberty before her 10th birthday or after her 16th. Thus a large number of 12-year-old girls have already attained puberty and may not only be willing to take part in sexual activity but may actually initiate it.”

They conceded that “consent embraces various degrees of willingness, from what might be called ‘full-hearted’ consent to what might be called ‘grudging’ consent”.

The current sentencing guidelines on sex with children state that “the younger the child, the more vulnerable he or she is likely to be, although older children may also suffer serious and long-term psychological damage as a result of sexual abuse” and require the judge takes account of the age gap between child and offender, and the youth and immaturity of the offender.

The Home Office has recently become mired in allegations that it may have inappropriately destroyed a dossier of child sex abuse allegations dating to the mid-80s. On Monday the home secretary, Theresa May, announced a wide-ranging inquiry into public bodies’ and institutions’ handling of historical child abuse allegations.

The Home Office has already carried out a review into how it handled thousands of documents about child abuse stretching back to 1979.

Earlier on Monday it emerged that the former leader of PIE, Steven Adrian Smith, worked at the Home Office and stored PIE files in locked cabinets there, “where no police raid would ever have found them”. He had clearance to work as an electrical contractor at the Westminster building in the late 1970s and early 1980s and the PIE members’ hotline rang in his office.

PIE had been campaigning for the removal of any age of consent, arguing that a child of four should be able to communicate verbally and that at 10 the majority of children can communicate their consent or otherwise to a sexual act.

Least we forget!