Labour25 plus 23 total 48 paedophiles


1. Labour Councillor & School Governor for child welfare Brian Gate. –…

2. Labour Lord Mayor School teacher and Nursery School Governor Graham Pearson .  – http://www.lancashiretelegraph…

3. Labour Councillor candidate & School Governor Richard Harris. –…

4. Labour Councillor & School teacher Ben Williams making 10 child porn images. –…

5. Labour Party Councillor Candidate & School Governor Paul Diggert. – http://www.manchestereveningne…

6. Labour Councillor and teacher at Cambridge House Boys Home in Rochdale Cyril Smith. ( before he joined Liberals he was Labour councillor ). –…

7. Labour Party organizer to Lord Mayor School teacher helper & Scout Leader Timothy Edmeades child rapist. –…

8. Labour Councillor & School Governor John Friary guilty of grooming a child for sex. –…

9. Labour Party Councillor & School Governor Keith Rogers making 2,000 child rape images. –…

10. Alec Dyer Atkins Labour Councillor & School Governor 2yrs for 42,000 images of child abuse. –…

11. Adrian Circet Labour Councillor & School Governor 3yr community order for child porn. –…

12. Steve Carnell Labour Councillor & School Governor found guilty of child porn. –…

13. Greg Vincent Labour Councillor & School Governor guilty of child pornography. –…

14. Nelson Bland Labour Councillor & School Teacher guilty of making child porn images. –…

15. Keith Potts Labour Party Councillor & School Governor guilty of Making Child porn images. –…

16. Labour Party Councillor John Johnson child porn. –

17. Labour MP Candidate Manish Sood offering school children money for sex. –

18. Labour Party Activist Mark Tann raping 2 little girls who knew the Blair’s. –

19. Labour Party Adviser to Hazel Blears, Peter Tuffley. Kidnapped a child for sex. –

20. Mark Trotter Labour Activist for Two Labour Council’s Liverpool and Hackney raping kids with AIDS. –

21. Labour Councillor Candidate Ian Rankin Guilty of making horrific child porn movies. –

22. Labour Adviser Tim Russo convicted paedophile child abuser. –

23. Phillip Lyon, Aid to Tony Bair making child pornography. –

24. Labour Council Leader Willie Smith arrested over a child pornography issue. –

25. Labour Party Spin Doctor Samuel Gamlin making child pornography. –

26. Labour representative for London mayor Ken Livingston on the GLA Yusef Azad arrested on child porn charges. –

27. Labour Councillor & School teacher Darren Pedley arrested by police on child porn charges. –

28. Susan Smith Labour Councillor Lambeth London 18 months in prison for raping a minor in her transvestite lovers flat. –

29. Sam Chaudhry Labour Lord Mayor sent to prison for multiple molestation on children as young as 5 yrs old. –

30. Nicholas Green Labour Lord Mayor 10 yrs prison for rape and molestation of 3 children aged 6 to 10 yrs old. –

31. Alan Prescott Labour Councillor & Senior Magistrate 2 yrs prison for molesting children in care. –

32. Gilbert Benn Labour Councillor 5yrs prison for molesting an 11yr old boy. –

33. Iestyn Tudor Davies Labour Councillor 7yrs prison for raping a 9yr old girl in South Wales. –

34. Les Sheppard Labour Councillor 10yrs for molesting three young girls in County Durham. –

35. Martyn Locklin Labour Councillor 12 yrs prison for 8 counts of rape and sex assaults on 3 young boys. –

36. David Spooner Labour Councillor 12 months prison for indecency in front of Two children. –

37. Neil Redrup Labour Councillor 4 months for using a spy camera to film a child on his toilet. –

38. Mark Burton Labour Councillor Molesting a girl and child abuse images on his computer. –

39. Liam Temple Labour Lord Mayor guilty of inciting a child into gross indecency for money. –

40. Stewart Brown Labour Lord Mayor guilty of distributing sickening images of child abuse. –

41. Toren Smith Labour Party Councillor Guilty of over 90,000 images of children being abused. –

42. Joseph Shaw Labour Councillor child abuse images. –

43. Johnathan Phillips Labour Councillor found guilty of child porn on his memory stick. –

44. Lee Benson Labour Party Councillor found guilty of Child pornography images. –

45. Labour County Councillor Raymond Coates child abuser. –

46. Labour Party Parish Councillor Graham White guilty filming a child doing sick acts. –

47. Labour Lord Mayor John Murray sexual assault on a 13 yr old girl. –

48. Labour Party Council nominee Michael Tombs School Governor child porn & Grooming. –

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