“Mucky Judges”
H all of Fam e

Mohammed, sex, video,
cocaine and Internet lover
Judge “J” in the
‘Judge Khan Affair’




Shirt Lifting Roger
Dishonourable Charlie
Judge J, who now lives in a £5,000,000 apartment in North London and drives a sports car, earned £117,680 per year, became a widow in 1995 at which point she moved in with Judge Khan. (Judge ‘J’ has taken early retirement on health grounds and is receiving a pension(now who would have guessed that)).
Steve the Flasher
Magistrate Mick likes
his cleaners in the raw
Call-Girl Micky
Child Porno Dave
Anymore to Board
The Skylark?

What will happen to this one?
Bet your life the judiciary will punish him.
It will be a year’s paid ‘Gardening Leave’ £129,000+
Then a punishing £1,000,000.00 pension deal for life.
Sounds like a life sentence to me.

We don’t only have ‘Mucky Judges’ and ‘Corrupt Judges’ we have ‘DickHead Judges’as well.

Judge Julian Hall has blamed a ‘ten year old’ girl for being raped by a ‘paedophile’ and his friend because she “dressed provocatively” and when these paedophiles ‘undressed her’ Judge Hall said “the case was exceptional because she had been wearing a frilly bra and thong”and went on to call this ‘child’ a “young woman”. Just how can this ‘DickHead Judge’ call a ten year old child a “young woman”?

The law is supposed to protect our children but we now have ‘DickHead Judges’ setting a standard and giving a green light to rape any victim on the chance they could be wearing a frilly bra and thong”.

DickHead JudgeJulian Hall

Dick Head here previously gave a nine month ‘suspended’ sentence to another paedophile for interfering with a ‘six year old girl’ and suggested“that he gives £250 ($500us) to buy his victim a new bicycle to cheer her up”. Well I suppose that raised a child’s status to that of a prostitute (payment for sexual favours rendered). You have to wonder what ‘skeletons’ are hidden in this Dickhead’scupboard! __ Click HERE to read the story.

DickHead JudgeJohn Walford

Dick head Judge John Walford described a paedophile as “vulnerable” after he carried out two separate sex attacks on a 7 year old girl and declared that his problems would increase if he was sent to prison. He then asked the parents of the seven year old victim to “understand” the attacker._ Click HERE to read the story.

Judge Michael Stokes soft on’another’ sex offender!

Following his outing in May 2006, it is perfectly clear that Judge Michael Stokes QC has learned nothing about the public contempt for his hairbrained lenient sentencing of sex attackers and child abusers. The arrogant old clown has been at it again, this time at Nottingham Crown Court.

Click HERE for some ‘GOOD NEWS’

An e-mail from ‘Down Under‘ shows things are no better down there, see Ozz Judges

Corrupt Judges in the Republic of Ireland’s Judiciary


  • Many years ago, as a barrister in a building dispute, the man who you term as ‘Dickhead judge’, John Walford, aided and abetted a clients deceptions against myself by authoring a detailed 7 paged claim and counterclaim document setting out his clients ‘pleaded case’, and then, almost 5 years later, when the case reached a civil court, stood by and remained mute whilst his client gave verbal evidence to the court which was totally in conflict with the documented ‘pleaded case’ which he had authored!
    All of the claims contained in the original ‘pleaded case’ were either rejected by, or conceded to, the court, which is the proof that the £32,000 of Legal Aid funds procured to evade a debt of just £6,173 was obtained by fraud and deception.
    Along with all the other lawyers and ‘professional witnesses’ who were well rewarded from public funds, provably gained by fraud and deception, he was happy to take his share of the ill-gotten booty, so is he really a ‘Dickhead’ or just a common thief, no higher and no lower than those who have appeared before him for a judgement he should not be qualified for, or fit to give???

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  • I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

    Click this link to sign the petition:

    My petition:

    To give harsher penalties for judges and lawyers who give and take bribes

    Judges in the British and UK courts regularly take bribes. They are called ‘gifts’ and ‘loans’. This is when a box is placed in the court room by the opponent which contains large sums of money and a note which details about what judgement they want. When no one is looking, the box goes missing.


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