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Child Abuse Whistleblower Melanie Shaw Finally Released on Bail

Published October 17, 2014 by JS2


Was released today at 11.30 October 17th 2014


A judge yesterday ordered the release of Beechwood abuse survivor and witness MELANIE SHAW from Peterborough prison after a long awaited bail application was granted with stringent conditions attached. Melanie is set to face trial on October 28th on a charge of arson, after her neighbour’s shed burned down.

A rising tide of public outrage at Melanie’s imprisonment, widely believed to be unlawful due to the absence of evidence of her involvement in the alleged incident, may have influenced the judge’s decision, some believe.

Observers reported seeing a very frail and ill looking Melanie, who spoke briefly when called up. One commented: “The judge said it’s very unusual for somebody to be released so close to a trial. I think that was more or less a nod to public support that’s been so evident both in this court and the protest in Peterborough.”

The hearing was almost transferred to a private chamber at the last minute, but Judge Dickinson QC persisted with proceedings in a public court to the relief of supporters packed into the gallery.

Some, like fellow Beechwood paedophile ring survivor, Mickey Summers from Nottinghamshire, have been scrutinising each court action from the beginning. He believes the evidence is so flimsy, she shouldn’t even be in court. He said: “The prosecutor represents a miscarriage of justice. In my opinion, he represents the corrupt Nottinghamshire Police, the corrupt Nottingham City Council, who I believe have taken her off to silence her.”

“Melanie was battering the police’s Operation Daybreak, just the same as I’ve been battering them… Very similar to me, the only difference is, I’ve got an IPCC investigation into my 2003 [abuse] allegations and Melanie doesn’t. I’ve also got an independent Councillor to investigate Nottingham City Council, which Melanie doesn’t have.”

Supporters cheered as they emerged from Nottinghamshire Crown Court before heading off to a pub to celebrate the victory. Wendy Hirst who travelled from Peterborough to be present at the hearing said: “We’re absolutely elated. Hopefully, we can get Melanie into hospital and get her leg checked out. She needs to do that before she can travel.”

Trisha Collins added: “We’re over the moon. Pity we couldn’t take her there and then with us.”

Today Melanie will travel to Plymouth where she will stay in the care of an unidentified custodian until the trial.

By: Anna Bragga


Neil Fox arrest: DJ ‘Dr Fox’ quizzed over ‘sex assaults’

Published September 30, 2014 by JS2


DJ Neil Fox – known as “Dr Fox” – has been arrested by police investigating claims of sex offences.

The arrest came after separate allegations were made by two women, the Metropolitan Police said.

The 53-year-old was held in Soho, central London, at the studios of Magic FM, where he presents the breakfast show. He was later released on bail.

Magic’s owners Bauer Media confirmed Mr Fox had been arrested and would not be presenting his show on Wednesday.

‘Contract unchanged’

A spokesman said: “In the circumstances, Neil will be off air from tomorrow to enable him to devote his full attention to dealing with these matters.

“All other aspects of his contract will remain unchanged while matters are resolved. We can make no further comment at this stage.”

The Metropolitan Police confirmed a 53-year-old man had been arrested and taken to a central London police station. He has been released on bail pending further inquiries until early December.

The Met said four allegations of sexual assault had been made.

Three of the allegations have been described as historical but no time frame has been given.

One allegation is said to have taken place earlier this year.

Police said they had also searched properties in west London and the Littlehampton area of West Sussex.

Pop Idol judge

Mr Fox, who uses the nicknames Dr Fox and Foxy, began his career in local radio before moving to Radio Luxembourg and then London’s Capital Radio in the late 1980s.

He presented various slots there and in 1993, landed the job of presenting the Sunday afternoon Network Chart Show, later known as the Pepsi chart.

His big TV break, which brought him to a wider audience, was as a judge on ITV talent show Pop Idol between 2001 and 2003 alongside Simon Cowell, Pete Waterman, and Nicki Chapman.

Mr Fox later appeared in the BBC Three sketch show The Wrong Door.

He left Capital in 2005 and joined Magic 105.4, where he presents the breakfast show, Foxy in the Morning.

His arrest is not part of high-profile sex crime investigation Operation Yewtree, which was set up in the wake of revelations about BBC presenter Jimmy Savile.


Derbyshire head teacher arrested over indecent child images

Published February 6, 2013 by JS2

THE headteacher of a Pinxton primary school has been suspended after being arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images.


Matthew Pendelton (36), head teacher of Kirkstead Junior School, was arrested in Alfreton on 22nd January and has been released on bail.

Glyn Julian, associate head at the Pinxton Road school, said Mr Pendleton has been suspended and parents have been informed.

He said: “We have sent a letter to parents which explains Mr Pendleton is the subject of a police enquiry.

“Because it’s an ongoing police enquiry, that is all the information we have been able to give to parents. He has been suspended, that is clear in the letter to parents.”

Mr Julian added how assistant head Alison Hardy has been put in place as acting head teacher.

“It is important to maintain the continuing of education for the children,” he said.

A spokesman for Derbyshire police said: “Police can confirm that a 36-year-old man was arrested in Alfreton on 22nd January suspicion of possession of indecent images.

“He was questioned and released on police bail.”

Rapist found guilty of preying on teenagers

Published December 14, 2012 by JS2

by Natasha Adkins

A man in his 50s who sexually assaulted four teenage girls was convicted at Reading Crown Court today.

After nearly four days of deliberating, a jury found Brian Austin, of Kingsley Close, Whitley Wood, guilty on eight counts of sexual offences.

These were two counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, two counts of indecent assault, two counts of causing a child to engage in a sexual activity and one count of sexual activity with a child. The offences took place between 1999 and 2005.

During the trial, which started on November 20, the jury heard evidence from four women victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons. They were all from the Reading area and aged 14 and 15 when the attacks took place. Allison Hunter, prosecuting, pointed out during the trial that all the girls were able to describe the same sequence of events.

Austin, 59, invited one 14-year-old victim to his bungalow, where he appeared to have a telephone conversation with a man called Bob, and then propositioned her.

The victim said: “He said if I pretended to be his wife we could make this money and if we were realistic enough we could get a flat screen TV, MP3 player, a mobile phone and a DVD player and I thought ‘ok yeah, wicked

Austin told her they would have to pretend to have sex in his bedroom and a friend of Bob’s would look through the window and, if it was convincing enough, she would get the money and gifts.

The victim said Austin took off his false leg, which he had used since losing his leg in a motorbike accident, and stripped off. She said he then had sex with her and carried out other sex acts on her.

The woman said: “He was such a big bloke I didn’t want to do anything to make the situation worse.

“I would rather him do that than hit me. I didn’t say anything to him, I was in so much shock I just froze.”

Another victim told a similar account of how during a driving lesson with Austin he mentioned a friend and a chance of making some money.

She said: “He said a man wanted to watch us pretend to have sex through the window and would give us money.”

After he raped her the victim said Austin didn’t say anything, he just reattached his false leg and got dressed.

Austin, who was on conditional bail during the trial, has been remanded in custody until sentencing on Friday, February 22.