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Big Brother 2013: Daley Ojuederie reveals he suffered sexual abuse as a child & is in therapy over BB debacle

Published July 22, 2013 by misty534



Fans of Big Brother will of course know that boxer Daley Ojuederie was booted from the house after it was deemed his behaviour towards fellow housemate Hazel O’Sullivan was “aggressive and could cause offence to viewers.”

The debacle has of course divided fans, with many believing that Daley got the s****y end of the stick in the drama, while Hazel – who many argued had behaved as badly as Daley – got off with just a warning. Others however believe that she was genuinely afraid of Daley…

But whatever the truth of the matter is in terms of whether the Irish model was really scared, or was in fact only hoping to save her own neck in the show by saying she was, only she can know. But what is indisputable is that Daley’s going through a hell of a tough time because of it.

And as it’s been revealed that his girlfriend Katie Corriette has now called time on their relationship, Daley has given a remarkably candid interview to the Daily Star Sunday, in which he claimed that he would never “attack” anybody – especially not in a manner that may be construed to have sexual overtones – as he himself was the victim of abuse as a child.

He also revealed that after he was axed from the show, he suffered a meltdown and has since sought therapy to help him get through it.

Daley, who was in and out of care and foster homes as a child, began by saying, “I’ve been through abuse. It was sexual stuff when I was young. And it still affects me now.

“It’s awful that people would think I’d be violent towards someone. I would never be abusive because I know what it’s like.”

He added, “In a weird way, sometimes you think it’s normal what’s happening to you. And then you realise it’s not.

“But it gets so many years down the line and you think there’s not really any point in telling anyone. And I thought people wouldn’t believe me.

“I’d left it for so long so I just gave up.”

Brave Daley continued, “I want kids in foster homes, if anything is going on, to talk about it.

“I hope that seeing me talk about this will help them to step forward instead of holding it in, which is what I’ve done.

“I tried to deal with it on my own. And that was probably my downfall and I don’t want other people to go through that.

“I went through life meeting different families and getting used to different faces every single time. I was pushed around everywhere.

“I’ve lived in hostels, children’s homes, foster homes.

“Because of what I went through I struggle to trust women or make new friends. I find it hard to let people in.

“I was battling things while I was on Big Brother…personal things.

“I said in the Diary Room that sometimes I feel like I’m living only because I’ve got air but not because I want to be here.

“I went on the show because I didn’t want to feel like this any more. I used to be stubborn and thought I could deal with things myself. I would have seen getting help as a weakness.

“But I’ve been getting therapy and I’m already opening up, which I never thought I could do.”

And of the aftermath of being booted from the BB house, Daley said, “The shock hit me really bad and I just collapsed and burst into tears and was bawling my eyes out for an hour.

“I was really low for the first few days – I hardly ate or slept. I felt like my life was over.”

While discussing how things have been with his girlfriend Katie – who of course wept while talking to BB host Emma Willis about Daley and Hazel’s budding romance in the house – he said, “The first time I saw her we looked at each other and burst into tears. We were just holding each other.

“We talked and we’re not together any more. It was her decision and I didn’t expect anything else.

“I’m not going to beg for her back – it’s not right to do that because I don’t deserve her now.

“We’re just going to be normal friends. You never know how things are going to develop.

“We love each other and what we have is really special.”

Do you think Daley’s had a raw deal in all this? I have to say, I do and have done from the get-go.

However, for now, here’s a look at what’s been happening in the house recently…