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Green Notice: Interpol’s paedophile tracking system ‘compromised by privacy concerns’ following Edward Snowden spying revelations

Published November 10, 2014 by misty534


Suspicions of government ‘snooping’ mean countries are unwilling to hold and disseminate information on child abusers

The global system designed to track paedophiles is failing as nations refuse to share information following the Edward Snowden spying revelations, child protection experts have warned.

Suspicions of government “snooping” and potential privacy breaches have meant that countries have proved unwilling to hold and disseminate information on known and dangerous child abusers.

The main system to identify offenders – The Green Notice, run by Interpol – is out of date and border authorities are failing to act even when known offenders are travelling to their countries, according to Ernie Allen, a senior US child protection expert who has worked with parliaments in 100 countries on designing new laws.

Of some 20 countries that have sex offenders’ registers, only a handful – including Britain, Australia, Ireland and the US – have any system of restricting the foreign travel of convicted paedophiles.

Mr Allen said that senior politicians from undisclosed countries told him they were unwilling to set up registers, believing that the data should not be held, or expressed concern about a public backlash over the holding of private information in the wake of the National Security Agency controversy.

Files leaked by Mr Snowden, an NSA contractor, revealed large-scale global monitoring by US and British intelligence agencies. Senior police figures say that the disclosures have hampered anti-terrorist work and damaged diplomatic relations.

“The NSA controversy has changed the whole balance between proactive dissemination and individual privacy,” said Mr Allen. “Law enforcement needs to know who is proposing to travel and it needs to have the capability to share that information within networks.

“I support the strongest possible protection for individual privacy but I don’t think it’s absolute. We’re not suggesting profile data other than information regarding people who have been convicted of crimes. You lose some of your civil rights when convicted of crimes against a child.”

The continuing expansion of international tourism and the internet has opened up the possibilities for offending abroad, but law enforcement has failed to keep up, he said. The failure of countries to alert others about the movements of paedophiles, or act on information, has resulted in a series of scandals that have left children alone with known offenders.

A convicted child abuser, Ian Bower, was able to molest children in Cambodia for five years after he fled from Britain in 2006 in breach of his release conditions. He went to work in South-east Asia as an English teacher but even after his arrest for the alleged abuse of children, British authorities failed to seek his extradition. He was finally jailed five years later in Cambodia.

The US has led the way in notifying countries of travelling paedophiles, with more than 100 notified about some 1,700 people convicted of child sex crimes, but it was not clear if countries acted on the information.

Mr Allen is part of an eight-strong team headed by Dr Maalla M’jid, the former UN special rapporteur, working on a new report on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography due out in 2016.

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Sickening moment suspected British paedophile leads 11-year-old Cambodian girl up to ‘secret sex abuse room’

Published September 30, 2014 by misty534


Evidence: Charity campaigners took pictures and filmed Jones with three half-dressed young children

Michael Jones, 55, is in jail awaiting trial for carrying out indecent acts against minors and paying for child prostitution

This disturbing video shows a suspected British paedophile leading an 11-year-old Cambodian girl up to his rented room – before allegedly paying her for sex.

Michael Jones, 55, is currently in jail awaiting trial after being charged with carrying out indecent acts against minors and paying for child prostitution.

Undercover surveillance, given exclusively to MirrorOnline, shows Welshman Jones nonchalantly strolling through the back streets of the country’s capital Phnom Penh followed by an 11-year-old girl.

They climb a ladder up to a rented hotel room where the girl says she was paid just £3 for sex.

She later told police she has been abused four times by Jones.

In other footage, Jones, originally from South Wales, is followed by three half-dressed eight and nine-year-olds from an impoverished local family.

The children follow him to a restaurant where Jones is said to have bought them pizza and ice cream.

Their parents say Jones asked to take them away in exchange for paying their rent.

They refused but allowed him to spend time with the children.

The girls have since alleged he touched them inappropriately.

Charity campaigners Action Pout Les Enfants (APLE) took the pictures and video after being tipped-of about Jones’ alleged activity with underage girls.

He is later filmed being confronted by police who arrested him at a taxi rank in him in front of his 22-year-old Cambodian girlfriend.

Jones is now in Cambodia’s notorious Prey Sar prison awaiting trial.

An APLE spokesman said: “On June 27, 2014, Michael Jones was officially charged by Phnom Penh’s court prosecutor and he was remanded to Prey Sar prison awaiting further court proceeding and trial.”

He has been charged with carrying out indecent acts against minors and paying for child prostitution . If found guilty he faces eight years in jail.

One of his alleged victims was put into secure accommodation while the other three were returned to their families.

Michael-Jones (1)

Allegations: Jones faces up to eight years in jail if convicted of child sex offences

A spokesman for the UK arm of End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes said: “There are many cases where offenders will be tried and rightly convicted, but it seems like something is still not working, because we are still hearing of new cases.

“What is going wrong here? Why is it British nationals – though I’m sure this is done by those of other nations – feel they can go to Cambodia and commit these crimes with impunity? Is it the British system failing?”

She added: “We hope this acts as a deterrent to anyone who thinks they can go to countries like Cambodia and abuse vulnerable children.”

A spokesman for South Wales Police said: “South Wales Police Specialist Crime has not been made aware by the authorities in Cambodia of this arrest and are not involved in this investigation.”

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We were informed of the arrest of a British national in Cambodia on June 24 this year. We are providing consulate assistance.”

By Nick Dorman Comments Paedophile Reginald Blakeley strolls freely in Britain after being convicted in Cambodia

Published June 2, 2013 by misty534

Looking a picture of innocence with a Bible beside him, grinning Blakeley repeatedly looked at children as they wandered past


Little kids and their ­parents smile at the ­friendly old gent sitting in the sun – unaware he is a ­convicted paedophile.

As this Sunday People picture reveals, retired teacher Reginald Blakeley relaxed on a bench at a British seaside resort this week after serving just one year for ­molesting boys in Cambodia.

Looking a picture of innocence with a Bible beside him, the ­grinning 71-year-old repeatedly caught the eye of youngsters as they wandered past.

Their parents will be horrified to learn the leering pensioner was ­convicted last year of sexually ­abusing five boys aged between seven and 14.

After serving his sentence– ­dismissed as too lenient by a ­children’s charity – Blakeley ­returned here earlier this year and is now staying in Torquay, Devon.

When the Sunday People ­approached him near the seafront he claimed he had been the victim of a frame-up in Cambodia and insisted: “I love children.”

And Blakeley, who is barred from returning to the south-east Asian country because of his ­disgusting record, chillingly ­revealed he now plans to fly to South America “to help poor children”.

Blakeley, originally from Poole, Dorset, was arrested in January last year in the city of Siem Reap on one of his regular visits to Cambodia.

Campaigners there say ­paedophiles flock to the country because child sex is available for as little as 50p a time.

After a trial Blakeley was ­convicted of committing indecent acts and was sentenced to two years’ jail with one year suspended.

He was also fined just £330 and ordered to pay £100 compensation each to three of his victims. The two other boys did not request compensation.

Samleang Seila, local director for child rights group Action Pour Les Enfants, said the sentence was too lenient. He said: “It will only encourage more abuses against Cambodian children.”

The charity had secretly ­monitored Blakeley, ­photographing him alongside a boy in a replica Manchester United shirt and ­apparently handing cash to a group of schooolchildren. The charity said he abused boys he met at ­porridge stalls outside schools.

Two years earlier Blakeley was arrested by Dorset police following a tip-off from the charity when he returned from Cambodia but was released due to lack of evidence.

This week he insisted his ­conviction last year was a ­miscarriage of justice and claimed the second year of his sentence was only ­suspended after he paid £2,000.

He said: “I was stitched up in Cambodia by the corrupt police and courts. They target holidaymakers to get money.

“I spent one year in jail and I didn’t want to spend any more time there. It cost me 3,000 dollars to get out.

“The judge had said I could ­return to Cambodia but when I went to get my documents and papers, which cost another 50 dollars, I was told I could not return.”

Blakeley said the investigation by Dorset police surrounded a boy who made a sex assault allegation against him in Cambodia.

He said: “The boy had stolen a mobile phone. The police told him what to say to let him off the hook and make allegations against me.

“The Cambodians are targeting tourists who will pay them cash to get off trumped up charges. The initial allegations against me were thrown out.

“The British police had my laptop and camera for nine months. I had 18,000 pictures from my worldwide travels on them but they did not find anything abusive.

“Perhaps I was a bit stupid to go back to Cambodia a year later. But I love the poor children.”

Blakeley added: “I won’t be here for that long because I want to travel again.

“I am looking to go back to South America or possibly Central America. I haven’t been there and it may be cheaper. I want to help poor children.”

Church-goer Blakeley denied he had any interest in youngsters in Torquay and claimed he was going out of his way to avoid them.

He told us: “I was out on a life-long Sex Offenders’ Register which police have changed to 10 years.

“I have stopped going to two of the local churches because there are too many children there. I go to a church where the congregation are in their 70s and 80s.”

Dorset police declined to ­comment about his 2010 arrest.

by Nick Dorman