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Child porn man unmasked

Published July 22, 2013 by misty534

A SEX offender who tried to hide behind a “super-injunction” can today be unmasked after a judge refused to make a gagging order.

David Redbond – who was caught with child pornography and images of bestiality – wanted to remain anonymous and to be treated differently from all other defendants.

  1. RETIRED MARINE ENGINEER: David Redbond pictured in 2000.

    RETIRED MARINE ENGINEER: David Redbond pictured in 2000.

But a judge at Grimsby Crown Court ruled that it would be an affront to the idea of open justice to treat Redbond differently from everybody else.

Redbond, 65, of Chester Place, Cleethorpes, had successfully obtained a gagging order from Grimsby magistrates.

His solicitor, Roy Foreman, had claimed that day that Redbond should not be named, apparently because of a supposed need to protect his relatives.

But recorder Euan Duff strongly criticised the move and told the higher court: “It’s a complete mystery why this defendant should not be identified.”

He agreed with a Grimsby Telegraph application that Redbond should not be allowed to hide behind a cloak of anonymity.

“The starting point in courts is that we have open justice and proper reporting of all matters that can be reported,” said recorder Duff.

“It’s fundamental to open justice. It’s a matter of public importance.”

It could be “counter-productive” to make such gagging applications because “it attracts more attention”.

The Telegraph was supported by prosecutor Jeremy Evans who said: “This is the equivalent of a super-injunction and it’s miraculous how he has managed to get anonymity in the magistrates’ court.”

It appeared that Redbond wanted anonymity because of his “name itself” and because it “stands out”.

He added: “That’s no reason. It forms no grounds. This case is no different from anybody else. The starting point is open justice and justice must be seen to be done.”

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