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Ex-wife of twisted paedophile who molested two young girls is online target

Published December 30, 2014 by misty534

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The ex-wife of a paedophile locked up for sickening abuse has been attacked by “trolls” on social media.

And now she says his case should have been referred to the High Court for a longer sentence.

Aileen Bell says she is horrified after being targeted by vicious comments on Facebook and elsewhere after she spoke out about Peter Felvus, 55, of Newarthill.

Sex beast Felvus preyed on young girls while in a position of trust. He was jailed for 28 months at Hamilton Sheriff Court in December but still denies the offences.

Aileen – married to Felvus for 25 years after meeting him when she was just 15 – hit out at the sentence, saying he should have been given a longer jail term. She said: “I have had all sorts of disgusting abuse on social media since the trial. There have been people who have never even met me calling me a bitch, saying evil, nasty, that kind of thing.”

As we reported, there were dramatic scenes in the tiny Court Five at Hamilton when Felvus returned for sentencing.

She thinks the court confrontation which followed has resulted in the online trolling.

Felvus taunted Aileen from the dock – situated just a few feet away from the public gallery where she sat watching proceedings with their son Philip, 30, and other family and friends – saying: “I hope you’re happy now.”

Aileen responded, asking court officials and police if they had heard the remark. She was then escorted out of both the courtroom and building.

She added: “I think the legal system needs to be looked at. You need longer sentences for guys like him. The sheriff court isn’t the place for an accused who has been abusing young girls.”

Felvus was told he would have received a six-year jail term but for the fact he had already served the equivalent of 20 months following an earlier trial on the same charges. The former Our Lady’s High School bus driver and Keir Hardie Primary football coach was convicted at a second trial in November.

By Craig Nisbet

Ban on Facebook posts about paedophile

Published December 4, 2014 by misty534

A judge in Londonderry has banned a man from posting comments about a convicted paedophile on his Facebook page which he uses to ‘monitor’ sex offenders.


A six-month restriction order was placed on Joseph George McCloskey, 38 and from Anderson Crescent in Limavady, on Thursday.

He denies a charge of harassing the offender by posting details about him online in April of last year.

The offender, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to three charges of indecently assaulting a child – with the offences having starting when he himself was aged just 11.

He was made the subject of a Youth Order.

Then in 2008, when he was 18, he was convicted of aggravated burglary and his previous indecent assault convictions were mentioned in court and reported by a media outlet.

District Judge Peter King was told by the offender that he had felt threatened and frightened as a result of the Facebook posts about him.

He said comments added to McCloskey’s Facebook page included suggestions that he should be shot, hanged and have parts of his anatomy cut off.

The offender said he was in fear of a potential attack further alleged that the two posts by McCloskey had been edited in such a way as to suggest that his convictions were recent.

Dismissing the case, Judge King said he was “struggling to accept the concept that it is unacceptable to report something that was already in the public domain”.

He added: “The suggestion that editing took place I cannot be satisfied about, and I am not satisfied it did take place.

“I have some concerns about the unattractive nature of what was published by Mr McCloskey, but it does not fall on the side of criminal liability and there will be a dismissal.”

However, after dismissing the case, the judge told McCloskey that – due to the offensive nature of posts written by others on his Facebook page about the offender – he was imposing the six-month order banning him from making further comments online about the individual.

Sunderland XBox child sex pervert jailed for eight years

Published August 11, 2013 by misty534

Tristan Jackson

AN internet paedophile who used video games consoles to groom young boys has been jailed for eight years.


Tristan Jackson, 23, lured his young victims through XBox Live, Facebook and Skype, disguising his depraved sexual motives as an interest in gaming.

Jackson, of Irene Avenue, Grangetown, Sunderland, committed a string of sexual offences against a total of six young boys, the youngest of whom was only 12.

The pervert initially told one of his victims he was 13, met another while playing Warhammer in Sunderland and another at a fencing competition.

All of the boys were under the age of 16 when they were pursued by Jackson during a three-year period from March 2009 until 2012.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Jackson engaged three of the children in “serious sexual activity” and obtained indecent photographs of the other three for his own sexual gratification.

One child said he had been “creeped out” by his ordeal, while another had started getting into trouble at school.

One victim said he had felt “pressured” into engaging in sexual activity, while another boy said he had felt “threatened” by Jackson.

Simon Worthy, prosecuting, said: “Jackson was initially talking about gaming and then using that to initiate talking about sex.”

The court also heard Jackson was found with almost 4,500 indecent photographs of children on his computers, covering all levels of seriousness, some of which he sent to one of his young victims.

Jackson was arrested on January 19 after the NSPCC and Crimestoppers raised concerns about the defendant to police.

Officers searched his home and took away his computers, leading to the discovery of the images from which police were able to identify the victims.

Lee Fish, defending, said: “He simply felt more comfortable in the company of young people. He was himself a conflicted individual in terms of his own sexual preferences and sexual identity.

“There is a distinction between consensual sexual activity, which is plainly what confronts the court in this case, and non-consensual sexual activity. There was none of the aggravating features we usually find in this sort of case.”

Jailing him yesterday, Judge Brian Forster said: “You engaged in serious sexual activity with three children. Your interest is such that you have committed offences against six children.

“Your offending has had a considerable impact on the lives of your victims.

“It is clear to me that the impact of what you did will continue for many years. You lack full insight into what you have done.

“You have tried to suggest at least some responsibility on the part of your victims.

“It’s clear to me that the responsibility is entirely your own.”

Jackson pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual activity with a child, three counts of sexual grooming, three counts of possessing indecent photographs of a child, 12 counts of making indecent photographs of a child, two counts of making indecent photographs of a child and two counts of causing child pornography.

He was also given a sexual offences prevention order for 10 years and was disqualified from working with children.

On his release from custody, he must notify police of his address.



Paedophile, 52, used Facebook to pose as 13-year-old girl and prey on primary school-age children

Published August 1, 2013 by misty534

Paedophile: Anthony Nelson, 52, pretended to be a 13-year-old girl on Facebook to try to groom victims

  • Anthony Nelson was caught by an undercover cop pretending to be child
  • Police traced Nelson after parent found messages on their child’s account
  • Paedophile faces jail and will be sentenced later this month

A paedophile posed as a 13-year-old girl on Facebook to groom children but was caught by an undercover police officer.

Anthony Nelson, 52,  tried to arrange meetings with the youngsters, some of whom were in primary school, so he could abuse them.

But he became the victim of a double-bluff – because one of his targets was really an undercover police officer also pretending to be a child.

Nelson, from Shildon, County Durham, is now facing a lengthy prison sentence  after pleading guilty to a string of sickening charges in court.

One of the charges includes the possession of more than 1,300 images of  extreme child pornography.

Last night, police warned of the dangers of social networking sites and called on adults to carefully monitor what their children do online.

Twice-married Nelson was arrested in January when it emerged he had contacted an 11-year-old girl through a false Facebook account he had set up.

He slyly gained the confidence of his victims by pretending to be a 13-year-old girl – persuading some of them to send him their mobile telephone numbers.

The depraved dad then began engaging in sexually explicit text messages with the youngsters – some of primary school age – and tried to set up meetings.

But he was unaware one of his intended victims was in fact an undercover officer from Durham Constabulary.

A concerned parent had alerted the police about the Facebook messages sent to their own child – and detectives discovered there were many more.

An examination of Nelson’s computer showed he had contacted dozens of children from around the country over six months.

Police have spoken to the parents of the youngsters and to schools to tell them what the former hotel night porter had been up to.

Shameful: Nelson sat in the dock with his head bowed and sobbed when he said he wanted to sexually abuse children

Shameful: Nelson sat in the dock with his head bowed and sobbed when he said he wanted to sexually abuse children


He pleaded guilty to making and possessing pictures of child abuse and bestiality, and inciting children to engage in sexual activity at Teesside Crown Court on Monday.

With his head bowed and through occasional sounds of sobbing, he also admitted trying to arrange a meeting with a girl to commit a sex crime.

He was remanded in custody and will return to court on August 13 to be sentenced.

Speaking last night, Detective Constable Jonathan Stoker, who investigated the case, said that Nelson had preyed on his victims’ naivety in a sickening way.

He said: ‘Nelson has taken advantage of young children, some of whom were still in primary school, to fulfil his sexual desires.

‘While I have been speaking to some of the families affected by this case, one parent commented that ‘it was like he had been in their house’.

‘I would encourage parents and carers to make sure that if a child is part of a social network like Facebook, to check the account settings and to make sure it is as private as possible.’

Nelson admitted two charges of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and attempting to arrange the commission of a child sex offence.

He also pleaded guilty to 17 counts of making indecent images of children, possessing 1,384 such images and possessing extreme pornography.

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The Facebook paedophile case is why I’ll ban computers from my children’s bedrooms

Published July 16, 2013 by misty534

Children should not be left alone in their bedroom with a computer for hours on end, says Laura Perrins, or you may as well be leaving them in a room full of paedophiles – especially after the latest Facebook paedophile case.





If ever a parent needed convincing as to why children and teenagers should not have a computer in their bedroom the case of Callum Evans is exhibit number one. Mr Evans was caught two years ago trying to use Facebook to contact young boys to molest them and then he returned to the site to try and intice teenagers to send him pornographic photos of themselves.

Mr Evans appeared before Judge Hume Jones in 2011 after using Facebook to encourage boys to send naked photos of themselves. Mr Evans received a community order. He was not banned from using Facebook as the Judge said this would deprive him of the ‘social traffic’ his peers took for granted. It seems that the Judge was more concerned with elevating Mr Evans’ access to Facebook to the status of a human right, than protecting other children and teenagers from being sexually groomed. Sure enough, weeks after being convicted, Evans created a new alias on Facebook, which he used to pose as a teenage girl to convince other teenagers to send him pornographic photos of themselves.

Yesterday Evans, 21, came before the same Judge and admitted 17 charges of inciting a child to engage in pornography and four counts of inciting a child to engage in a sexual act. Is he holding up the wall of a cell somewhere after such a blatant breach of trust placed in him by the Judge? Well, no. Judge Hume Jones again did not impose a custodial sentence and again did not ban him from using Facebook as this would be “particularly excessive”. He would lose his ‘social traffic’ don’t you remember?

Patrick Mason, mitigating, said Evans had lost his chance of going to university because of his crime and had responded well to treatment. He said: “In essence, there is a single pattern of behaviour, committed for two years between the age of 18 and 20, and due in part to the somewhat addictive nature of the internet. It has now stopped because of the treatment programme he has been on. He is a much-changed young man.”

When I explain to friends that I intend to always have computers in the family room downstairs and never in the children’s bedroom, they used to think this was harsh. But then they did not previously represent someone, as I did during my days as a barrister, who was charged with holding 5,000 indecent images of children on his computer – and he was only discovered because he was cultivating a cannabis farm in his living room.


By Laura Perrins

Paedophile hacked into teenage girls’ Facebook accounts to lure boys as young as nine to perform sex acts for him

Published May 29, 2013 by misty534



  • Francis Knight, 31, hacked into or cloned teenage girls’ Facebook accounts
  • Used them to pose as a girl and contact young boys online, court heard
  • One innocent girl whose account Knight hacked forced to change schools
  • Knight admitted contacting around 250 young boys over two years
  • ‘Calculated and artful’ former Tesco worker jailed for 16 months

A paedophile stole teenage girls’ identities from Facebook and used them to persuade boys as young as nine to perform sex acts for him.

‘Manipulative’ Francis Knight, 31, who befriended his victims by posing as girls whose accounts he had either hacked or cloned, contacted as many as 250 children online, a court heard.

As Knight, from Portsmouth, was jailed for 16 months, it emerged one girl whose Facebook account he hacked was forced to change schools because of the stigma of the case.

The cases of six victims, aged from nine to 13, were outlined at Portsmouth Crown Court.

But Knight, described as ‘calculated and artful’ by a judge, admitted he had contacted around 250 youngsters over a period of two years.

Even after the former Tesco worker had been arrested and charged he carried on offending, the court heard.

Prosecutor Jane Terry said Knight would send friend requests, under cloned identities, over Facebook to a group of people who knew each other.

She added that he wanted to lull his victims into a false sense of security by leading them to believe they had mutual online friends.

The court heard Knight even made some boys perform sex acts with friends while he watched via a webcam, all the while pretending he was a girl.

Judge John Dixon jailed Knight for 16 months after he admitted 18 charges of inciting boys aged under 14 to engage in sexual activity, and making indecent images of children.

Judge Dixon said: ‘These incidents caused considerable distress.

‘What’s worse is that in those online exchanges you had with those boys you deceived them with a one-way webcam.

‘In effect you could see them but they could not see you.

‘You were masquerading as teenage girls and, if that was not bad enough, you then went on to commit a further eight offences whilst on bail.

‘It is difficult to assess the worst aspect. The deception certainly left the victims ashamed of themselves, and their parents distressed and upset,’ Judge Dixon added.

He said Knight was a ‘manipulative individual’ with a predilection for young children.

'Manipulative individual': The former Tesco worker was jailed for six months after admitting inciting children to engage in sexual activity and making indecent images of childre‘Manipulative individual’: The former Tesco worker was jailed for six months at Portsmouth Crown Court after admitting inciting children to engage in sexual activity and making indecent images of children

Parents of some of the boys sobbed as they heard evidence of what Knight forced their children to do on camera.

One mother was so distressed she had to leave the courtroom.

Detectives from a specialist paedophile unit interviewed all those who had been contacted by Knight.

Around half were from Hampshire with the rest from Manchester.

Detective Sergeant Richard Wheeler, of Portsmouth CID, said it had been a long and complex operation, with officers sifting through vast amounts of technical data in order to identify victims.

He said: ‘It should not be forgotten that the effect of this offending can be both damaging and long-lasting.

‘I would like to praise the children who have shown courage throughout this investigation and provided evidence to form the basis of the prosecution case.’


By Kerry McDermott

Pervert Sir asks pupil, 13, for pics

Published April 30, 2013 by misty534



A SLEAZY teacher asked a schoolgirl of 13 to send him pictures of herself.

Vile Kyle Young, 26, told the alarmed pupil how he thought she was “stunning” and “sexy” in a series of perverted messages on a social networking website.

The sicko Sir used Facebook to beg for photographs of the child, who attended the school where he taught.

And, after making the twisted request, he tried to deny it and claimed his online account had been HACKED.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard the brave victim told her grandmother and authorities at Clyde Valley High in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, who called in the police.

Depute fiscal Jacqui Spiers said: “She accepted a friend request on Facebook as she didn’t recognise the name and wanted to find out who it was. The accused then initiated conversation.”

Miss Spiers told how Young asked the girl to send pictures — but then appeared to backtrack and claimed someone else had sent the message.

She added: “The accused then said, ‘It’s Kyle. Someone fraped me. You won’t say anything please? Will you grass me in?’”

Miss Spiers explained to the court that “fraped is an expression used on Facebook when someone leaves their phone or computer unattended, and someone else posts on their behalf pretending to be them”.

Following the youngster reporting the internet correspondence, the house where Young lives with his parents was searched by police and his laptop was seized.

He admitted contacting the girl and was then arrested and charged.

Young, of Motherwell, Lanarkshire, admitted sending sexual messages to the girl in March 2011 while teaching technology studies.

He has since been suspended from his job.

Sheriff Thomas Miller deferred sentence on Young until June.

A North Lanarkshire Council spokesman said yesterday: “As soon as we became aware of these allegations, we carried out a full investigation.

“Mr Young has not worked for North Lanarkshire since 2011.

“He has been reported to the General Teaching Council.”

Young last night refused to comment.

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