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Woking man jailed for ‘relentless’ child rape

Published April 9, 2013 by misty534


A Surrey man has been jailed for 18 years after being found guilty of “relentlessly” raping two children.

Alan Thornby, 35, of Gloster Road, Old Woking was convicted of 30 rapes at Guildford Crown Court, after a nine-day trial.

The rapes took place between 2004 and 2010, and evidence of 12 of the assaults came to light during a previous trial in October, police said.

Det Con Kate Walters said: “The two victims were relentlessly abused.”

Thornby first appeared at Guildford Crown Court in October when he was on trial for 18 counts of rape against one child, police said.

During the trial, evidence emerged which resulted in the trial being halted and Thornby being charged with a further 12 counts of rape, a spokesman said.

Ms Walters said: “I am thankful the jury was able to see through the defendant’s web of lies during the trial which was, at times difficult to listen to, as the details emerged of the offences against his young victims.

“The two victims were relentlessly abused and have suffered as a result of their traumatic experiences.”




Published December 14, 2012 by misty534


by Nick Edmundson – Get Surrey

A NEW Haw cub scout leader who sexually abused a young boy and collected indecent images of children has been jailed for three years.

Daniel Bisacre, 32, from Knaphill, cornered the boy, who he met through the scout movement, and performed an indecent act on him in two separate incidents.

Bisacre, who was found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child by Guildford Crown Court on November 14, was a former leader of the 2nd New Haw Scout Group.

The boy joined the cub scout movement in a different group to the one run by the defendant.

At his sentencing on Friday, Judge Christopher Critchlow said: “As a scout leader you of course were trusted by parents of the boys in your charge, whether on a trip somewhere or on a scout camp. With your actions you breached that trust.”

The court heard how Bisacre, of Tringham Close, had also been found guilty of child pornography charges in September 2011, after more than 800 indecent images of young boys were found on his computer.

Mr Critchlow added: “I hope while you are in custody that you take the opportunity to address your behaviour. I certainly hope that there won’t be any further offending of this nature.”

In mitigation, Amanda Hamilton, defending, said Bisacre had lost everything following his convictions and had been verbally abused by other prison inmates who heard about the nature of his crimes.

“Despite the publicity of this case, his family has continued to have positive contact with the scouts, including the families of of boy scouts that he looked after,” she said.

“It goes to show how he was viewed by people. Nothing negative has come from anybody towards him and his family.”

Mr Critchlow said: “Before you committed these offences you were a man of good character. You are now 32 and the have lost that good character and through this offence you have lost a great deal.

“You have lost your job, your pension and your involvement with the scouts.”

Bisacre was given a 27-month prison sentence for the two counts of sexual activity with a child and a consecutive nine-month sentence for the possession of indecent images.