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Man, 21, jailed for indecent images of children

Published July 26, 2013 by misty534

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A man from Beck Row caught with indecent images of children on a computer has been jailed for six months.


Griffin Wyatt, formerly of Beck Row but currently serving a prison term for another matter, appeared at Ipswich Crown Court on Friday.

The court heard that police had discovered illegal sexual images of children on a computer owned by Wyatt, 21, earlier this year at Beck Row.

He pleaded guilty to four offences of making an indecent image of a child.

Judge John Devaux jailed Wyatt for six months to run consecutively to time he is already serving.


Newmarket Journal

Child porn man unmasked

Published July 22, 2013 by misty534

A SEX offender who tried to hide behind a “super-injunction” can today be unmasked after a judge refused to make a gagging order.

David Redbond – who was caught with child pornography and images of bestiality – wanted to remain anonymous and to be treated differently from all other defendants.

  1. RETIRED MARINE ENGINEER: David Redbond pictured in 2000.

    RETIRED MARINE ENGINEER: David Redbond pictured in 2000.

But a judge at Grimsby Crown Court ruled that it would be an affront to the idea of open justice to treat Redbond differently from everybody else.

Redbond, 65, of Chester Place, Cleethorpes, had successfully obtained a gagging order from Grimsby magistrates.

His solicitor, Roy Foreman, had claimed that day that Redbond should not be named, apparently because of a supposed need to protect his relatives.

But recorder Euan Duff strongly criticised the move and told the higher court: “It’s a complete mystery why this defendant should not be identified.”

He agreed with a Grimsby Telegraph application that Redbond should not be allowed to hide behind a cloak of anonymity.

“The starting point in courts is that we have open justice and proper reporting of all matters that can be reported,” said recorder Duff.

“It’s fundamental to open justice. It’s a matter of public importance.”

It could be “counter-productive” to make such gagging applications because “it attracts more attention”.

The Telegraph was supported by prosecutor Jeremy Evans who said: “This is the equivalent of a super-injunction and it’s miraculous how he has managed to get anonymity in the magistrates’ court.”

It appeared that Redbond wanted anonymity because of his “name itself” and because it “stands out”.

He added: “That’s no reason. It forms no grounds. This case is no different from anybody else. The starting point is open justice and justice must be seen to be done.”

This is Grimbsy

Sunderland loner had 1,983 indecent images of children

Published July 20, 2013 by misty534

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A LONER was found in possession of nearly 2,000 indecent images of children.


David Bridge, of Lily Street, Sunderland, had his property searched by police, who discovered 1,983 images and movies on his computer, a laptop and two USB memory sticks last September.

Neil Pallister, prosecuting at Newcastle Crown Court, said: “He said he searched for the images out of curiosity. He said he didn’t get any sexual gratification from it.”

Bridge, 49, pleaded guilty to making and possessing indecent images of children at an earlier hearing and appeared at court yesterday for sentence.

Jamie Adams, defending, said: “He is a somewhat lonely individual who has tried to make relationships in the past but has not succeeded. It gets harder, the older he gets.

“He looks after his mother; she is in her 80s and she has shingles at the moment, and her twin sister died three weeks ago. There is no one else to look after her.”

Judge Roger Thorn QC told Bridge: “You have lived a lonely life, you have had difficulty making relationships and in this modern age you will find some degree of relief going on the internet. But these are children, and while there are people making money out of this, you are part of the problem.”

The judge sentenced Bridge to eight months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, and ordered him to attend a sexual offenders’ programme for 54 days.

Bridge must also sign the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.


Sunderland Echo

Ex-BBC news editor sentenced over child images

Published July 19, 2013 by misty534



A former BBC news editor has been handed a community service order after admitting downloading and distributing indecent images of children.

Graham Day, 58, of Park Way, Droitwich, shared 43 images and downloaded more than 800 pictures and films including of toddlers.

Day, who was a Salvation Army member, was suspended from the charity in 2012.

The BBC said it was “appalled” and added Day left his post at Radio Gloucestershire more than a year ago.

A spokesman for the corporation said it condemned Day’s crimes in the “strongest possible terms”.

A Salvation Army spokesman added the charity takes “child protection seriously”.

“We hope today’s sentencing will send a clear message that any concerns will be investigated vigorously and we will work with the full force of the law to protect vulnerable people,” he added.

Day will remain on the sex offenders’ register for the next five years and is banned from working with children for life.


BBC news

Liversedge man Ian Davison’s 21,500 child porn images

Published July 19, 2013 by misty534

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A man has admitted possessing thousands of indecent images of children.

Ian Davison, 60, was found with over 21,500 sick pictures on his computer.

Police also discovered films of children taken from the street.

Davison admitted 23 charges of making and taking indecent images when he appeared at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court.

The offences are so serious that he faces sentencing by a crown court judge.

Linda Fowler, prosecuting said that in 2009 police were made aware of a website where users could access child pornography.

One of the IP addresses was tracked to Davison and his home in Union Road, Liversedge, was searched.

Mrs Fowler said: “His computers were seized and he admitted the downloading of indecent images of children.

“He said he had been looking at adult pornography and started to look at indecent child images.”

The court heard that of the images seized, 421 were graded at the most serious level of five.

A total of 350 movies of children were also found in Davison’s possession.

Mrs Fowler added: “A number of images of children have been filmed from the street by this defendant.”

Davison was committed for sentence at Leeds Crown Court.

He will appear there on August 15 and was granted unconditional bail.


Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Pervert found to have vile library of 10,000 child sex abuse images

Published July 18, 2013 by misty534

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A LICHFIELD man with a “Iibrary” of over 10,000 vile digital photos and movies of children being abused put them up on the internet for other perverts to look at, a judge heard.

Police found the hoard on two computers owned by Christopher Dodd in a search raid on his home on February 14 last year as a result of information about his internet usage.

The indecent material included scenes of children as young as two being sexually assaulted and youngsters aged ten or 12 being tied up and horribly abused.

Mr Nick Burn, prosecuting, said the images were all “live” files that could be viewed by the defendant.

They were also loaded up onto a file-sharing website.

Dodd used the nickname “Lichlad” to download images and to receive requests from others to view his files.

“Effectively there was a ‘sharing’ folder, effectively a library he allowed others to access,” said Mr Burn.

Dodd, aged 32, of Upper St John Street, Lichfield who admitted ten charges of possessing indecent images of children for show and two of simple possession was given a three-year community order to undergo a sex offender treatment programme.

He was also ordered to do 250 hours unpaid community work and his internet use restricted under a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Recorder Mr Simon Draycott QC told him: “If you had any previous convictions, I would have no hesitation in sending you immediately to custody.”

Mr Burn said Dodd’s “library” for sharing included; 8,625 photos and 33 movies at the least serious level one; 1,199 photos and 79 movies level two; 749 photos and 23 movies level three; 1,482 photos and 117 movies level four and 152 photos and 10 movies at the most serious level five.

On a separate laptop he also had 97 images at level one and 62 images level two.

Mr Burn said the level five material was “a very graphic and unpleasant set of photos and moving images being used by the defendant and being made available to other persons of like intent.”

Mr Tim Pole, defending, said that following his arrest in August last year, Dodd was fully co-operative with the police.


Litchford & Mercury

Pensioner and former missionary addicted to child porn spared jail

Published July 18, 2013 by misty534

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A former missionary and pensioner who is addicted to child porn has escapred a prison sentence after committing a second offence.

Brian Mead, 70, of Shepherds Way, Saffron Walden, who had downloaded 19 images of scantily clad girls aged 10-16 on his mobile phone was instead made the subject of a three year community order.

The church-goer has been put under supervision, told he must attend a sexual offender treatment programme, and ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for five years.

Mead’s wife of 48 years found out his secret through a private company that was monitoring her husbands’s internet usage, Chelmsford Crown Court heard.

She ordered him to confess to police straight away – which he did.

The pensioner, who is no longer allowed contact with his grandshildren, pleaded guilty to one offence of making, or downloading, 19 indecent images of children, at the lowest level one, on October 2 last year at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Mead, a former agricultural missionary in Africa, had previously been given a community order in 2005 for 12 similar offences.

Judge David Turner QC described him as an addict but said both he and the public would be better served by not sending him to prison.

A combination of the voluntary counselling and work Mead was undergoing and the rigorous sentencing programme could “manage finally to put to rest this demon” the judge added.

The judge said: “Had not your wife taken the resolute course she did when she discovered this further fall into pornography this would never have been discovered at all.

“She challenged you and you went voluntarily to police where you made a clean breast.

“You had tried to cheat by acquiring this mobile because there was protective software on your computer and that’s a depressing indication of the level of addiction which is still not far below the surface.”

Referring to the fact that Mead is banned from communicating with his grandchildren, the judge added: “This is a great evil and it’s addictive qualities can derail lives. You have paid a high price for this addictive behaviour.”

Prosecutor Richard Stevens said Mead handed over his mobile to police containing the 19 images of five different children aged 10 to 16. They were posing in bikinis and underwear and were scantily clad.

Mitigating, Peter Barlex said Mead’s family and church were supportive of him. When he upgraded his mobile it wasn’t the same model as his computer.

“It led him into temptation,” said Mr Barlex.

He said that at the time, Mead was suffering from depression and illness, adding: “There were specific reasons for the relapse and it will not be repeated”.


Saffron Walden News

Paedophile is back behind bars

Published July 17, 2013 by misty534

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A PAEDOPHILE, who was jailed 10 years ago for attempting to rape a 16-year-old, is back behind bars after being found with more than 300 indecent images of children.

Officers discovered Carl Rae, of Poplars Avenue, had downloaded 359 images to his laptop and had also been using internet history deleting software to cover his tracks.

Warrington Crown Court heard on Friday the majority of the images were classed in the lowest category of offending but judge Nicholas Woodward said an image associated with the highest category ‘caused some concern’.

The 39-year-old was still on licence after being convicted of attempted rape and attempted indecent assault which saw him get an 11 year prison sentence in October 2003.

Peter Hussey, prosecuting, said intelligence in 2012 led police to seizing Rae’s laptop and found the images of young girls aged from six or seven to 16 had been collected since 2009.

Judge Woodward jailed Rae for 16 months.

He added: “One of the images is very concerning having regard to the fact your previous convictions are for attacking young girls who were total strangers to you.

“You quite deliberately went about obtaining these images and must have known it was a serious matter.”


Warrington Guardian

Respected businessman had hundreds of indecent images of children

Published July 17, 2013 by misty534

THE wife of an insurance man is sticking by him – despite police finding hundreds of indecent pictures of children and extreme pornography on his computer.

Gloucester Crown Court heard businessman Richard Neubauer had nearly 1,500 images when police raided his Millway home in English Bicknor on August 24.

  1. Respected businessman had hundreds of indecent images of children

    Richard Neubauer

The 66-year-old admitted 12 charges of making indecent photographs and three of possessing extreme pornography.

Prosecutor Janine Wood told the court he confessed to police before the computer was analysed.

She said: “He said his wife had lost interest in sex, but he had no interest in children.

“He said he liked looking at girls in their teens in school uniforms, but he looked at them divorced from reality.”

Judge Jamie Tabor QC said: “My concern is I am not sure he understands the gravity of this offence.

“Children are horribly abused by people who take these images.

“These are wicked child abusers demeaning and damaging children so they can financially gain from the exploitation.”

Neubauer’s wife accompanied him to court.

In mitigation, Nigel Richardson said this was the first blot on the father-of-two’s character.

He said: “He has made a hugely positive contribution to his community.

“His wife could have very easily turned her back on him. It is very difficult for her.

“It is particularly difficult for him as well as he used to be a respected member of the community.

“He feels he has let himself, his family and faith down.”

Neubauer had been bought up a Christian, but following his father’s death found out the family were of Jewish background.

The court heard he and his wife converted and was well known within the Jewish community of the Forest of Dean.

Mr Richardson said that he had started experiencing panic attacks in 2001 and took Seroxat medication, which could reduce inhibitions.

Judge Tabor sentenced him to 18 months in jail suspended for two years and 200 hours of unpaid work.

He said: “The fact is the images you have downloaded showed, in part, young children suffering horrendous sexual abuse, which if you had seen going on in the street I have no doubt you would have, out of care, put a stop to it.”

Neubauer was also ordered to pay £250 costs and sign the sex offender register.

This is Gloustershire

“Golden opportunity” given to Sandhurst man to seek help after admitting possessing child porn images

Published July 16, 2013 by misty534

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A judge handed a 46-year-old Sandhurst man a “golden opportunity” to receive professional help after he admitted to possessing images of child pornography.

Graham Willard, of Fakenham Way, admitted two offences of possessing indecent images of children – some on his computer and some on an old hard drive in a cupboard in his room. He was arrested after a routine call by police in May 2011 because he was already on the sex offenders’ register for a previous conviction.

At Reading Crown Court on Friday Judge Ian Grainger was told there were 130 images on the hard drive – 45 at the least serious Level 1 and 85 at the most serious Level 5.

On Willard’s computer, there were 114 images mainly at the least serious Level 1 but eight were at Level 5.

Sandra Beck, prosecuting, said Willard had previous convictions in 1990 for indecent images and in 2004 when he was imprisoned for four months for 28 counts of making indecent images.

She also pointed out, although there was no charge of distributing indecent images, there was software on his computer which was capable of distributing images.

Nick Cotter, defending, said Willard had co-operated with the police and pleaded guilty immediately.

He said the images on the old hard drive pre-dated the 2004 previous conviction but were not part of that conviction.

Mr Cotter said Willard had never had any professional help to deal with his offending.

He said he was employed but lived in a “cloistered environment” with his mother and stepfather.

A pre-sentence report recommended a community sentence and Mr Cotter said it would represent a “golden opportunity at 46 years of age for this man to receive some professional help from people who are expert in this field”.

Judge Grainger said Willard’s “obsession with images of this kind” was “deep seated and continuing”.

He sentenced Willard to a community order for three years, with supervision along with a requirement to attend a sex offenders’ programme and to sign the sex offenders’ register for five years.

He placed a sex offenders’ prevention order on Willard until further notice and banned him from using any computers except those at his workplace.


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