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Tackling child sexual exploitation in the West Midlands

Published October 20, 2014 by misty534


Tackling child sexual exploitation in the West Midlands

An event to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation is taking place today (Monday).

The conference will look at how to identify signs of possible abuse and how public services are working together to tackle it.

Muslim Women’s Network UK, West Midlands Police and Dudley, Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Walsall, Coventry, Birmingham and Solihull councils are hosting the conference called Tackling CSE: Our Collective Commitment.

It will take place at Birmingham Council House on Monday 20 October.

Police, local councils, charities, community groups and the West Midlands Chief Crown Prosecutor will talk about the steps being taken to protect children and how we can all play a part.

Muslim Women’s Network UK will also launch a new education film, aimed particularly at Asian girls, to raise awareness of the risks and encourage communities in taking a stand against abuse.

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a crime that can affect any child, anytime, regardless of their social or ethnic background. It is child abuse and involves perpetrators grooming their victims in various ways, such as in person, via mobiles or online, to gain their trust before emotionally and sexually abusing them.

It can take place in many forms, whether through a seemingly consensual relationship, or a young person being forced to have sex in return for some kind of payment, such as drugs, money, gifts or even protection and affection.

Chair of Muslim Women’s Network UK, Shaista Gohir, said: “According to our research, front line agencies and Asian communities have little understanding about Asian victims of sexual exploitation.  We have therefore produced an information booklet and a video highlighting a real life case study of an Asian female victim.  There can be a tendency amongst Asian communities to prioritise protection of honour over safeguarding of vulnerable girls. We hope our campaign helps to change these attitudes.”

Stephen Rimmer, West Midlands lead for tackling CSE, said: “We face a real and present threat of child sexual exploitation across the West Midlands, as does the rest of the country. This is a particularly challenging, as well as horrible, crime because the predators abusing our young people manipulate vulnerable emotions and feelings to get what they want. We are getting better at identifying those girls and boys at most serious risk of harm – at least 210 were identified in the first half of this year across the West Midlands – and we are working together across all agencies to much greater effect. We have a long term campaign – ‘See me, hear me’ – which will raise public awareness further.

“We now need to ensure that our work to pursue and prosecute where appropriate, offenders who exploit vulnerable young people is relentless in its impact. There is no hiding place for anyone in the West Midlands abusing their position or status to target young people.”

Yvonne Mosquito, West Midlands Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Communities are understandably anxious about the threat posed by child sexual exploitation. Parents worry constantly about what is happening to their children online. Young people themselves feel pressured into being ‘popular’ or ‘respected’ and get caught up in risky situations. Tackling CSE demands a totally joined up response from all the agencies and that is what they will get from West Midlands Police as we are investing more than ever before in resources for this. We will not only track down the perpetrators, we will lead the action against attitudes that breed abusive behaviour, including through funding an awareness raising film for the first time for the young Asian male, as this group have not previously had resources designed for them.”

Anyone who is concerned about the safety of a young person can call West Midlands Police on 101, speak in confidence to Barnardo’s on 0121 3595333 or in an emergency call 999.
Childline also has counsellors available online at
People can find out more information about child sexual exploitation by visiting


Notes to editors

Speakers at the conference will be available for interview on the day.

The See Me Hear Me campaign was launched in June 2014 and is ongoing across the region. There are targeted resources, such as information packs aimed at parents, schools and the children and young people themselves. These will also be used to increase awareness among those who work in leisure and hospitality industries, such as hotels, leisure centres and taxi companies.
The campaign follows the development of The See Me Hear Me regional framework, which sets out how agencies across the West Midlands will work together to prevent, respond to and support victims.
The framework was developed by the seven councils, West Midlands Police and partner organisations, including Barnardo’s and PACE and is based on recommendations from the Office of the Children’s Commissioner
For further information contact:  Sarah Kirby
Birmingham Council
0121 303 3287

Katherine Finney
Dudley Council
01384 815227

HIA: RUC knew about sexual abuse at Rubane House

Published October 2, 2014 by misty534


The inquiry is taking place at Banbridge Courthouse

The RUC and state agencies knew about sexual abuse at a boys’ home in County Down, in 1964, an abuse inquiry has heard.

They were alerted after a 14-year-old boy was abused by a De La Salle brother at Rubane House.

The details were revealed at the Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) Inquiry.

A total of 13 Northern Ireland institutions are being investigated.

On Thursday, the inquiry heard that the order removed the perpetrator from the home and he was eventually expelled from the order.

‘Extremely grave’

An investigation by the De La Salle Irish headquarters deemed the incident “extremely grave” and concluded that the brother “would never again be allowed to have any contact with boys in any school”.

In a letter to Rome, seeking the brother’s dispensation from the order, he was described as having engaged in “grave immoral actions with a number of young boys”.

The 1964 letter also described him as “a positive danger to young boys”.

The inquiry also heard that details of the abuse were known at police headquarters in Belfast, but the brother was not prosecuted as he had moved to the Republic of Ireland.


A Ministry of Home Affairs letter from the time, read to the inquiry, concluded that “all concerned believed these were isolated incidents”.

Another departmental letter, linked to the incident, was marked “secret” and in the Northern Ireland Public Records Office, it was labelled “closed to public”.

In an opening submission on behalf of the De La Salle order, the brothers again publicly accepted and said they deeply regretted that boys in their care were abused.

The statement said: “They wish to offer their sincere and unreserved apology to all of those whom they failed to protect.

‘Unreserved apology’

“The brothers recognise the sense of betrayal that the victims have experienced and the violation of trust caused by certain brothers within the order.

“They recognise that there have been failures to protect the victims.”

The HIA inquiry was set up in 2013 to investigate child abuse in residential institutions in Northern Ireland over a 73-year period, up to 1995.

About 200 former residents of Rubane House have made allegations of abuse.

A total of 55 former residents have come forward to the inquiry to allege that they were physically or sexually abused.

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Under-fire judge to face paedophile in court

Published August 9, 2013 by misty534

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A judge at the centre of a storm in the UK over inappropriate comments made about a teenage sex attack victim is to face the abuser again in court.

Judge Nigel Peters QC is being investigated by the judicial watchdog over remarks made during the sentencing of paedophile Neil Wilson, who admitted engaging in sexual activity with the 13-year-old girl.

Wilson, 41, who walked free from court with a suspended sentence, is to appear before Judge Peters via videolink at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday to deal with “an administrative matter” in relation to his sentence.

A row broke out earlier this week when it emerged prosecuting barrister Robert Colover labelled the young girl “predatory” and “sexually experienced” and Judge Peters said he accounted for the way the girl looked and behaved when he sentenced Wilson.

Mr Colover has been suspended from prosecuting sexual offence cases pending a review by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), while Judge Peters’ comments are to be investigated by the Office for Judicial Complaints.


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Top-level police probe into Mirror revelations about paedophile ring “cover-up” linked to MP

Published March 27, 2013 by misty534

It comes after a two-month investigation in which we spoke to politicians, alleged victims, police officers and former children’s home staff



A top-level investigation was launched last night in response to the Daily Mirror’s revelation about a police “cover-up” of a suspected paedophile ring linked to MPs.

A top-level investigation was launched last night in response to the Daily Mirror’s revelation about a police “cover-up” of a suspected paedophile ring linked to MPs.

The dramatic move by Scotland Yard follows our story yesterday that a top detective was booted off a case investigating sexual abuse in children’s homes in London after he named politicians as suspects.

The “breakthrough” could lead to one of the biggest child sex abuse case reviews in the Met’s history as top investigators probe claims dating back as far as the 70s.

Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll, who was looking into accusations of abuse in Lambeth, South London, said Yard bosses interfered with the probe in 1999.

One of the figures is thought to have been an MP.

Last night, a Met police spokeswoman said: “Following concerns raised by DCI Clive Driscoll, the Serious Case Team of the Met’s Child Abuse Investigation Command, under Detective Superintendent David Gray, will review all material and papers in the original case.”

It comes after a two-month investigation by the Daily Mirror in which we spoke to politicians, alleged victims, police officers and former children’s home staff.

DS Gray and his team will examine claims a file of evidence containing details of allegations against politicians went missing after DCI Driscoll handed it to a senior officer.

It will also look into whether or not the claims were investigated by officers from Operation Middleton, which probed child sex abuse in Lambeth’s care homes before 1994.

The operation ran between 1998 and 2003 and resulted in three convictions, including that of former care home boss Michael John Carroll.

Child protection groups and politicians last night praised DCI Driscoll and the Met insisted he would not face disciplinary actions for speaking out.

Labour MP and former Lambeth councillor John Mann said: “It is a great breakthrough that the Met are looking into this and it is all thanks to the Daily Mirror.

“The review will have important consequences for victims who will feel more encouraged to come forward.

“I applaud DCI Driscoll’s integrity and his courage in speaking out. I received a similar allegation in 1988 when I was investigating corruption, sexual exploitation and blackmail in Lambeth council.

“Two police officers who worked on those allegations at the time complained to me about high-level interference from Scotland Yard in their investigations.”

Fellow Labour MP Gerry Sutcliffe said: “It’s imperative this is fully reviewed because the claim that an officer was taken off an investigation because politicians were involved is of serious public concern.

“We must get to the truth of what happened.”

DCI Driscoll revealed: “I was unhappy with the interference of senior officers who did not appear to have any logical connection to my investigation into child sex abuse in Lambeth.”

Victim of abuse at children’s homes linked to supected MP paedophile ring speaks out


Former Children's Home
                                     Highland Road children’s home


A victim of abuse at children’s homes linked to suspected paedophile politicians last night accused police of failing to properly investigate his own claims.

The man, now a 44-year-old delivery driver, told detectives in 1998 that he was assaulted at the age of eight by a female worker while in the care of Lambeth council in South London.

He was later moved to the borough’s Highland Road children’s home, where he suffered two years of abuse from paedophile Michael John Carroll.

Shockingly, Carroll had already been convicted of child abuse.

The man said that in 1998 he gave Merseyside police a ­statement about both Carroll and the female carer but his ­allegations about the woman weren’t followed up.

He said: “It was dismissed just like an everyday occurrence.”

Carroll, however, was subsequently convicted of abusing him and another 11 children.

Last night the victim praised the Mirror’s investigation, saying: “You have to ask yourself why would anyone want to interfere in an investigation into the abuse of children?

“I think it is vital that these allegations are investigated and we find out what was going on. We have to find out because it stinks to high heaven.”


By Tom Pettifor

Broomlands paedophile PTA head given free reign of school

Published March 1, 2013 by misty534

PTA paedophile Paul Archer had free run of Broomlands Primary school, angry parents claimed this week.

Archer, jailed for three years this week after being caught with more than 11,000 sickening child porn images, was allowed to chaperone pupils on school trips and helped run the school’s football team, parents claimed.

Shocked mums and dads also say he was left unsupervised to take photos of pupils for a school calendar.

Education bosses at North Ayrshire Council denied this claim and insisted he did not take part in any school activity, or have access to the school, once he had been charged.

Concerned parents told a different story about the former PTA head, claiming he was given free run of the school.

One parent, Stephanie Greer, whose child is eligible to join the school’s Primary One class in the summer, says the incident has made her re-consider her options. “Daisy is at the nursery at the moment but the way the school has acted over this has left me disgusted and made me think I should take her to a different school.”

Linda Beveridge is a neighbour of Mr Archer.

“I’m absolutely sickened by all of this.

“I have a 10-year-old at Broomlands and everyone knows the amount of access he had in that school – your mind goes into overdrive thinking and wondering what he’s been up to.”

Tracey Hargreaves has a 15-year-old daughter who attended Broomlands during Mr Archer’s tenure.

“It’s astonishing that we’ve been kept in the dark for this long.

“The school just seems to be trying to brush this all under the carpet – it really isn’t good enough.”

Alex Collins has two boys at Broomlands. He said “Our kids have got to live with this forever, it should never have happened in the first place.”

Cheryl Cunningham is also disappointed with the way the school has handled the incident. “They handed a folded letter – not even in an envelope – to our children to give to us. It’s lucky that my son didn’t open it up and read it. The whole thing is sickening, the school has failed us as parents – he had no disclosure to go on the PTA and had free rein in the school.”

She added: “If he was never ‘unsupervised’ then why was he alone with the kids taking school photos without disclosure?”

A spokesman for North Ayrshire Council said: “PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) assessments are required for individuals who have regular unsupervised access to children. Parent Council members do not have unsupervised access to children and staff or parents were always in attendance whenever Mr Archer had contact with pupils in the school.

“Mr Archer was not involved in the production of the calendar in question and did not take part in any school activity, or have access to the school, once he had been charged. Strathclyde Police have confirmed there is no suggestion that any photographs he may have taken in his role as a parent of a child at Broomlands Primary – or as a member of the Parent Council – featured in this inquiry.” And the spokesman concluded: “The council has worked closely with Strathclyde Police throughout this investigation to ensure Broomlands pupils were kept safe.”

A man from Hove has been jailed for seven years after being found guilty of historic sex offences against a five-year-old child

Published January 8, 2013 by misty534

David Lennon, 55, of Lovegrove Court, Hove was sent to prison on January 4th after being convicted of the offences that date back to 1999 following a trial at Lewes Crown Court.

  1. David Lennon has been jailed for seven years

    David Lennon has been jailed for seven years

The jury found Mr Lennon guilty of five counts of indecent assault which occurred between May 31st and September 1st, 1999.

He was jailed for seven years for the most serious offences and four years to run concurrently for each of the other offences.

Mr Lennon will also be placed on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely and he has been given a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, preventing him from having unsupervised contact with any child under the age of 16.

Detective Constable Holly Hallahan from Brighton and Hove Child Protection Team investigated the case. She said: “The defendant was supposed to be supervising whilst the victim had contact with her father – instead he sexually abused her, grossly abusing his position of trust and irreparably damaging a little girl.

“This sentencing is a fantastic result for the victim and her family, and goes some way to easing the pain of the past. The victim is now 18 and this sentence means she can finally move on with her life.

“I hope that this case encourages anyone else who has suffered child abuse – no matter how long ago it happened – to report it to police. Every allegation is fully investigated and, as this case shows, justice can be achieved many years later.”

The victim’s mother said; “We would like to thank DC Hallahan for all her care and support throughout this investigation. We urge anyone who has suffered from heinous crimes of this type to come forward, whether the abuse is current or historic, so that the perpetrators of these crimes are brought to justice.”

by R. Fowler This is Sussex 

BREAKING NEWS: Former teacher jailed for child sex abuse

Published January 5, 2013 by misty534


A FORMER schoolteacher has been jailed for using his role as a rugby coach to exploit a teenage boy and subject him to a catalogue of sexual abuse

Keith Ruby was found guilty of 16 sexual offences against the youngster by a jury in December, and today (Fri) a judge has sentenced him to 10 years in jail.

The court had heard that the 36-year-old had met the teenager, who was a promising young rugby player, when he was teaching at the prestigious Sidcot School near Winscombe in 2004.

Ruby developed a relationship with the youngster, who cannot be named for legal reasons, when the pupil was 12.

The trigger for the abuse was the victim’s realisation that he was gay, which he shared in confidence with Ruby, who started asking him questions about his sexuality and then began physically molesting him.

The abuse started when the victim was 14 and lasted for about a year. It took place during massage sessions at the victim’s home, in the changing rooms at both Weston and Winscombe rugby clubs and on an overseas rugby trip.

The court was told Ruby, of Biddisham Lane in Biddisham, had worked himself into a position of trust with the victim’s family, who had believed he was giving their son one-on-one sessions to further his development as a rugby player.

Although a police investigation was launched in February 2006 after allegations about the abuse came to light, the final offence occurred after the investigation was launched.

The initial investigation collapsed in July 2006, but a fresh probe was launched in 2011 when the victim told his parents about the catalogue of abuse.

Ruby denied all 20 allegations relating to the victim, but on December 6 the jury at Taunton found him guilty by majority verdict of 11 counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child and five counts of penetrative sexual activity with a child.

They found him not guilty of two counts of causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity and two counts of sexual assault on a child under 13.

The Mercury had been prevented on reporting on the trial and its outcome by a court order, which was lifted this morning.

Ruby was also handed a sexual offences prevention order, forced to sign the sex offences register for life and has been placed on a barring list to prevent him from working with children again in the future.

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Boys in care were allegedly being groomed for sex at parties at a south-west London house attended by well-known and powerful figures. James Hanning and Paul Cahalan investigate

Published December 17, 2012 by misty534



There is no more ordinary-looking row of suburban Edwardian houses in the country than Rocks Lane, south-west London. But nowhere has given rise to such an outlandish series of allegations than the one formerly known as Elm Guest House. The claims are now being re-investigated by the Metropolitan Police, decades after they were first made. Attempts have been made by care workers to lay bare the secrets of Rocks Lane but to no avail. Whatever the outcome of their investigations in the past, the police seem convinced that a number of serious wrongs need to be righted.

Rocks Lane is a conspiracy theorist’s dream, taking in allegations of the grooming of young boys in care for sex, elaborate gay parties involving senior public figures including members of the Conservative Party, charges of a police cover-up and even the suggestion of murder. The police believe that in the context of the Jimmy Savile scandal and renewed claims over the treatment of boys in care in North Wales, there is every reason to look again at an extremely murky saga.

A month ago, in conditions of the utmost secrecy (so much so that nothing was even put on computers), the Metropolitan Police set up Operation Fairbank, to look into, among other things, allegations made by Tom Watson in the House of Commons. The Labour MP had spoken of a “powerful paedophile ring” and its links to a previous prime minister’s “senior adviser”. Mr Watson has been uncharacteristically diffident about speaking to journalists on the issue since then, saying that he is passing on any information to the police. He said yesterday: “I’m not seeking to add any specific allegations myself, but hope that my comments will help the authorities get to the bottom of this.”

What is known is that in the late 1970s, the Elm Guest House on Rocks Lane was a safe, unthreatening meeting place for homosexual men free from the stigma of a sexual orientation legalised barely a decade earlier. According to a former friend of Carole Kasir, the guest house’s German-born manager, she initially regarded herself as offering gay men an opportunity to “be themselves” without fear. Rocks Lane, which overlooks a playing field, was known to homosexual men as it is close to Barnes Common, itself popular with gay men for cruising.

But Elm Guest House’s willingness to accommodate a small industry (“It became a convenient place for rent boys to take their clients,” says one person familiar with the place), began to attract the attentions of the local police force. One neighbour remembers a months-long police stakeout: “They were there all the time. Police hiding behind the trees to look at the property was a running joke with the neighbours.”

In 1982, the police learned that one of the guest house’s parties was to take place, and the Met’s notorious Special Patrol Group, the precursor of the Territorial Support Group, duly raided the property, resulting in a number of charges being brought against Kasir. The fact that two police officers were in the house at the time of the raid has fed the speculation. The IoS has established that, according to an officer closely involved at the time, two officers were embedded as guests in the property for two or three days, one even pretending to have a broken arm, hiding a police radio in a plaster cast to make secret recordings. If there was a cover-up, it appears not to have involved the local police force, who seem to have been assiduous in seeking to have the place closed down.

As many as 12 boys gave evidence to the police to the effect that they had been abused by men at the house, The IoS has established, but the only conviction was the comparatively minor one of running a disorderly house (ie, a brothel). “Abused boys do not always make the most impressive of witnesses once they get into the witness box,” someone involved in the case said. “The real unlawful activity was underage sex. The police should have been able to make the other charges stick, but the boys were only ever interviewed with a view to them being witnesses against Carole, not as kids who were abused themselves.”

The place continued to attract speculation. Who was at that party has never been established, but as time went on, more and more allegations began to emerge about Rocks Lane. The local police paved the way for the raid, but at some stage Special Branch felt the need to get involved. Why was that, some have asked, unless there was something even murkier going on? Child-protection campaigners alleged that boys had been taken from a local council-run home and abused, a line of investigation that police are now pursuing.

What makes the Rocks Lane story so tantalising for the media is the list of alleged attendees at the parties. One source suggested that Anthony Blunt, former keeper of the Queen’s pictures and an exposed Soviet mole, used to go the parties, but then Blunt’s notoriety made him a magnet for any number of fanciful theories. Those who knew him say the idea is absurd, and that his sexual tastes were far more conventional. Others have spoken of two High Court judges and a Foreign Office official attending. Chris Fay, a social worker who worked for a small charity, the National Association for Young People in Care (Naypic), has alleged that a terrified Kasir had shown him about 20 photographs of middle-aged men with young boys, taken at what he said were kings and queens fancy-dress parties, attended by a number of powerful and well-known people. One, Mr Fay alleged, featured a well-known public figure wearing nothing but a French maid’s apron alongside a young boy nude apart from a tiara.

In 1990, at the age of 47, Kasir was found dead in her flat. The coroner’s inquest concluded that, a diabetic, she had suffered an insulin overdose. Two Naypic employees told the coroner they believed that because she seemingly had not had an insulin injection for three days, she had been murdered, the victim of powerful people who feared she knew too much. Nonetheless, she was found to have committed suicide, worn down by an eight-year battle to have her son, who was taken into care after her conviction, returned to her.

So was the story of Rocks Lane (now mercifully restored to blameless respectability) just another one of consenting adults “romping” behind lace curtains? Or was it qualitatively different, involving something much nastier and more exploitative? Since 1990, ineffectual efforts have been made to overturn this vast stone. A reported 2003 “inquiry”, which ended up being examined by the IPCC, foundered, frustratingly, on unsupported evidence based on the wrong time frame. But now, with child abuse no longer regarded as unthinkable, the climate seems to be changing.

Tom Watson’s Commons statement brought forward a flood of emails from the public. Police have been hindered by the loss of many documents and impassioned but unverifiable testimony, much of which has surfaced on the internet. The allegations deserving of most scrutiny, though, have seemingly eluded the web. The two surviving Naypic employees are reluctant to discuss the case, but it is believed the police are interviewing what, tellingly, they now refer to as “victims”, and are encouraging others to come forward.

The alleged presence of household names adds to the intrigue, but in a celeb-obsessed age, there is a danger that, should such names not materialise, Rocks Lane will be seen as “just another” child abuse case. Yet police sources fear that dozens of boys were either taken or on the run from care homes to be abused. By any standards, that should be a big story.

Victims of child abuse in Northern Ireland are still waiting for an inquiry into abuse at Catholic church and state-run institutions between 1973 and 1989. It followed the Ryan report in the Republic of Ire
land, which found that sexual and psychological abuse was “endemic” in Catholic-run schools and orphanages for most of the 20th century.

In 2010, a three-year investigation into child abuse in Jersey led to seven people being convicted for a series of assaults they inflicted on children, mainly at the Haut de la Garenne home, from the 1970s onwards. Police took 1,776 statements from 192 alleged victims during the course of their inquiry.

Many victims there believe more abuse remains uncovered. An investigation into claims that Savile had abused girls in Jersey was launched last month.

Jimmy Savile abuse: Number of alleged victims reaches 450

Published December 13, 2012 by misty534

Police have confirmed that the number of alleged sex abuse victims of the late Jimmy Savile has reached 450.

The Operation Yewtree team said 589 alleged victims have come forward during their investigation of offences committed by Savile and others.

Of the alleged victims, 82% were female and 80% were children or young people.

Meanwhile, police have set up Operation Fairbank to investigate allegations by Labour MP Tom Watson of a paedophile ring in high places.

Mr Watson said in October that police should investigate claims of a “powerful paedophile ring” linked to a previous prime minister’s “senior adviser” and Parliament.

‘Exploited his position’

Savile, who died last year aged 84, was a Radio 1 DJ and the presenter of the Jim’ll Fix It show on BBC One.

Operation Yewtree, which launched 10 weeks ago, has a team of 30 officers and has so far cost about £2m.

Police said on Wednesday they have recorded 199 alleged crimes in 17 police force areas against Savile.

They said they had recorded 31 allegations of rape against Savile in seven force areas.

Met Police Commander Peter Spindler, head of Operation Yewtree, said: “Savile’s offending peaked in the 70s and what we can show, or will be showing in the New Year, is how he used his position in society across the country – the crimes relate to 17 different police force areas – how he exploited this position to get his sexual gratification.”

BBC home affairs correspondent Matt Prodger says the level of allegations against Savile – 450 in total – is unprecedented – never before have police received that number of allegations against a single person.

Our correspondent says he believes the police have a total of 20 suspects whom they wish to interview. They have interviewed seven people in total – six of whom were arrested.

Operation Fairbank

The Met Police and the NSPCC are preparing a joint report of their findings to be published in January.

Police also said there had been a four-fold increase in people reporting allegations of sexual assault unrelated to Savile, both recent and older cases.

There were 55 reports of “non-recent” rape and serious sexual offences in the month prior to the launch of Operation Yewtree, compared to 299 in the month following it, police said.

The BBC has announced two inquiries as a result of the abuse claims and a further review into the corporation’s current sexual harassment policies.

There is a further investigation into the circumstances surrounding the dropping of a Newsnight investigation into Savile.

Other inquiries being carried out into the Savile affair include the director of public prosecutions’ review into the decision not to prosecute Savile in 2009.

The Met Police said Operation Fairbank was launched in October after Mr Watson passed on information to police.

A spokesman said police were looking at the information but it was “too early to say it’s an investigation of sorts”.

“As with any information, it is being treated with the utmost seriousness,” the spokesman said, adding that police wanted to hear from anyone with any further information.

Mr Watson told the BBC: “A number of people have made allegations to me. The matter is now rightly in the hands of the police.”