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Published September 29, 2014 by misty534


NYP: SAVILE/JACONELLI – The Final Countdown

  • Crime & Parliamentary Affairs correspondent TIM HICKS FCA outlines the present predicament of the North Yorkshire Police in respect of the latest SAVILE/JACONELLI revelations.


There have been some major developments in the Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile Scandal, which taken together completely destroy the credibility of the North Yorkshire Police investigation into Jimmy Savile, which is code-namedOPERATION HIBISCUS.

The Broadmoor investigation

Some time ago, the NYE team published an article on Real Whitby raising concerns about Mr Alan Franey and Detective Superintendent Ray Galloway (retired), formerly the Director of Force Intelligence for North Yorkshire Police, concerning the investigation into Savile’s abuse of patients at the Leeds General Infirmary:

Mr Franey was a close friend of Savile’s and a member of his running club. He first met Savile at the Leeds General Hospital and Savile then specifically asked for him to be the General Manager at Broadmoor General Hospital. He has been severely criticised in the NHS Report on Broadmoor, culminating in a vote of “no confidence” in him in his capacity as Deputy Leader of Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council being proposed on Monday the 29th of September:  Full story here:  http://politicalscrapbook.net/2014/09/grant-shapps-deputy-council-leader-to-face-vote-over-savile-claims/

Councillor Franey is also a member of the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel.

The Scarborough News investigation

On Thursday, the Scarborough News ran an excellent article on the paedophile-ring that Peter Jaconelli (Mayor and Alderman of Scarborough Council) ran in Scarborough, which included Jimmy Savile. The Scarborough News also asserts on the basis of witness evidence that North Yorkshire Police knew all about Jimmy Savile and others in at least 2003:

It comes after The Scarborough News revealed in 2012 that two women claimed police officers had quizzed them about Savile as part of an investigation into a suspected paedophile ring that was operating in the town in the 70s and 80s. 

Both women, who contacted the newspaper separately, said they were visited by detectives in 2003 and questioned about the group, that was believed to have operated around the seafront arcades. 

They said police were linking two prominent Scarborough businessmen, including Peter Jaconelli, to the investigation and were told Savile was also a suspect. 

One of the women, who was a young girl at the time the abuse was alleged to have taken place, said: “A police man came to my house and asked me about events that happened and Savile’s name was mentioned. I asked him about this and he said he couldn’t say anything and nothing came of that.” 

However, when the Scarborough News contacted North Yorkshire Police, it denied any record of an investigation taking place.”

Full article here (well worth reading):

The 2003 investigation was a major paedophile investigation that was so large it had to be run on HOLMES (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System). It will have generated an enormous amount of intelligence on local paedophiles, including Savile and Jaconelli, who offended openly in Scarborough and Whitby with the full knowledge and acquiescence of North Yorkshire Police. Yet North Yorkshire Police claims it knew nothing about Jaconelli until after his death, although in fact every schoolboy and parent in Scarborough knew.

Although the Scarborough News witnesses would not come forward to the police, their evidence is credible and perfectly confirms the evidence of the BBC witnesses here.

The North Yorks Enquirer investigation

On the 21st of September 2014, the North Yorks Enquirer ran an article revealing for the first time that multiple Police witnesses have come forward confirming that Scarborough Police knew all about Jaconelli and Savile, and that the ring was involved in trafficking vulnerable young people to be sexually abused:


Understandably, none of the NYE witnesses will come forward to give evidence to the Police for fear of intimidation or retaliation by North Yorkshire Police. This is not surprising, considering the victimisation that NYE journalists have faced over the Jaconelli/Savile cover-up organised at the highest levels of North Yorkshire Police. Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick is still threatening to arrest your correspondent for coverage of this issue, even though North Yorkshire Police has referred itself to the IPCC and a serving Detective Sergeant has been served with misconduct papers by the IPCC over the failure to arrest Savile – thereby vindicating the allegations made by theNorth Yorkshire Enquirer


The effect of these threats is obviously to intimidate witnesses out of coming forward. This is obviously contrary to the public interest, because it prevents the full investigation of Savile and Jaconelli, so why would the Police behave in this way?

Well, North Yorkshire Police was responsible for the six most important failures to arrest Savile and the rest of the Jaconelli ring. These were:

  1. The failure by Police Officers that served in Scarborough and Whitby to arrest Jaconelli, -although his offending was common knowledge in Scarborough- going back to the 1950’s and which was vindicated by the above impartial BBC investigation which would surely have led the Police to Savile.
  2. The failure to arrest Savile as a result of allegations witnesses have alleged to the NYE that Scarborough Police received about Savile going back to the 1970’s.
  3. The failure to properly investigate information it now admits it received from a 15 year old girl in 2002 regarding Savile.
  4. The failure of North Yorkshire Police to investigate allegations about Jaconelli it received in December 2008 and January 2009.
  5. The failure to pass on the intelligence held on Savile to Surrey Police in 2007, instead giving him a clean bill of health, which ensured the failure of the Surrey investigation.
  6. The failure to pass on intelligence to the Metropolitan Police Operation Yewtree in 2012, on Savile and Jaconelli.

This consistent failure led to misery for thousands of children over many years, as Jaconelli and Savile committed rape, abused children and enticed them into prostitution. Any impartial investigation would severely criticise North Yorkshire Police. The North Yorks Enquirer has so far identified five Police Officers (in addition to the Detective Sergeant that has just had misconduct papers served on him) that should face misconduct investigations. So it is in the interests of North Yorkshire Police to prevent a full and impartial examination of the facts to occur.

North Yorkshire Police Acting Force Solicitor makes her contribution. 

It appears that the article we ran on Sunday has obviously rattled some cages at Newby Wiske Hall, because out of the blue, I received responses to two Freedom of Information requests that I had made some time ago concerning the Savile and Jaconelli scandal. They were written by the Force Civil Disclosure Officer on behalf of Ms Jane Wintermeyer BSc (Hons), Acting Force Solicitor and Head of Legal Services for North Yorkshire Police, and address FOIA requests made many months ago.

The first relates to information I requested on the young people’s event held at Selby Abbey in 2008. North Yorkshire Police provided Jimmy Savile with his own police car and driver, so he could share a platform with the Chief Constable at a Community Idol event and be held out as a role model for young people. Even though he was known by North Yorkshire Police to have been the subject of serious allegations of serious sexual offences in North Yorkshire, Surrey and Sussex, and was under active investigation by Surrey and Sussex Police for serious sexual offences – clearly a scandalous and embarrassing revelation for North Yorkshire Police.

“I write in connection with your request for information which was received by North Yorkshire Police on 12 January 2014.  

I note you seek access to the following information: 

Re: North Yorkshire Police & Savile & attendance at 2008 event

  1. ‘Was the vehicle used to transport Savile marked “North Yorkshire Police”. 
  2. Was the vehicle an unmarked vehicle allocated to a senior member of staff. 
  3. Was the driver Chief Constable Maxwell. 
  4. What was the rank and name of the driver. 
  5. Were West Yorkshire Police informed that a North Yorkshire Police vehicle was in their areaon official business. 
  6. Was the vehicle insured for ferrying non police staff to functions.’ 


I have today decided to disclose the information to you in full. 

  1. ‘Was the vehicle used to transport Savile marked “North Yorkshire Police”.

No, it was an unmarked vehicle. 

  1. Was the vehicle an unmarked vehicle allocated to a senior member of staff.

It is recorded that an ‘unmarked’ vehicle was used but it is not recorded whether the vehicle was

allocated to a senior member of staff. 

  1. Was the driver Chief Constable Maxwell

It is not recorded that the driver was the Chief Constable. It is recorded that the driver was

either a police constable or a community support officer. 

  1. What was the rank and name of the driver.

Please see answer to question 3”

The response is well out of date, showing that North Yorkshire Police has ignored its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act to release information on Jimmy Savile within the specified timescale (20 working days). In short, North Yorkshire Police has broken the law to withhold information which is embarrassing to it.

Despite stating that it would disclose all the requested information in full, the name of the driver has not been revealed.

The Officers that organised the Selby event were named in the press at the time:http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/3673360.Girls_top_of_the_cops/

However, it is the second Freedom of Information Act response that really got my attention, which was first submitted on the 29th of October 2012 and then re-submitted on the 21st of April 2014:

I write in connection with your request for information which was received by North Yorkshire Police on 21 April 2014. I note you seek access to the following information: 

Following the BBC documentary Inside Out on Peter Jaconelli and the Chief Constable’s recent announcement on Peter Jaconelli.   Please can I have an accurate response to the above Freedom of Information Act request. 

  1. Did Mr Peter Jaconelli of Scarborough (died 1999) ever come to the attention of North Yorkshire Police, in connection with sexual offences. 
  2. Did Mr Jimmy Corrigan (deceased) of Scarborough ever come to the attention of North Yorkshire Police in connection with sexual offences. 
  3. The name and rank of the officers who commanded North Yorkshire Police at Scarborough from the period 1970 – the present. 
  4. The name and rank of the officers who commanded North Yorkshire Police at Whitby from the period 1970 – the present. 
  5. The date that North Yorkshire Police had access to computer/paper/card index records of investigations involving other forces. 
  6. The number of unsolved sexual offences against children in Scarborough from 1970 – present. 
  7. The number of unsolved sexual offences against children in Whitby from 1970 – present. 
  8. If any member of North Yorkshire Police has ever been arrested and/or charged in connection with sexual offences against children. 
  9. If any member of North Yorkshire Police has ever come to the attention of the Police, in connection with sexual offences.
  10. Force policy in relation to protecting vulnerable young people at seaside towns in the period 1970 – the present. 

Extent and Result of Searches to Locate Information 

To locate the information relevant to your request searches were conducted at/within North Yorkshire Police.


To provide you with an accurate response to your request would require us to potentially search all computer and paper records across the force to identify any which may be relevant. For example, in relation to questions 3 and 4 we do not hold a list of officers who have commanded particular areas. The information will be contained within the personal file of each individual. In order to extract information relevant to this part of your request alone would require someone to examine thousands of paper files. As such the cost of providing you with the information is above the amount to which we are legally required to respond, i.e. the cost of locating and retrieving the information exceeds the ‘appropriate level’ as stated in the Freedom of Information (Fees and Appropriate Limit) Regulations 2004. 

I am not obliged to provide you with a response to your request pursuant to Section 12(2) as the information requested, if held, is not in an easily retrievable format.  Section 12(2) applies to your request as the cost of determining whether or not North Yorkshire Police hold information relevant to your request is above the amount to which we are legally required to respond i.e. the cost of identifying any relevant information exceeds the ‘appropriate level’ as stated in the Freedom of Information (Fees and Appropriate Limit) Regulations 2004.  Pursuant to Section 17(5) of the Freedom of Information Act (the Act) this letter acts as a Refusal Notice in response to your request” 

This causes me some concerns, as follows:

  1. The response is well out of date, showing that North Yorkshire Police has ignored its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act to release information on Jimmy Savile, Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Corrigan within the specified timescale (20 working days).  In short North Yorkshire Police has broken the law to withhold information which is embarrassing to it, but to which I am entitled.  This is particularly concerning, given that I am a journalist investigating a story for publication in the public interest, which the public have a right to know about.
  2. Many of the questions I asked do not require a search across all force records e.g. “The date that North Yorkshire Police had access to computer/paper/card index records of investigations involving other forces”.  I understand that a criminal record enquiry is a simple process nowadays.  So North Yorkshire Police again appear to be looking for a pretext to evade its responsibilities, thereby contravening the Freedom of Information Act.
  3. North Yorkshire Police have run now FOUR major investigations into Savile, Jaconelli, Corrigan and others, and have an ongoing major investigation called OPERATION HIBISCUS  – yet according to North Yorkshire Police, we are asked to believe it does not have any information on the criminal records of two of the prime suspects, Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Corrigan, and cannot obtain this information.


In short, instead of commenting openly, North Yorkshire Police are using a legal stratagem to deny the public information that it is entitled to.

The Chief Constable has confirmed publicly that Peter Jaconelli came to the attention of North Yorkshire Police twice in 2008 and 2009, and Savile in 2002. Our information is that, in fact, Jaconelli came to the attention of Police regularly from the 1950’s onwards and Savile was known to them in the 1970’s. We have consistently alleged that North Yorkshire Police have intelligence in their systems which it is not releasing or was deleted.

Hence, perhaps, the refusal of the Force to confirm openly what it knows about Jaconelli and Corrigan in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

These Freedom of Information requests are highly revealing. They are indicative of a Force that has a complete disregard for its obligations and will break the law without hesitation, when trying to suppress an issue that is embarrassing to it.

Currently, local Councillors, numerous witnesses, the Scarborough News, Real Whitby, the North Yorkshire Enquirer, Police witnesses and the BBC are all alleging that North Yorkshire Police knew all about Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile – and covered-up for them.   

The initial response of North Yorkshire Police was that Savile had no local connection to North Yorkshire. A lie.

Since that time North Yorkshire Police has responded by lying in press releases, intimidating journalists and withholding information on what it knew about the Jaconelli ring.

It is time for the Chief Constable to come clean, and consider the public interest above the reputation of his force.

Jimmy Saville’s creepy letter to BBC asking to work with teenagers

Published August 4, 2013 by misty534

Dossier charts the predatory paedophile’s career rise, and provides crucial information for Operation Yewtree


THIS letter shows how ­sick Jimmy Savile set out his plan to work with youngsters from the start of his BBC career.

In the typed note from 1959 the predatory paedophile asks bosses to employ him on teenagers’ shows.

The seemingly innocent request now looks chillingly calculated in the light of shocking revelations of abuse on a massive scale that have emerged since the disgraced DJ’s death in 2011.

It is just one of thousands of ­communications between Savile and the BBC uncovered in a joint investigation by the Sunday Mirror and investigations agency OpenWorld News.

The dossier charts the vile star’s movements across the country, and every detail provides crucial information for Operation Yewtree, the mammoth investigation into sex ­offences by Savile and others.

The letter from Savile was sent to BBC Manchester bosses after an initial appearance on music panel show Juke Box Jury in London.

In it he asks: “I was wondering if possibly there was anything from Manchester, panel-wise or teenage programme-wise.”

The letter was written on headed paper from the Mecca Locarno, a ballroom managed by Savile in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

In another letter, BBC producer Wilfred De’Ath thanked the sexual predator for appearing on his radio show Teen Scene, and apologised for the lack of “hospitality” when Savile went to Manchester to record it.

The former producer, who joined the BBC in 1962, was seized last ­November after a famous actress claimed he molested her in a cinema in 1965 when she was just 14.

Mr De’Ath, 75, was freed without charge by Operation Yewtree cops. But he later admitted he failed to raise the alarm after seeing Savile escort a girl who looked under 13 to a hotel. Earlier this year Mr De’ath said: “It was a ­different culture in the mid-Sixties. Sexual ­matters were taken much more lightly.”

Last night a BBC spokesman said: “We have been open with the police in respect of all information held about Savile and his programmes and have cooperated fully with police requests for assistance.”

Last week the Sunday Mirror ­revealed how a list naming up to 200 child abuse victims was found hidden on a wall in a flat above a record shop in ­Manchester, indicating Savile could have been at the centre of a paedophile ring.

by Dominic Herbert

Jimmy Savile investigation: child sex cover-up went to the top

Published July 30, 2013 by misty534


THE TV investigator who exposed Jimmy Savile’s sex crimes said the cover-up went right to the heart of the British establishment

Mark Williams-Thomas claimed he had obtained new evidence about top figures in society who knew about the DJ’s offending but ignored it, leaving Savile free to carry on abusing.

The 42-year-old ex-police officer, whose ITV documentary finally unmasked the star as a sex monster, made the revelation on Twitter.

He wrote: “Got told some very interesting info on Friday about who knew about Savile’s offending which if can be substantiated as true is shocking.”

The revelation came as lawyers representing Savile’s victims claimed the pervert was assisted by NHS staff.

Lawyer Liz Dux, acting for more than 70 victims, said four have alleged Savile was helped by hospital workers.

He attacked children in a Leeds General Infirmary basement office before his accomplices took them back to the wards.

A victim, who was 16, claims one porter delivered her to the star and another took her back to her ward afterwards.

When she told three nurses sitting at a desk, they laughed.

The victim, now in her 50s, said: “It was apparent they knew what had happened.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Some victims have suggested involvement of ­others in assisting Savile. We are investigating.”

Leeds Teaching Hosp-itals Trust are also conducting an inquiry into Savile’s abuse.

Yesterday it emerged that police may have found the names of another 200 of his victims written on the wall of an old record shop he used to frequent in Manchester.

It would take the number of Savile’s victims to 650.


by Jerry Lawton

Celebrity arrests could soar after horrified police discover Jimmy Savile’s secret lair at record shop

Published July 28, 2013 by misty534


Names and sexual details of hundreds of girls were scrawled across huge wall in a scene from a horror film

Stunned officers chipped away plaster at a ­record shop wall and unveiled a hidden list of names thought to belong to young victims of Jimmy Savile.

The vile register, which contained the names, ages and a disgusting ratings system seemingly used to mark their sexual performance, was scrawled on a secret wall buried behind layers of wallpaper and plaster.

A source revealed: “The wall looked like something straight out of a horror movie. There were lists and lists of names of the victims – it’s a shocking discovery.”

The list of girls and young women is thought to identify ­hundreds of potential new victims abused at the hands of the BBC DJ and it raised fears Savile was at the centre of a celebrity paedophile ring.

Police believe the major breakthrough could lead to further arrests – including other well-known celebrities.

The wall also appeared to contain the names of girls the sick group hoped to target in the future.

Officers who raided the shop in ­Greater Manchester after a tip-off will now try to trace the alleged victims.

A source said the raid had provided the clearest evidence yet to show Savile was part of a larger group of monsters.

The source said: “Savile appeared to be using the room above the record store as some kind of secret HQ to plan his vile acts.

“There appears to be some suggestion that he was not acting alone either.

“There were others who appear to be involved, several others, some of whom are household names.”

As the specialist officers ripped away the layers from the wall, the names of up to 200 new ­people they believe he and accomplices attacked or planned to
attack during the 1980s and 1990s were ­gradually revealed.

At least one other well-known BBC figure and several celebrities are now being linked to the probe. Suspects face being quizzed in the coming weeks.

The source added: “Police think there might be hundreds of new female victims that needed to be spoken to as a result of the record shop raid.

Earlier this year it was suggested there were around 450 victims of Savile’s depraved actions.

“This looks like an under-estimation. If the evidence on the wall is anything to go by, we could be talking in the region of 650 victims in all. It’s shocking.”

Criminologist Professor David Wilson from Birmingham City University said the register was a way for the predators to boast about their conquests.

He said: “In the age before the internet made it possible for paedophiles to ­communicate with each other and write about who they could abuse and the form that abuse may take, they found other methods.

Paedophiles are constantly evolving ways of communicating.

“By putting it on a wall they are making it public, but by hiding it, it is private. The public nature is because they are proud of it. It is a boasting system.

It is a form of saying ‘this is what I’ve done. I’ve done more than you.’

It’s about them displaying their own sexual success in being able to abuse these children.

“They also recognise this could lead to arrest, so they had to be careful about their sexual preferences.

“At the time this was said to have taken place paedophiles used contact magazines and groups of associates to get in touch with each other.

We are beginning to see how widespread Savile’s abuse was.

“The significance of it having been found in a record shop is that at the time this was where all the young people went to buy their records and hang out.

Now they download songs on the internet.”

Police carried out the raid a few weeks ago. The findings potentially raise the depravity of disgraced Savile – who died at 84 in October 2011 – to new levels.

A joint police and NSPCC report published in January declared that with at least 450 victims, he was one of Britain’s most ­prolific sex offenders.

Commander Peter Spindler said Savile “groomed the nation” as he raised millions for charity while using his status as a platform for abuse.

Leeds-born Savile had links with ­Greater Manchester stretching back to the 1950s when he managed a ballroom in the city.

His first known attack took place in ­Manchester in 1955. Investigators who revealed the scale of his abuse said he used his appeal to target the vulnerable.

In 1964, Savile’s name was mentioned to police investigating allegations that men were exploiting girls from Duncroft ­Approved School in Surrey.

Police arrested two men in London and a ledger showed Savile was a regular ­visitor there. Following his death, 28 police forces recorded 214 crimes ­committed by the presenter, including 34 rape claims. The latest allegation against him was from 2009 when he was aged 82.

The report said he targeted children as young as eight and sexually attacked at least 23 of his victims on BBC premises.

In 1972 during a break in filming, Savile groped a 12-year-old boy and felt the breasts of the youngster’s two friends.

Investigators also found he carried out abuse in at least 14 hospitals between 1955 and 2009, including Great Ormond Street and one hospice.

Savile was stripped of his knighthood when dozens of women came forward to say he attacked them during his 54-year campaign of abuse.

Officers launched Operation Yewtree to probe the claims and there are now three strands to the investigation. One concerns Savile’s crimes ­exclusively, while another relates to allegations against Savile and others.

The third concentrates on ­accusations unconnected to Savile but which emerged following publicity.

A host of soap stars, DJs and TV ­presenters have been arrested during nationwide probes into historical sex offences in cases not connected to Savile.

BBC presenter Stuart Hall had his prison sentence for a series of assaults on girls doubled to 30 months on Friday.

Three Appeal Court judges ruled his original 15-month term was “inadequate”. The former It’s A Knockout host, 83, ­admitted sexually assaulting 13 girls aged nine to 17 over nearly 20 years.

Coronation Street star Bill Roache is one of the best-known actors to be held over allegations in the aftermath of the Savile scandal. He was charged in May with raping a ­teenage girl in 1967.

Roache has been bailed until his next court appearance on September 2 when he will enter formal pleas.

The actor, who has played Ken Barlow in the ITV1 soap since its launch, also faces charges of five indecent assaults­ ­involving four girls aged between 11 or 12 and 16. He denies all the claims.

His fellow Corrie star Michael Le Vell, who plays mechanic Kevin Webster, has been taken off air after being charged with 19 offences against a child, including rape, indecent assault and sexual activity.

Police have been inundated with calls following coverage of Savile’s depraved legacy.

It is claimed more of those ­allegedly abused are now finding the courage to come forward because the police are taking a new approach – giving potential victims hope their cases will be treated seriously.

Dozen of other arrests so far include Gary Glitter and comedian Freddie Starr.

Comic Jimmy Tarbuck was ­arrested at his home in South West London in May in ­connection with a historic child sex abuse claim.

And PR guru Max ­Clifford has been charged with 11 indecent assaults allegedly committed ­between 1966 and 1985.

The 70-year-old has vowed to clear his name. All those who have been ­arrested have vehemently ­denied any wrongdoing.

by Ben Glaze

Birmingham rape charity battles to cope with workload in wake of Jimmy Savile scandal

Published February 4, 2013 by misty534


Lisa Thompson, service development officer for the Rape And Sexual Violence Project

cash-strapped charity for rape victims in Birmingham is calling for donations in a bid to cope with a surge in demand for its help in the wake of the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal.

The Rape & Sexual Violence Project (RSVP), based in the city centre, saw a staggering 144 per cent rise in the number of victims wanting counselling in the first month alone after the media reported allegations that the Jim’ll Fix It presenter had abused hundreds of children.

Chief Executive of the charity Lisa Thompson said: “As a result, although we offer counselling seven days a week, we need to expand our counselling team even more to meet the increasing demand.”

However, the charity – which helps victims aged 13 and over – needs to raise £100,000 in the next financial year to keep up its current services as some of its funding is set to come to an end.

“We want more of the public to know about how we support and inspire women, men and children, to live a future with hope and confidence after rape and sexual abuse,” said Lisa. “We are always delighted to receive support from businesses, individuals and groups, they are a great source of help in our quest to raise our profile and funds.”

Six Eight kafé, a coffee shop in the city centre’s Temple Row, has already pledged to raise cash for the charity.

It will be selling crafts all made by rape and sexual abuse victims in aidof RSVP from 10am until 5pm on Thursday.

The news comes after a joint report by Scotland Yard and the NSPCC released last month revealed 450 victims were potentially abused by kids’ TV star Savile.

The monster used his celebrity status to “hide in plain sight”, with 214 criminal offences now recorded against him across 28 police forces, said the document.

* To donate to RSVP visit http://www.rsvporg.co.uk, or text RSVP30 and the amount you want to give to 70070.

By Emma McKinney, Gary Young The Birmingham Mail