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Beechwood Child Abuse Survivor Melanie Shaw Arrested Again

Published July 23, 2015 by misty534

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The intimidation recently led to Melanie leaving her house in Nottingham and travelling to Plymouth where she hoped to find refuge from the harassing actions of Nottingham police.

UKColumn was informed by child abuse survivor Mickey Summers early this evening that Melanie Shaw was arrested today 22 July 2015 at about 1745, in a public place in Nottingham. It is alleged that the arrest of Melanie was in connection with a charge of harassment concerning Nottingham Police Superintendent Helen Chamberlain, police Head of Public Protection, including Child Abuse.

It is understood that Superintendent Chamberlain was originally allocated as Melanie Shaw’s police point of contact following Melanie’s whistleblowing on abuse of children at Beechwood children’s home Nottingham, and during the subsequent police investigation under Operation Day Break.

The charge appears highly questionable when Melanie, who suffers PTSD following her abuse and has required mental health support over many years, has consistently reported over many months a catalogue of harassment and victimisation by Nottingham police officers, including officers smashing into her house, following her, detaining her and making telephone calls to her suggesting that they were sat in her house whilst she was out shopping.

The intimidation recently led to Melanie leaving her house in Nottingham and travelling to Plymouth where she hoped to find refuge from the frightening actions of Nottingham police. This was not to be the case however, as four Devon and Cornwall Police Officers were aggressively banging on the door of the UKColumn offices at 0730 in the morning, the day after her arrival in Plymouth. Desperate to know Melanie’s location, and following aggressive questioning of two members of the UKColumn staff, they ultimately left empty handed.

Just a few days later Melanie Shaw was arrested by two DCC constables and taken to Charles Cross Police Station Plymouth for questioning. It is understood this action was also in connection with a charge of harassment against Melanie, but she was subsequently released to report to the same police station in September later this year.

Following a move to new friends in Peterborough, a further four police from Cambridgeshire police were sent to apprehend Melanie at her new home with an elderly lady in sheltered accomodation. Arriving some hours after Melanie had again moved to yet another location, these officers also left empty handed, but were also intimidating in their questioning of the elderly lady.

Many people will be astonished at the immense police effort to track a highly vulnerable child abuse victim across UK. What the wider public will not understand is that having blown the whistle on substantial child abuse in Beechwood children’s home Nottingham, where it is already believed some 150 children were abused and some likely murdered, Melanie Shaw has now allegedly been designated a Multi Agency Public Protection MAPPA Category 3 target – a person who is designated a “seriously dangerous criminal.”

It is reported this designation was determined behind closed doors by the Nottinghamshire MAPPA multi agency board, during procedings in which Melanie Shaw, or her legal and medical professionals were not present and therefore had no right of challenge or reply. Following the MAPPA determination however, all police and public agencies in Nottingham and throughout UK can call upon considerable assets to assist her apprehension and / or arrest.

This excessive and deeply worrying classification of a highly vulnerable child abuse victim as a ‘dangerous criminal’ must surely bring into question every part of our rights, freedoms and common sense under common law. For three police forces to employ excessive police assets to hunt and detain Melanie Shaw at a time when Senior Police Officers claim insufficient public money to conduct day by day policing is an outrage, if not Misconduct in Public Office.

Tonight, abused and frightened Melanie Shaw is again in the hands of Nottingham police – the very men and women who have failed to protect Melanie, Mickey Summers and hundreds of other child abuse victims in Nottingham. Detained in the Bridewell Custody Suite the immediate future for Melanie is uncertain. Will she be safe in the hands of a police force that has already failed her, brutalised and intimidated her?

The abuse of Melanie Shaw by the British State is obscene. Whilst she again suffers, the Home Secretary Theresa May has allocated some £17.5 million to a child abuse inquiry that can afford to pay £500,000 p.a. salaries to NZ Judge Goddard – to do what? Sit in a plush office sifting paper whilst the real child abuse victims receive little or nothing in terms of state support, metal health care in the community and financial support. Her inquiry has already been labelled the ‘most transparent cover-up in British history’, and will surely seek to bury the truth of political establishment child abuse in the long grass of passing years. Few if any victims speaking to the UKColumn trust her or her appointment. We share their immense suspicion and concern.

We also watch as Lord Janner receives protective and beneficial treatment at the hands of Alison Saunders, the same Head of the Crown Prosecution Service that found unlimited time and effort to press criminal charges against Melanie Shaw.

This perversion of justice is not accidental. This is the inverted victimisation of victims that comes with the application of a deep evil. That evil is now clearly deeply entrenched in a criminal paedophilic British political system. It is an evil that makes me ashamed to be British – that we, the public, have alowed this rot to infest the very people and organisations that govern us.

I, for one, am not about to forget Melanie Shaw and the thousands of other child abuse victims and survivors. It is the duty of each and every good man and women to stand up for these most vulnerable of people, and it is our duty to bring the criminals abusing them, and covering-up that abuse, to justice. We must start not tomorrow, but now. The future of our own children depends on our actions from this very moment.

by UK Column



Published October 24, 2014 by misty534

Friday 17th October Melanie Shaw was released on bail with extreme bail conditions, she was released without any medication which she needs on a daily basis, which caused a lot of problems for her and those caring for her.  Just to give you an idea of how Melanie looked when she was released from HMP Peterborough

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 14.39.27

Melanie was continually mentally and physically abused whilst in the care of HMP, her medication was given when they felt like giving it, she was locked up for 23.5 hours a day in solitude for days on end, her cell regularly trashed and searched by the guards, even on her birthday! the worst of all, Melanie had a leg ulcer which, was closed when she went into prison, upon specialists advice she had been treating this with Manuka honey, a well known treatment for wounds that will not heal.

Her leg became infected again whilst in the care of HMP Peterborough and they refused to send Maline to the hospital or even supply her with the Manuka Honey, which friends had sent to the prison for her, this was thrown away! One very large pot sent by a pensioner also just thrown in the bin, and nothing was said to Melanie.

This was the state of her leg upon her release on bail


HMP gave Melanie dish cloths to dress this horrifying wound which has now

spread to her foot and ankle

Melanie will be on trial on Tuesday 28th October at Nottingham Crown Court on trumped up charges of arson, up to date, no evidence has been presented to the Courts.

Melanie is not the only one to be mistreated at this prison

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 12.09.14


Peterborough Prison: No disciplinary action over miscarriage claim

An inquiry into allegations that a woman who suffered a miscarriage in a prison was forced to clean up after herself has found no disciplinary action was needed.

The woman lost her baby at Peterborough Prison, run by private firm Sodexo.

A Sodexo inquiry found she had received the same care she would have received outside prison.

Shadow justice minister Jenny Chapman said she had serious concerns about the inquiry and doubted its conclusions.

‘More information sought’

“It is difficult to believe she has received the same care as she would outside prison – such as pain relief, support and counselling,” she said.

Ms Chapman said she would be seeking more information from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

“We need to get to the bottom of this,” she added. “I will talk with ministers and ask if they are satisfied this has been properly dealt with.”

Leicester Crown Court heard in December that the woman was left to clean up after herself while the foetus remained in her cell, after the miscarriage in November.

The BBC has found that an inquiry by Sodexo, which runs the prison, found no-one should be disciplined.

In response to a BBC Freedom of Information request, the MoJ said: “A prisoner at HMP Peterborough received medical treatment in connection with a miscarriage in the early hours of 23 November, having arrived at the prison the previous day.

“She was fully assessed by a healthcare professional when she entered the prison.

‘Correct care’

“Sodexo Justice Services, the prison contractor, conducted an investigation and has shared its findings with the National Offender Management Service (NOMS).

“I can confirm that the Sodexo investigation found that no disciplinary action was necessary in connection with the incident.

“Having considered the findings and the facts of the case, NOMS agrees that this position is correct and that the care, advice and treatment given to the person concerned were equivalent to what would have been prescribed to someone in the community who had presented with the same symptoms.”

A Prison Service spokeswoman told the BBC: “We have a duty of care to all prisoners. We have considered the findings and agree that the care, advice and treatment given were equivalent to that which would have been received by someone in the community.”

In December Justice Secretary Chris Grayling told the House of Commons, after the issue was raised by Ms Chapman, that if the claims were true it was “wholly unacceptable”.


for more information on Melanie please read

Child Abuse Whistleblower Melanie Shaw Finally Released on Bail

Published October 17, 2014 by misty534


Was released today at 11.30 October 17th 2014


A judge yesterday ordered the release of Beechwood abuse survivor and witness MELANIE SHAW from Peterborough prison after a long awaited bail application was granted with stringent conditions attached. Melanie is set to face trial on October 28th on a charge of arson, after her neighbour’s shed burned down.

A rising tide of public outrage at Melanie’s imprisonment, widely believed to be unlawful due to the absence of evidence of her involvement in the alleged incident, may have influenced the judge’s decision, some believe.

Observers reported seeing a very frail and ill looking Melanie, who spoke briefly when called up. One commented: “The judge said it’s very unusual for somebody to be released so close to a trial. I think that was more or less a nod to public support that’s been so evident both in this court and the protest in Peterborough.”

The hearing was almost transferred to a private chamber at the last minute, but Judge Dickinson QC persisted with proceedings in a public court to the relief of supporters packed into the gallery.

Some, like fellow Beechwood paedophile ring survivor, Mickey Summers from Nottinghamshire, have been scrutinising each court action from the beginning. He believes the evidence is so flimsy, she shouldn’t even be in court. He said: “The prosecutor represents a miscarriage of justice. In my opinion, he represents the corrupt Nottinghamshire Police, the corrupt Nottingham City Council, who I believe have taken her off to silence her.”

“Melanie was battering the police’s Operation Daybreak, just the same as I’ve been battering them… Very similar to me, the only difference is, I’ve got an IPCC investigation into my 2003 [abuse] allegations and Melanie doesn’t. I’ve also got an independent Councillor to investigate Nottingham City Council, which Melanie doesn’t have.”

Supporters cheered as they emerged from Nottinghamshire Crown Court before heading off to a pub to celebrate the victory. Wendy Hirst who travelled from Peterborough to be present at the hearing said: “We’re absolutely elated. Hopefully, we can get Melanie into hospital and get her leg checked out. She needs to do that before she can travel.”

Trisha Collins added: “We’re over the moon. Pity we couldn’t take her there and then with us.”

Today Melanie will travel to Plymouth where she will stay in the care of an unidentified custodian until the trial.

By: Anna Bragga

Jailed Whistleblower Melanie Shaw Exposes Prison Human Rights Abuses

Published October 9, 2014 by misty534

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.11.44

Detained in high security Peterborough prison for 77 days with no evidence of her involvement in the alleged arson incident, Beechwood Children’s Home whistleblower, Melanie Shaw’s voice is only becoming louder, blazing a trail across social media, blogs and lobbying campaigns.

Re-abused behind bars by a system that seems intent on breaking her will and silencing her forever, the watchful face of Melanie Shaw, survivor and witness to unspeakable crimes of child abuse, is fast becoming a symbol of human rights denied to society’s voiceless incarcerated in Britain’s jails


Silent Vigil for Melanie Shaw outside HMP Peterborough, Sunday 5th October 2014

Figures from the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) and National Offender Management Service (NOMS) show that remand prisoners are at a heightened risk of self-harm and suicide, and it’s easy to see why.

Over half of women in prison have experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse as a child, compared to 27% of men, according to latest figures from the Prison Reform Trust. Many of these will be suffering from anxiety and depression.

Added to that, the privatisation of prisons is leading to more overcrowding and a lowering of standards of prisoner welfare. Private prisons are often the worst performers, seen in the lower ratings categories, according to Ministry of Justice figures published this year.

Women are not getting their medication”

Despite bans on phone calls to supporters, and letters from the public routinely censored by officials, Melanie managed to speak to Neon Nettle, to convey the harsh reality of life inside HMP Peterborough, affecting not only herself, but hundreds of other inmates – many of whom grew up in the care system.

She said: “We’ve got 350 plus women with severe mental health problems and issues, not getting their medication. They’ve got other medical problems: rotted teeth, infected sores, all sorts of problems, even though there’s been a Law Lords ruling passed about access to NHS healthcare. If they don’t give you the medication, the money they’re saving outweighs any money they might have to pay out in a law suit, as most of them [inmates] are going to be back again because they’re not able to function in society.”

They injected Melanie’s pregnant neighbour with a drug and she miscarried twins. “They might book her in, in two weeks, for a scrape of the womb,” adds Melanie gravely. “So her womb is being left to fester and rot.”

The Prison Rules 1999 set out legally binding entitlements for remand prisoners which recognise they have not been convicted or sentenced. But a wide berth of discretion is permitted to prison governors on implementing them, allowing basic health needs to be easily ignored.

Prisons inspections failing:

“It’s when all their failings are pointed out, that they put them right for an inspection,” continues Melanie, “but as soon as it’s been approved they go straight back to their old practices. They [the prison] are putting things right for when the second visit happens in a week or two. As soon as they get ticked off as being acceptable, they remove everything. Staff are confiding in me because they’re too frightened to go to management, because they know the consequences and will be totally ignored. That’s the state of affairs in this prison.”

A spokesperson from HM Inspectorate said most of their inspections are unannounced, and they “do delve beneath the surface.” Evidence is collected from five sources: surveys, prisoner discussion groups, staff one-to-ones, observation and the minutes of meetings. They aren’t the only ones who go into prisons.

The principles of innocent until proven guilty, and the prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment – whatever the situation,enshrined in the Human Rights Act, are being robustly disregarded at Peterborough, at least in Melanie Shaw’s case.

With knowledge of her abuse, the prison considered it appropriate to strip search her three times, bully her and withhold her prescription medicines to cope with post-traumatic stress symptoms, not to mention painkillers and other medicines for an infected leg ulcer. The pain has been excruciating, leading her to self-harm for the first time in her life


Lab Councillor calls for Melanie’s release:

Labour Councillor for St Anns ward in Nottingham, Sue Johnson, who has known Melanie for over fifteen years, said: “Melanie is the type of person that will help anybody. I just need to say: ‘Melanie I need help with this or that’, and she’ll drop everything and come and help you. She’s got a heart as big as a bucket.”

“I just don’t feel she should actually be in there. If she is unstable, she should be in a residential place where she can get visitors and the proper medication and counselling. Because this [prison] is just making it worse, whether she committed the crime or she didn’t. I think it’s absolutely outrageous.”

When we contacted HMP Peterborough to determine whether there areever any circumstances in which a remand prisoner – particularly if unconvicted – can obtain leave on compassionate grounds or for the purpose of receiving medical treatment, we were referred to the Ministry of Justice Press Office. Prior to that, the Human Resource department at Sodexo Justice Services, the private company running HMP Peterborough, had informed us that each prison has its own policy on compassionate leave, and contacting them directly would be advisable.

Prison_cell_Wiki Commonssmall600

Sodexo’s apparent lack of interest in prisoner welfare exists in stark contrast to the Prison Reform Trust, whose Director, Juliet Lyon, said:“People in prison, on remand or under sentence, are entitled to receive the same quality of healthcare as they would in the community. But in practice, a high level of vulnerability and a lack of available staff and resources mean they do not always get the treatment they require.”

 “To put matters right, prison should be reserved for the most serious and violent offenders. Wherever possible, people who are mentally ill should be diverted into care and treatment in the community, not locked up in a bleak prison cell.”

Sue Johnson hopes the special bond forged through years of working with Melanie in the same council office will instil trust, and help resolve what many see as a miscarriage of justice, a politically motivated attempt to silence a witness to high level paedophile ring. Johnson has been working quietly behind the scenes on Melanie’s behalf. MPs can’t overturn a court’s decision unfortunately, she’s looked into that; they simply don’t have the powers to overrule a judge’s decision. But that won’t stop her from doing whatever she can to help Melanie.

By Neon Nettle


Published October 9, 2014 by misty534

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Melanie Shaw, a name on many people’s lips

Three months without evidence in prison she sits

Abused as a child in Beechwood Children’s Home

Now abused by the state, lost and alone

 Imprisoned, surrounded by memories of the past

No one who cares, how long can this last

Keeping Melanie silenced is the name of the game

Doing whatever they like, as they have no shame

Her body broken, gaping wounds that wont heal

The Prison ignoring their responsibility, so unreal!

MPs and the like, turn a blind eye

To this innocent, vulnerable persons cry

I beg you to help her, before its too late

It’s the innocence of a child for heavens sake

Compassion and care is what Melanie needs

To heal her body and her soul that bleeds

Written by @just_standing2




Published October 7, 2014 by misty534

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 19.22.57

An account by one Melanie Shaw silent vigil attendee and banner maker

As I walked over the rail bridge and looked down the Westfield road I could see the prison on the right behind the Parks Metal fence bars, peaking above the tops of the trees with that children’s park in the foreground and the sky was a lovely blue with the sun shining bright but there where some trails causing the sky to start slowly turning that horrible dull milky white. I stopped at the busy junction for Lidl and the bingo and put my bag down to get out the first large banner since this seemed a good place to put it up, just as I was attaching it to the metal bars of the park fence a Police car came over the bridge with blues and sirens going but I didn’t bat an eye lid as I finished tightening the cable ties attaching it to the bars, it was a “good” time for the police to whiz past like that!

As I continued down the Westfield road past the park which seemed empty in the shadow of the prison I approached the Halcyon pub to find a few people around the back, we greeted each other and chatted briefly then I moved indoors to the bar and found Wendy in her splendid Green party tabard sitting with Kiikii and some other members of the vigil. We chatted over coffee and then the police facilitator arrived and Kiikii was distraught because it was not Stuart!!

After a short while we all moved over to the park to begin the Vigil but Brian Gerrish was not yet present, there was the word going around the vigil that Brian was not coming now but then Carole arrived with bags of flyers, t shirts, stickers and ukcolumn papers and confirmed Brian was close behind and would arrive soon, the atmosphere lifted at this moment.
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 19.21.16
We continued to mingle amongst ourselves holding our banners up for all the people walking past to see and then Linda helped me attach a banner to the metal fence opposite so that all the traffic going past could have no doubt as to why we where there. At this point there was maybe 50 of us in the park with banners, flyers, posters and even symbolic birthday presents “the heart of the British public”.

At this point some photographers arrived so we all posed for pictures behind our banners and posters. The sun was still shining bright as the sky was began to glaze over when Brian was spotted approaching the vigil and little cheer went up, I greeted him and asked if the drive up was ok and he confirmed it was!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 19.21.40

So there we where some 50 to 60 of us and Brian gave us a little talk and an update having just been on the phone to Melanie himself that is why he was little late. He told us some distressing news. Melanie was forced to use Sanitary towels and dish clothes to dress her leg ulcer and was not in a good way mentally being abused and bullied ongoing. Brian also told us of some other atrocities happening within the Walls of Sodexo HMP Peterborough that I cannot repeat at this time but there have been several deaths.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 19.22.00

As Brian was talking a lady called Belinda McKenzie passed some flyers out for her organization “Battle of Britain’s children 2014” and she also collected names and contact details in the hope she could get a national activist entity formed to tackle child abuse. I have to say I am sceptical to this woman’s motives but wont say more here please goggle for that its all out there. She then addressed the crowd after Brian speaking rather well.

As the morning turned into afternoon sandwiches started to emerge from bags and many members of the public came by to enquire and there where many groups of us on the park holding our banners high and talking about various subjects including the ghosting of prisoners and how private prison that are run for profit are very dangerous indeed, in the U.S.A there laws require these private prisons to be 95% full at all times! To be honest we talked about so much ive forgotten more than I can recall. The police facilitator was there, he was not Stuart but I forget his name he seemed pleasant enough wearing his blue tabard that sometimes covered his camera.
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 19.22.18
After dinner into the afternoon we decided to take a stroll to the prison entrance directly in order to alert Melanie and the other prisoners to our presence in order they might gain some hope that people on the outside care about there situation.

The police Facilitator (who is not Stuart lol) accompanied us all the way and we stopped to pose for photos at the prison entrance as a marked police car came past and did a uturn before parking up to monitor us. Before moving into the premises of the car sales company “Winstons motors”. It was very kind of the Police facilitator to approach Winstons motors on our behalf to gain us peaceful entry into there premises.

We assembled opposite the prison area where we believed Melanie was detained and we posed again for photos and chanted “free Melanie” a couple of times before singing her happy birthday which Brian led. At this point we heard some whistling from the prison and Melanie managed to shout really loud several times “thank you” which touched us all and made the day seem even more worthwhile. We all were in no doubt that our actions on that day at the very least lifted the spirits of Melanie and others in that prison detained without evidence of committing crimes and informed the authorities that a significant number of people care enough to do something about it.

After a while and more chatting to the public and amongst ourselves we all moved back to the park and the Halcyon pub, it was now 3pm and many including Brian headed to the pub for a well deserved pint but sadly I did not leaving with a new friend who offered a lift home but not before saying bye to Brian and some others.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 19.31.29

Child Sexual Abuse in the British Establishment

Published October 1, 2014 by misty534

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 12.11.44

Melanie Shaw

Melanie Shaw, a vulnerable abuse victim and vital abuse whistleblower, remains in high security prison HMP Peterborough, with no substantive evidence against her, no proper NHS medication that she has taken daily over many years, no treatment for her leg ulcer, no access her psychiatrist, no visits from her family, interference with her mail, bullying from prison warders, a national mainstream media black out and a stunning silence from her MP Chris Leslie and other MPs.

On 11 July 2014 Melanie Shaw, a survivor of abuse at Beechwood Childrens Home, Nottingham, was arrested on charges of arson of a neighbour’s shed, a charge that she denies. Nottingham police initially refused to say she had been arrested, and only admitted she was held in custody after numerous calls from the public who were concerned at her disappearance. Police police later seemed confused over the date of the alleged arson offence, publicly quoting both 1 February and 4 April 2014.

At a hearing at Nottingham Crown Court on 25 July the prosecution failed to present evidence, despite the Judge prompting them with references to a finger or palm print.

In what was described as a fumbling statement to the Judge, the prosecution excused the lack of evidence and promised it would be available ‘shortly.’ Despite the absence of evidence against her, her status as a vulnerable abuse victim and her importance as a key witness to widespread child abuse, the Judge was happy to place Melanie on remand, at a prison in which she has already suffered bullying, strip searches, denial of her NHS medication and disorientation through repeated relocation between cells.

Her defence team failed to communicate with her and failed to challenge the lack of evidence. At no point was Melanie asked to speak in her own defence.

Melanie had stated just prior to her arrest, that Nottingham police had failed to properly investigate both the widespread child abuse, and the deaths of numerous children within the ‘care’ of Nottingham City and County Council at Beechwood and other homes.

Note that Nottinghamshire police have used arson charges before to smear a witness’ name.

There were several flaws in the legal process, but she is remanded in a prison, Peterborough, where bullying is rife. She says she is not being given her Valium. If so, this is of grave concern, as it will at best cause discomfort, and at worst cause seizures which could be fatal.

Melanie was told to expect a “direction hearing” on 12th Sepember. She prepared for it, but was then told that it was cancelled because the judge was on holiday. She has discharged her legal team for incompetence.

Campaigners should get a legal opinion on whether a writ of Habeas Corpus should be issued for Melanie.

22nd September 2014: Melanie was on hunger strike, though this is reported to have stopped shortly after.

24th September Update


Here are sample letters to Melanie and the Director of HMP Peterborough.

Copy them, but then customise them. Remember to be scrupulously polite to the Director

Melanie Shaw A4126DE,
HMP Peterborough,
Saville Road,
Peterborough PE3 7PD

I am so sorry to read on the internet about your case. Be assured that there are a lot of people out here who know about you, and are rooting for you. There is a petition on the Web calling for your release.

As a retired doctor and Chair of Battle Against Tranquillisers I am concerned to read that you are not getting your regular dose of Valium. This must be making you feel awful. I will be writing to the Governor of HMP Peterborough to ask him to restore your dose, and to make sure that you are treated as the important and well-known person that you now are.

Remember – you will be released, you will have freedom again, and in the end, you will get justice. It will take time. Just be patient and always remember this bad time will pass.

I enclose a book of 6 first class stamps.

With my very best wishes

Director Nick Leader
HMP Peterborough,
Saville Road,
Peterborough PE3 7PD

Re Melanie Shaw A4126DE

In common with an increasing number of people I am aware of this lady’s status as an important witness to historic abuse in a Childrens Home. I am very concerned for here welfare, and am writing to make sure that she is not harmed in any way while on remand in HMP Peterborough.

As a retired doctor and Chair of Battle Against Tranquillisers ( I am concerned to read that Melanie is not getting her regular dose of Valium. At best, this may be making her feel extremely anxious and ill. At worst, it puts her at risk of seizures, which carry a risk of death. I would respectfully ask you therefore to instruct the prison medical services to restore Melanie to her previous dose, and if it is decided to reduce it, to do so very gradually indeed, in line with current practice guidelines. Thank you.

Please also ensure that Melanie is not bullied or abused. As a survivor of past abuse in her childhood, she will be very vulnerable emotionally and physically to any threat of this kind.

Thank you for giving attention to Melanie’s case.

With best wishes


Published September 27, 2014 by misty534

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 14.27.02

To bring even more pressure on the Establishment to release MELANIE SHAW from custody there will be a TWITTER STORM this evening at 7pm UK time

Re tweets do not count, so please either copy and paste other peoples tweets, or make up your own

Here are a few lists of prominent people you can tweet to

UK Government Members


UK Government Departments

List of Parliamentary Lobby Journalists on Twitter

All UK MPs on Twitter – UK Politics.


Meet the people responsible for Melanie’s incarceration


Published September 24, 2014 by misty534



Melanie was in No 5 Court Nottingham yesterday 23 Sept 2014 for a ‘mentions’ hearing. The case started at 1058. The case was only listed during afternoon of 22 Sept – normally public cases should be listed with 7 days notice. We understand the case was called for by VHS Fletchers solicitors with urgency, although the reason for this is unclear. Possibly the hearing was driven by the fact that Melanie had sacked VHS Fletchers some days earlier, both in written letters and verbally.

Melanie attended in court in the morning and again in the early afternoon after an adjournment. The reason for the adjournment and the protracted hearing is not known.

This ‘mentions’ hearing appeared to be an informal case management hearing, but the failure of the Court to give the normal 7 days notice precluded the public from attending, and therefore meant that Melanie was again effectively in a secret court. It is interesting that the Court case was Tweeted out by VHS Fletchers.

It is believed that Melanie sacked VHS Fletchers for allegedly altering her case file notes and allegedly using their legal clerks to represent Melanie when she believed them to be solicitors. She was also very unhappy with their lack of progress on her case, particularly in relation to her bail application.

We understand that aside from sacking VHS Fletchers and thus releasing their legal aid claim, the ‘mentions’ hearing discussed the progress of Melanie’s case. The next steps are believed to be a directions hearing 13 October 2014 and a full case hearing on 23 October 2014. We will be checking these dates. By 23 October alone, Melanie will have been held in a high security prison for 3 months.

Melanie has also said that the Judge has indicated that he will be prepared to hear a new bail application and steps are now in hand to submit this.

In summary Melanie Shaw, a vulnerable abuse victim and vital abuse whistleblower, remains in high security prison HMP Peterborough, with no substantive evidence against her, no proper NHS medication that she has taken daily over many years, no treatment for her leg ulcer, no access her psychiatrist, no visits from her family, interference with her mail, bullying from prison warders, a national mainstream media black out and a stunning silence from her MP Chris Leslie and other MPs.

Melanie Shaw, who is still innocent at law and maintains her innocence, has now been imprisoned for 61 days.

The Crown Prosecution Service under Alison Saunders has not only failed to produce evidence against Melanie, but has recently allowed child abuse witness evidence tapes to be stolen from unsecured private addresses of film contractor Swan Films.

The vicious treatment of Melanie Shaw by Nottinghamshire Police, the CPS, the Courts and the Westminster MP’s can only be explained as their sheer desperation to silence Melanie and her testimony of child abuse, rapes, torture and murder at Beechwood Children’s Home Nottinghamshire, and her evidenced discovery of Nottinghamshire police lying to hide their failure to investigate Beechwood abuses via Operation Daybreak.

Beechwood Abuse Survivor Melanie Shaw Goes On Hunger Strike

Published September 22, 2014 by misty534

Melanie Shaw profile-1

Key witness and survivor of an alleged paedophile ring at former Nottinghamshire children’s home, Beechwood, Melanie Shaw, has made a dramatic decision to start a hunger strike at the Peterborough prison where she is being held on remand for arson – a shed fire she firmly denies any involvement in, and for which no substantive evidence has been presented in court.

The decision to stop eating came hours after prison staff refused to provide painkillers to relieve “horrific” pain in her leg, the result of an open ulcer infected with the deadly antibiotic-resistant bacterium, MRSA, and vascular disease. “They didn’t dress it for the first 11 days in jail, and since then it has been ad hoc,” she said in an emotional phone call yesterday. “I feel awful. I spent the whole night in agony. I haven’t been able to walk. They wouldn’t even give me paracetamol, let alone the stronger painkillers I really need – like fentanyl.”

Fearful of the consequences of asking for help again, pain and despair drove Melanie over the edge. “I’ve slashed my right arm thirteen times with razor blades. They’re deep cuts. I’m being treated like an imbecile in prison, when I have a high Mensa IQ.”

Being denied access to her two children and knowing the emotional harm her incarceration is causing them, has added to Melanie’s distress.


Breach of Human Rights:

“I’m going on hunger strike. I’m not having breakfast, dinner or tea. I’ve notified staff. They have to mark off when you go for meals. They’re treating me like a criminal in a North Korean prison, and I’m not even convicted of anything. This is meant to be Great Britain!”

“I should be getting the same treatment in prison as anyone else. Everyone is entitled to healthcare. My human rights are being breached.”

“I was previously classified disabled and awarded £2,000 for a mobility scooter. If I didn’t receive adequate pain relief from conventional painkillers, doctors would administer morphine. I’m immune to normal pain relief due to methadone which I used to take to overcome my drug addiction.”

She readily admits to making “a few mistakes” in her twenties but her credibility has never been brought into question, a fact her doctors will confirm. “There was a huge child prostitution ring in Nottingham City Centre in the 90s. They [the prostitutes] were in the children’s homes, and drug dealers were supplying drugs to the staff.”

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For years, Melanie has relied on valium in carefully regulated doses to cope with the effects of trauma and insomnia resulting from the systematic physical, psychological andsexual abuse – including rape – she suffered as a child at home and while in ‘care’. But over the last two months in HMP Peterborough that medicine has frequently been withheld.

Her GP of twenty years, a man she has nothing but praise for, is under investigation by the General Medical Council, she claims “under false charges for an improper relationship.”

“My testimony forced Operation Daybreak”


It has been upsetting to see the mainstream media’s eagerness to interview BAFTA and Golden Globe Award-winning actress, Samantha Morton, about her experiences of childhood abuse at Beechwood, while enduring long periods of solitary confinement and the punitive denial of food and medicines in a cell the size of a bathroom with no air circulating through the barred window.

“It’s only come out because of me,” she adds dejectedly. “They don’t realise the real truth of why Operation Daybreak was started. I was working with a film company and they were going to film bricks being removed from the [Beechwood] building… None of these stories would be coming out if it wasn’t for me. It’s not about money.”

The maximum sentence for arson is life imprisonment. Since publicly firing her legal team for incompetence last week, Melanie has made it clear she will represent herself in court as a litigant in person.

News of her hunger strike and the revelation of self-harming will no doubt alarm family and friends who have watched Melanie’s health deteriorate at the Sodexo-run prison, which boasts on its website, “a reputation for delivering excellent, ethical, innovative and rehabilitative services…”

The first UK prison to house both men and women on the same site, HMP Peterborough is still trying to shed its old image as the most dangerous jail in Britain, after 115 attacks on staff by inmates were reported during 2007.

The prison may be about to face a fresh image problem, since according to Melanie Shaw, there are many more inmates who have had their antidepressants and other medicines stopped and want to go public about it.

By: Anna Bragga