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Cover-up allegations of former children’s home resident

Published September 25, 2014 by misty534



Former Forest Town man Mickey Summers says that he suffered serial sexual abuse at the hands of people he trusted – people who should have been beyond reproach.

These people were not parents or family members.

The 60-year-old told Chad that he was abused whilst he was living in care homes in Nottinghamshire.

He ran away, repeatedly. He climbed trees to avoid abuse. He says he witnessed other children, some with severe learning needs, being raped. And nobody listened.

But Mickey (pictured) feels that he has been betrayed once again by those in authority – by council officials and by the police.

Following years of emotional turmoil, failed relationships, mental health issues and drug abuse, Mickey finally got a grip on his life in 2003.

He reported his abuse to Nottinghamshire Police and asked them to investigate his allegations.

He went to Nottingham City Council, who had been responsible for his time in care – largely at care homes in the city.

He went to Nottinghamshire County Council – who had taken over responsibility for child social care in 1974.

The authorities told him that his records had been destroyed, while police failed to carry out an effective investigation.

Mickey ended up in care following what he describes as ‘chaos’ in his family home in the mid-1960s, which led him into truancy and petty crime.

In later life his experiences led to attachment issues, failed relationships, relapses into drug abuse, times in custody and debilitating mental health issues.

But he’d had enough of being a victim, and he decided to fight back.

He returned to the UK from his home in New York to launch his own fight for justice – demanding a formal public apology from both Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

Earlier this month, Mickey and his supporters stormed a council meeting, following a protest in Nottingham’s Market Square.

He told Chad that his childhood records, which he thinks can provide vital evidence of his abuse, have been deliberately destroyed by either the city or county councils – who have both held the documents.

And he has involved the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) who have ruled that his initial complaint should be reinvestigated.

He said: “I have run away from everything in my life – I have never wanted children, because I wouldn’t want a child of mine to have to go through what I’ve been through.

“There needs to be a full public enquiry because there are a lot of people out there who need closure and this is a much bigger problem than either the police or the councils are acknowledging.

“The floodgates need to open now and I would urge everyone who has been the victim of abuse to come forward and demand justice.”

But the authorities say a formal apology cannot be issued until Mickey and other alleged victims’ cases have been proven.

A joint statement issued by both authorities said: “We have already explained to Mr Summers that we have been unable to locate any of his files. The information we have is that his child care file was destroyed in 1978. We have met with Mr Summers and apologised to him that this is the case.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “At the request of the IPCC, the force’s professional standards directorate (PSD) is re-investigating a complaint that was made in April 2014. The complaint relates to the way an allegation first made in 2003 and repeated in 2013 was handled under Operation Daybreak.

“This PSD investigation will, by necessity, review the 2003 allegation as well as a subsequent complaint made in 2004 about that investigation.

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Protestor steps up call for abuse public inquiry

Published September 19, 2014 by misty534


Mickey Summers

MICKEY Summers (pictured right) has taken his fight back to Nottingham City Council demanding a full public inquiry into child abuse in Nottinghamshire care homes.

He has called on the council’s leader, Councillor Jon Collins (pictured below), to resign over a refusal to make a public apology to him for the abuse he allegedly suffered when in care in the area.

Mr Summers met the councillor at Loxley House yesterday to discuss his ongoing case, but still felt his voice wasn’t being heard.

“I will go to every council event Jon Collins is attending and protest,” he told The Post.

“I want to expose the untold paedophilia in Nottinghamshire and bring those affected justice.”

Leader of the Conservatives at the city council, Councillor Georgina Culley, attended the meeting with Mr Summers.

“I’m supporting Mickey as he is someone who has been very badly hurt in care,” she said.

Nottinghamshire Police is currently carrying out its own investigation – named Operation Daybreak – which has seen 80 people come forward with allegations of child abuse at five homes in the county between the late 1960s and 2000.

City council leader Jon Collins said: “The council is fully supporting the police investigation into the allegations made by Mr Summers and others. The council will continue to work with him and listen to his concerns.

“In 1974, responsibility for children’s homes in the city passed to Nottinghamshire County Council. All records were under the management of the county council between 1974 and 1998 and it has been explained to Mr Summers that his records were destroyed during this period. The county council has apologised to Mr Summers for this.

“I think it needs to be made clear that none of the people currently working with Mr Summers responding to his concerns were working in Nottingham in children’s services – or in my case even living in the city – at the time he was in care in the 1960s and 1970s. Therefore there is absolutely no reason why I or anyone else involved have anything to hide.”

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An Update On Beechwood Child Abuse Victim & Whistleblower Melanie Shaw

Published September 16, 2014 by misty534



Let’s deal with reality. Melanie Shaw sits in Sodexo high security prison Peterborough. She has been there on remand since her trial at Nottingham Crown Court on 25 July 2014. Members of the public who attended that first trial, report that Nottinghamshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service produced no substantive evidence against Melanie on charges of Arson Reckless and Criminal Damage.

An update on Beechwood Child Abuse Victim and Whistleblower Melanie Shaw – her suffering reveals the State of the Nation.

Let’s deal with reality. Melanie Shaw sits in Sodexo high security prison Peterborough. She has been there on remand since her trial at Nottingham Crown Court on 25 July 2014. Members of the public who attended that first trial, report that Nottinghamshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service produced no substantive evidence against Melanie on charges of Arson Reckless and Criminal Damage. The public also state that in mumbled exchanges with the Judge the CPS promised that they would have evidence in the near future. Melanie was represented by a Solicitor’s Clerk.

At a further court hearing at Nottingham Crown Court on 27 August 2014 the same Judge, His Honour Gregory David Dickinson QC, removed public from the publicly listed Court and then presided over a secret ‘directions’ hearing. Melanie was not present.

An application for Bail on the 4th September 2014 at Nottingham Crown Court was apparently ‘withdrawn’ after the same Judge Dickinson asked for a psychiatric assessment. It is understood there is now some delay with providing a psychiatrist due to legal representation problems. Melanie was not present at the hearing. The court was held before the Courts were open to the public.

Melanie was cruelly led to believe that there was a further hearing in Nottingham Crown Court Friday 12 September 2014. No such hearing had been listed at the Court. But no hearing or a secret hearing? It’s difficult to tell with British justice. It’s also difficult to find out, as the CPS refuse to give any details of the case, including simple ones such as “can you confirm there was a hearing and a legal representative of the CPS took part.” Why are they so nervous?

Alison Saunders Director of Public Prosecution is clearly not concerned with the CPS’s abuse of Melanie Shaw. Her declared priority in the Indpendent is ‘Stalkers.’ Meanwhile Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for Nottinghamshire Janine Smith, who must bear heavy responsibility for Melanie Shaw’s imprisonment, sent out a  letter dated 11 September 2014 full of praise for her own organisation. It stated..”I appreciate that you remain unhappy with the decision to prosecute Ms Shaw. However, I can assure you that the decision was made in accordance with the Code [for Crown Prosecutors].”

Strangely, the Code clearly states at 3.3 that the CPS…should work to identify and where possible rectify evidential weaknesses and subject to the Threshold Test they should swiftly stop cases that do not meet the evidential stage of the Full Code Test. So the CPS have failed to produce the damning evidence against Melanie Shaw after 54 days but consider this abuse victim such a threat that they keep her locked in a high security prison.

We ask again what are these people so frightened of? There can only be one answer, that Melanie Shaw’s witness to and evidence of the vile sexual and physical abuse of children and their suicides, and likely murder is terrifying to the Establishment and British Government. She must be silenced. The threats made over recent weeks to people supporting Melanie add veracity to this suggestion, as do the threats made to key individuals supporting Melanie when she first whistleblew Beechwood abuses to Nottingham Police.

The next Court date swimming in the murky pond of British justice is 13 October 2014. Rumour has it that this is a plea hearing. By then abuse victim Melanie Shaw will have spent 81 days in prison. Not bad for a person still not proven guilty of any crime.

Having now sacked her incompetent law firm Melanie plans to act as a Litigant in Person and represent herself. Intelligent, articulate and with an accurate memory for names, places and dates, she is well capable of her own defence.

Of course Melanie Shaw is not only a child abuse victim she is also a very brave Whistleblower on child abuse. It was her testimony to Nottingham Police in 2011 that unleashed Operation Daybreak, an investigation into some 100 child abuse victims at Beechwood and later yet more at Bracken House, of Thames Street, together with Bulwell, Ranskill Gardens, Bestwood, Wood Nook, in Beechdale Road, Beechdale, and Risley Hall, Derbyshire. So possibly 1,000 new abuse cases alongside the 1400 in Rotherham. Media for Operation Daybreak was controlled by Matt Tapp.

What reward has she received for her courage in coming forward as a vulnerable woman who has suffered more than most of us can imagine? Under the care of Sodexo HMP Peterborough and thus Sodexo CEO Debbie White, Melanie has been bullied by prison staff and inmates, she has had her long term medication withheld and reduced, her leg ulcer treatment stopped, she has been placed in solitary confinement and denied food, and she has had her mail withheld. Not bad for Sodexo justice services which boasts it is “Preventing the next victim” and “Changing lives for the better”, whilst making a profit of course.  Not bad for the CPS which boasts under Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders that it helps protect vulnerable victims.

Melanie Shaw was abused as a child at home by her family and then whilst in the so called care of the Beechwood Children’s Home Nottinghamshire. As soon as I re-read this sentence I focus on the word abuse. It was a natural word for me to use because I have heard from Melanie first hand some of the abuse she suffered. Rapes, physical and sexual assault, psychological bullying and more. Some of the truth she has kept hidden inside as just too painful to bring into the light. Extreme abuse that would make middle England people feel sick.

Strange again then that suddenly as more and more abuse cases reach the public eyes and ears, the mainstream press and media distort our language to blur both meaning and our understanding. Children become ‘residents.’ Cruel and vicious abuse becomes ‘child exploitation’. Did the young boys who were raped at Beechwood within a few days of arrival as a matter of course, to break them in, feel exploited? Melanie reports that they were terrified, distraught and traumatised. The older girls tried to comfort them. The young girls suffered the same.

Is it me or is there a slide by the media to water down the abuse and our perception of that abuse? In the public sector the Rotherham and Nottingham authorities gush nu-speak of ‘historic abuse’, ‘lessons learned’, ‘compensation’, ‘moving forward’ and ‘child protection services have moved on and are now working.’ The hypnotic language is a lie. The people, authorities and charities that were tasked with protecting children have not just failed. They are infiltrated with paedophiles who use the very services we believe are there to protect children to entrap and abuse children. It is people of course who commit the crimes, not organisations. The crimes are criminal be they physical and sexual abuse, or malfeasance in public office. Why then are we constantly told that the problems are all in the past and that now lessons have been learned we can move forward? The answer is straightforward. The nu-speak is to move us to ‘compensation and cover-up’ rather than full police investigation, courts, juries and full criminal justice. It is, after all justice and closure that the victims seek – not the cheap £10,000 per person buy-off offered by Nottinghamshire Authorities.

Ultimately, the vile treatment of brave Melanie Shaw has been facilitated and executed by a collaboration between Nottingham City and County Council, Child Protection Teams and Charities, CPS and Legal Teams and Nottinghamshire police. Melanie caught the police lying over investigations in their Daybreak Operation. She also spoke of children ‘suicided’ and murdered. Small wonder they want her silenced.

Her testimony is reinforced by another Beechwood victim, Mickey Summers. Also a brave whistleblower, Mickey has now been told by the Nottingham authorities that his records have been lost. Coincidence? Maybe but since the government has already closed the Beechwood records for 75 years does it really matter?

But it is our children who will suffer if we, the public allow this blatant perverted and criminal corruption of justice to continue. I get no pleasure in saying that the industrial abuse of children in the UK and the obvious and ongoing cover-up of that abuse by MPs, Police, Courts, the UK Government and the Establishment will, unless stopped, lead us to the dark ages of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Who will deal with this? There is only us – just decent ordinary good people in these British Isles and we need to be shouting to expose this sick disease in the Establishment, Westminster and Society as fast as possible.


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Jailed Whistleblower Melanie Shaw Fires Legal Team Due To Incompetence

Published September 15, 2014 by misty534


Friday September 12th was day that vulnerable victim and Beechwood Children’s Home whistleblower, Melanie Shaw, had been preparing for all week; the day she would stand up in Nottingham Crown Court and declare proof of her innocence against charges of arson in a composed and professional manner in front of the Judge.


Melanie, a 43 year-old mother of two and survivor of childhood sexual abuse, has spent the last two months on remand in HMP Peterborough, enduring exceptionally harsh treatment, including bullying, solitary confinement and food deprivation for twenty-four hours, without evidence of her involvement in the offence being presented.


Unhappy with her defence team, she decided to represent herself in court. But strangely, there was no sign of Melanie at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday morning, and disappointed friends and supporters – some of whom had travelled from as far away as Plymouth, learned that the Judge was on holiday.


The news prompted speculation of a secret court hearing or a contrived attempt to confuse and demoralise Melanie, who claims to have powerful evidence of a paedophile ring operating at Beechwood.


“She wasn’t there. The whole thing stinks!” said Mickey Summers, himself a survivor of horrific physical and sexual abuse at the former Nottingham children’s home.


Yesterday, Melanie revealed that the clerk dealing with her case had arrived at the prison the day before the scheduled hearing to announce it had been cancelled for over a week. Then, the following day, Melanie was informed she would appear in court by video link. Nothing happened.


“I’ve sacked them. I’ve had no paperwork in eight months,” said Melanie, close to tears. “There are people controlling the show. I’m at the mercy of others. I forgive people. I have no hatred in my body. I love everybody, especially people who’ve had a hard life because I’ve got empathy. All I know is I trust God, and I trust myself. I shouldn’t be in prison.”


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Mickey Summers outside Nottinghamshire Crown Court

Public support keeps her going: 


Letters from the public have been pouring in from all over the world, and this is what keeps her going, she says. She’s received over 1000 and now has repetitive strain injury from writing replies to them all.


“I still manage to reply to 99% of people who write,” she says, “even if it’s just an acknowledgement.” It’s strange how she’s received letters from all over the country, including one from UKIP, but none from Nottingham.


“Prison is an alien environment,” she adds. “It’s triggering everything that happened at Beechwood. A woman threw herself off the top of the building, which affected me badly. If it wasn’t for the public’s love, I wouldn’t be able to get through.”


She’s not getting any therapy or support in prison, but has someone on the outside that she speaks to on the phone.


Mystery donor offered bail money:


The handling of Melanie Shaw’s case, beset with irregularities and errors from the start, has drawn intense criticism. Observers present at the hearing in Nottingham Crown Court on Friday 25th July 2014 reported that police seemed confused over the date of the alleged offence, publicly quoting both 1 February and 4 April 2014, according to news network, UK Column.


A source close to Melanie said: “A lady in Holland – who doesn’t want to be named, was prepared to put up the [bail] money. She put in a condition that she wanted to see the evidence on Melanie, which is perfectly normal. It’s then up to the Judge to decide whether to accept the offer, not the solicitors. I believe they never put the offer through to the Judge.”


No one was available to comment at VHS Fletchers Solicitors, the firm handling Melanie’s case.


A lay legal adviser has offered her services. “We would like Melanie to represent herself but have this lay legal person with her,” added the source. “She’s very capable.”


Lost and missing records:


The number of allegations relating to abuse in former Nottinghamshire children’s homes has risen to 80, Notts police have confirmed, and 10 arrests have been made, reports the Nottingham Post (12/9/14). Seven of those arrested were released without further action and one died while on police bail. Two still remain on police bail. The investigation has been hampered by the disappearance of the records of two key witnesses: Melanie Shaw and Mickey Summers, and the closure of records at the National Archives for 75 years.


One of the most vocal campaigners for Melanie Shaw’s release is Mickey Summers, whose personal campaign for justice was picked up by the BBC last week after he led a protest resulting in the closure of Nottingham City’s Full Council Meeting. Watch the video below.


Mickey’s case has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Some councillors are taking an interest now, he says, and a UKIP MP has offered to meet him.


Melanie’s difficulties in obtaining bail contrast sharply with that of a 15-year-old boy who was recently arrested and bailed, suspected of arson, after a fire ripped through an animal shelter in Manchester killing more than 60 animals and leaving 150 homeless.


Facebook campaign


Members of the public, concerned about Melanie’s case and her treatment at the Sodexo-run prison, have launched an online campaign on Facebook called Justice for Melanie Shaw.


Write to Melanie Shaw at:


Melanie Shaw A4126DE, HMP Peterborough, Saville Road, Westwood, Peterborough PE3 7PD. If you wish to send money, you must provide your full name and address. Stamps would be greatly appreciated.

By: Anna Bragga


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