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Nelson teen’s sex abuse of girl (12) he met on Facebook

Published July 16, 2013 by misty534

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A NELSON man, who groomed and sexually abused a girl he met on Facebook, has been jailed for two years four months and given a five year Sexual Offences Prevention Order.


Hamiza Ali (19), of Elizabeth Street, Nelson, appeared at Burnley Crown Court today after pleading guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a child.

Ali approached the 12-year-old on Facebook in May 2011. They met several times in the Nelson area where he sexually abused her. He was arrested after an investigation by Pennine Division’s Freedom Team, a dedicated unit set up to tackle the sexual exploitation of young people in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

DS Sheralyn Melton from Pennine Division’s Freedom Team said: “We are committed to targeting those who pose a threat to our children and as a result we will always act quickly to arrest those involved.

“I hope this serves as a warning to those who try to groom children and teenagers online, that there is a chance we are watching you and if you do commit an offence you will be caught and put before the courts.

“People should be left in no doubt that, if they try to groom children in this way, we will find them and bring them to justice.”

DS Melton added: “We would advise parents to monitor the internet use of their children and reiterate the dangers of making new friends in chat rooms on the internet or engaging in conversations with people they do not know.”

Anyone who has concerns about contact their children have had via the internet should contact Lancashire Police on 101. Information about such activity can also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Nelson man had vile child sex abuse images on computer

Published July 9, 2013 by misty534

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A self-employed Nelson man with almost 300 child pornography images on his laptop has been put on a three-year internet sex offenders’ treatment programme.


Edward Jeffrey (42), of Waidshouse Road, Nelson, was found to have 284 images of child abuse on his laptop when police arrived at his home with a search warrant.

David Macro (prosecuting) told Burnley Crown Court that in a police interview, Jeffrey admitted viewing the pictures for two years.

Jeffrey claimed to have been “not getting sexual gratification” from doing it, however, and instead said he was “researching” having recognised the background to one of the rooms where abuse was taking place.

Mr Macro said Jeffrey had sought help from counsellors and church leaders.

Richard Taylor (defending) said Jeffrey was a family man and was “humbled” by the support he had received from friends and family.

Mr Taylor said Jeffrey was a “troubled” man who was “ashamed” but also one with “a sense of relief” he had been caught and stopped. Mr Taylor said Jeffrey was finding the weekly counselling “extremely helpful”.

Recorder Andrew Edis QC said some of the acts depicted in the images were “the gravest kind of child abuse”.

He said: “Apart from being ashamed of being found out as I have no doubt you are, you might look to think if it wasn’t for people like you these children wouldn’t be harmed like that”.

Recorder Edis QC said it was “particularly disturbing to discover” that Jeffrey had said he had no sexual interest in children.

He said: “That’s completely unconvincing. It’s nonsense.”

Although Recorder Edis QC said a custody sentence would be “richly deserved” he said: “I’m not sending you to prison because you will come out with the same problem.”

As well as the three-year treatment programme, Jeffrey was given a five-year sexual offenders prevention order, a three-year supervision order, signed the sex offenders’ register and paid a £60 victim surcharge and £400 costs.



Nelson paedophile secretly filmed girls

Published June 5, 2013 by misty534



A PAEDOPHILE who secretly filmed two schoolgirls in a state of undress with hidden cameras, has been jailed for three years and four months.

Burnley Crown Court was told how Simon Griffin, 34, who had earlier touched one girl and thought he had got away with it, was caught when 10 films were found on his computer and camera. One of the victims had felt she was being watched.

Griffin, who denied he was interested in children when questioned by the police, later admitted filming for sexual gratification.

The defendant, of Beresford Street, Nelson, had earlier admitted sexual assault, two allegations of voyeurism and eight counts of taking an indecent photo, at levels one and two, of a child.

He was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register indefinitely and was given a 10-year sexual offences prevention order, banning him from having or seeking contact or communication with any child under 16 and from having any device capable of storing images, unless it is made available for inspection.

David Macro, prosecuting, said the sexual assault victim said nothing at the time, but eventually told a schoolfriend what had happened to her. A dramatic change in her behaviour had been noticed.

The indecent images were found on a ‘carefully hidden’ computer folder when police seized the equipment. Griffin was arrested in the early hours and was interviewed by officers.

Robert Elias, for Griffin, told the judge: “These are deeply unpleasant offences, which any right-minded person would be horrified by and Your Honour will be disgusted by this sort of behaviour.

“He has brought his life crashing around his own head, through his own stupidity and criminal behaviour.”

Mr Elias said the probation service felt Griffin could be assisted by a programme.

Sentencing, Judge Beverley Lunt said Griffin, still minimised the crimes he had committed.

Lancashire Telegraph

Colne man downloaded ‘huge number’ of indecent images of children

Published May 27, 2013 by misty534

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A MIDDLE-AGED man downloaded a ‘huge’ number of child porn images in Colne library and transferred them to his home computer, a court heard.

Philip Metcalfe, 52, who didn’t have internet access at home, was found to have a stash of 71 sexual images of naked or semi-naked boys when police searched his house in Nelson.

Burnley magistrates were told how Metcalfe claimed the pictures were pleasant to look at, but he didn’t get any sexual kicks out of them. He was said by the prosecution to have shown an ” almost childlike” connection with the images, as if he had been looking at pictures of puppies.

The defendant, of Reedyford Road, is now awaiting sentence on June 13. He admitted making an indecent photograph of a child, at Colne, on or between January 7, 2003 and September 15, 2012.

He was bailed on condition he does not have any contact with children 16 and does not enter any boys’ clubs or youth organisations.

Carl Gaffney, prosecuting, said Metcalfe was caught after a fellow customer at the library reported disconcerting behaviour by the defendant.

Metcalfe was using one of the computers and was connected to the internet. The computer was seized when police were called and Metcalfe was spoken to. He was ultimately arrested, his house was searched and a computer with no internet connection was found. The defendant’s only access to the internet had been at the library.

Mr Gaffney said officers discovered 71 images, all at level one, the least serious level, on the home computer. The images were sexual in nature and showed naked or semi-naked young men under 16. No sexual activity was shown.

Metcalfe was interviewed, made full admissions and accepted he had transferred the images from the library to his home.

Mr Gaffney said the defendant told police he found the pictures appealing and liked looking at them. He said he got pleasure and enjoyment from them. Metcalfe claimed he did not find the idea of sex or any form of sexual activity appealing. The prosecutor continued :” He exhibited an almost childlike connection with the images. He was saying they were pleasant to look at. There was no acceptance of any sexual gratification.”

Mr Gaffney said the defendant had no previous convictions. He made full admissions at the police station and in court. The maximum sentence for the offence was six months in prison.

Joanne Haworth, for Metcalfe, told the hearing he had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. The bench, adjourning for a pre- sentence report, said the defendant had downloaded a “huge number ” of pictures and it had been in a public place.


Lancashire telegraph