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Social worker let girl, five, sit on paedophile’s lap

Published February 12, 2015 by misty534


Despite child protection issues being at the top of most council’s agenda, one social services department gave a paedophile unrestricted access to a five-year-old girl.

The girl was even allowed to sit on the pervert’s lap in front of a social worker from Norfolk County Council.

Nor was the girl’s mother warned about his history despite him recently serving a five-year prison sentence for attacks on girls as young as seven.

She said: ‘They failed me, they put my daughter at risk and I want some kind of justice.’

What was most concerning, however, was when he disappeared with the girl

The mother alleges the man sexually assaulted her on April 25 before taking her daughter on a shopping trip alone. She phoned social services and was told to call the police immediately.

Officers tracked him down after about an hour and established the girl had not been harmed. Two days after this incident, social workers revealed his history of abuse and claimed the mother must have been aware.

A council spokesman said: ‘It is disappointing that when he was present during a meeting at the mother’s home, we didn’t put two and two together and realise that he was a convicted paedophile.’

The social worker involved has since quit and the girl was taken into care.

The allegation is the latest to hit Norfolk Children’s Services after Ofsted raised concerns about child protection in the county. A senior Government social work adviser who worked on the Baby P case has been drafted in to help turn the department around.

The case came to light after MPs and foster carers called for an investigation into claims the department has wrongly removed dozens of children from their carers.


Ofsted admits inspection failings

Published August 1, 2013 by misty534

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Education watchdog Ofsted has apologised to children and parents for failing to deal properly with reports of alleged sexual abuse at a special school in Hampshire.


An inquiry by the organisation into its inspections of Stanbridge Earls School in Romsey found that three visits from 2011 to 2012 where “problematic” and “each failed to get underneath concerns at the school”. As a result, “the judgements were not safe”.

Ofsted said that some staff involved in the inspections have either been sacked or disciplined for their conduct. “We expect all our staff to meet our high expectations and when they do not, we take decisive action,” it said in a statement.

Police are still investigating the school, which educates children with learning disabilities and will now close in December, following allegations that at least two former students were attacked.

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal has already heavily criticised the 2011 actions of Stanbridge Earls relating to one female pupil – prompting the police probe called Operation Flamborough.

Another pupil has since come forward alleging she suffered sexual abuse in 2010.

The vulnerable disabled youngster was said to have been raped twice in 2011 at the hands of another student and the tribunal branded the school “unsystematic and unprofessional” in dealing with the incident – prompting headteacher Peter Trythall to step down in April.

The allegations prompted the inquiry by Ofsted which it said did not identify widespread failings but “weaknesses in Ofsted’s systems, structures, processes and practices which gave rise to the risk that safeguarding issues might not be fully addressed through the inspection of residential special schools”.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI), who set up the inquiry in January, said: “Inspection is part of the safety net designed to protect children from harm and it is clear from our review of Ofsted’s involvement with Stanbridge Earls School that our inspections should have got underneath what was happening sooner.

“Our most recent inspections in January, March and June 2013 make clear Ofsted’s concerns, specifically regarding safeguarding, leadership and governance and what the school must do to improve.

“We offer our sincerest apologies to the parents and children who have been affected by historic events at Stanbridge Earls.

“We have learnt lessons from Stanbridge Earls that will make our systems, structures, processes and practices more effective.

“We cannot turn back the clock on what has happened at Stanbridge Earls School, but our actions show that when we get it wrong, we acknowledge our mistakes, take decisive action, and ensure that we use the learning to improve.”

The watchdog will now from next year appoint regional directors to allow a detailed understanding of local issues at residential schools and better intelligence, plus a safeguarding group to review child protection issues.

Hampshire Police said on Wednesday that its investigation into Stanbridge Earls was ongoing, complex and comprehensive and is also looking at the police handling of the allegations at the time and any new allegations.

A charity is due to take over the site and run a new school from 2014 after Stanbridge Earls closes.



Islington parents demand answers as nursery shuts after child porn incident

Published May 10, 2013 by misty534


A toddlers’ nursery found to be failing to safeguard children is set to close just months after two staff members were sacked for watching a child porn video at work.


The Monkey Puzzle Nursery, in Amwell Street, Finsbury, was swooped on by Ofsted inspectors for a second time following news of the shock porn clip – scoring the beleaguered nursery “inadequate” in every single category.

Outraged parents have now been given a month’s notice to find alternative day care for their children before the private nursery shuts following the damning report.

The inspection, the results of which were published last month, found “arrangements for safeguarding children are not adequate”.

An earlier visit had been made by the education watchdog which suspended Monkey Puzzle’s registration after news of the clip emerged. It had failed to inform Ofsted of the clip within the 14 days they were required to under statutory guidance.

Parents have now been told the nursery is closing because the landlord of the property has secured planning permission to turn the premises into flats.

But a search of Islington Council’s website shows the last registered planning application for the property was back in 2005.

Bruce Carr, who is spending £1,800 a month to send his two children to the nursery, said parents are outraged.

He said: “They’re telling us it’s for planning reasons, but it’s obviously to do with this Ofsted report.

“It’s outrageous. One month is not long enough. And after the incident with the porn video we’re just left wondering what’s going on with the people running this place.

“Most of the staff have been absolutely fantastic. It’s just the people running it. We feel totally let down by the whole thing. Everyone’s livid.”

Around 20 staff work at the nursery which provides day care for about 62 children.

The latest Ofsted report, published last month following a further inspection three weeks after news of the porn video clip emerged, found that:

• Management do not provide enough stability to staff

• Workers do not speak enough, or with enough meaning to support children to develop their vocabulary

• Staff are not clear on their roles and responsibilities, particularly with regards to safeguarding

• Areas of the premises are not clean with children not having regular opportunities to become independent from a young age

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said two woman aged 31 and 33 remain on bail and enquiries continue into the porn video incident, which contained indecent images of children.

However, the staff members claim the video was unsolicited, while nursery bosses say police have received more than 10,000 complaints about an identical clip from people who were sent it without requesting it.

A Monkey Puzzle spokesman said: “The landlord has informed us that he has planning permission to convert the building into flats.

“We regret the situation but we have been left with no alternative.

“We would like to thank all parents for their loyal support over the past three years and we have very much enjoyed being a part of the Islington community.”

Islington Gazette