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Moment paedophile former solicitor, 51, who thought he was meeting 13-year-old girl after grooming her online is snared in sting

Published February 20, 2015 by misty534
  • Martin Currier tried to groom online what he thought was a 13-year-old girl
  • Instead he was messaging paedophile catcher Stinson Hunter
  • Currier drove 54 miles to meet the girl where he was confronted by Hunter
  • Mr Hunter filmed the encounter which was shown to Currier’s trial 
  • Currier was guilty of attempting to meet a child after sexual grooming
  • He will be sentenced at Shrewsbury Crown Court on March 26 

his is the dramatic moment a self-styled ‘paedophile hunter’ snared a pervert in an internet sting by posing as a 13-year-old girl.

Disgraced former solicitor Martin Currier, 51, was arrested after attempting to meet up with the youngster he sexually groomed online.

A court heard Currier drove 54 miles to see who he thought was a teenager called ‘Jodie’ after striking up a relationship over social media.

Currier, 51, groomed what he thought was a 13-year-old girl before travelling to meet her in person 

Currier, 51, groomed what he thought was a 13-year-old girl before travelling to meet her in person

However, Currier had been snared by paedophile catcher Stinson Hunter, pictured, who alerted police

But the scene was actually a set up and engineered by notorious paedophile catcher – Stinson Hunter – who created the fake alias to snare the culprit.

When Currier arrived at the house in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, the paedophile did not find the girl but was instead greeted by Mr Hunter and his recording crew.

They filmed the moment Currier arrived at the house expecting to meet the 13-year-old, before being confronted by Mr Hunter.

In a three minute 34 second video of the encounter, Currier can be seen confirming he messaged the girl but claiming he was trying to help her.

Mr Hunter reads out messages the paedophile had sent including one that said: ‘If we had a cuddle and you aroused me that could cause a bit of a problem.’

Currier also wrote to what he thought was the teenage girl: ‘You might get a bit aroused yourself and I’m not very good with temptation.’

In front of the cameras, Currier accepted he had been ‘inappropriate’ but claimed he was just being ‘cheeky with her’.

In the video, Currier, who now works as a bookmaker, is then told that the police had been informed, and he is seen getting into his car and driving away.

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard that Currier was struck off as a solicitor after he forged a client's will

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard that Currier was struck off as a solicitor after he forged a client’s will

Currier, from Wellington, Shropshire, denied a charge of attempting to meet a child after sexual grooming and claimed he was trapped into going to Nuneaton.

During the trial he had claimed he only went to visit the girl to ‘boost her confidence’.

But a jury took just one hour of deliberating to find Currier guilty at Shrewsbury Crown Court.

Recorder Martin Butterworth adjourned sentence for reports until March 26, and warned Currier that he could face a prison term.

Following the verdict the jury heard that Currier had previously worked as a solicitor but was struck off in 2002 after he was jailed for fraud having obtained almost £50,000 by forging a client’s will.

In court, the bookmaker said he had agreed to the girl’s request and had planned to tell her he couldn’t spare any more of his time.

Earlier, Sergeant David Wynn Jones told the court: ‘When we arrived at a betting shop in Telford in which he worked, Mr Currier said to me ‘I know why you are here, is this about me going to Nuneaton?’

‘I then arrested him and he clarified “Is this about the ill-advised trip to Nuneaton?”‘

One of Mr Hunter’s team, who posed on the internet as ‘Jodie’, had used a photo of a 21-year-old woman for the teenager’s picture on the Badoo dating and friendship social network site.

Currier also used the site, and in his first message to ‘Jodie’ he said that she was a ‘very pretty girl’ and asked if she had time for older guys.

He also wrote: ‘Ever fancy some older c***?’

The reply included the mention that ‘Jodie’ was only 13, but the internet messages and text messages continued.

Mr Phillip Beardwell, prosecuting, read out a police interview with Currier.

In the interview, Currier said: ‘I felt Jodie was a fragile young girl. I did not want to go visit her as I thought it was wholly inappropriate.

‘However, the texts were getting more frequent and getting a bit much.

‘As she was fragile I did not want to bluntly stop it. She kept going on at me and the texts were coming every seven minutes to see if I had decided.

‘I decided I might go over that evening and explain face-to-face I couldn’t give her any more of my time.

‘I did ask her if she had any sexual experience to find out what I would find. I made it clear I would not be doing anything.’

Darren Boyle

Telford sex case bookie found guilty after ‘sting’ by vigilante paedophile hunter

Published February 19, 2015 by misty534


A Telford bookie has been found guilty of attempting to meet a child he groomed online after a ‘sting’ by a vigilante paedophile hunter.

Martin Currier, 51, of St Mark’s Drive in Wellington, arranged to meet up with a 13-year-old girl that he had met on a social network site.

But when he arrived at the house in Nuneaton,  Currier did not find the teenager called “Jodie” he was expecting.

Instead, he was confronted by Stinson Hunter, who runs a “sting” organisation that sets out to uncover those who prey on children on the internet.

Currier denied a charge of attempting to meet a child after sexual grooming and claimed he was trapped into going to Nuneaton during the trial this week.

The jury retired for one hour at Shrewsbury Crown Court today before returning a guilty verdict.

Shropshire Star

Katie Hopkins jokes about Paedophile Hunter: ‘They’re desperate to visit Nuneaton for sex’

Published October 3, 2014 by misty534

Celebrity Juice

Katie Hopkins has spoken out about Channel 4’s hard-hitting documentary, The Paedophile Hunter in her column.

The controversial social commentator praised Stinson Hunter’s vigilante methods, but is likely to ruffle feathers after joking about the paedophiles.

“CHANNEL 4 gave us a rare insight into the mad, bad world of Stinson Hunter – The Paedophile Hunter,” the mother-of-three wrote.

“Watching Stinson reeling in net paedos by pretending to be young girls, you had to admire the efficiency of the vigilante approach.


Speaking about Nuneaton, the town in Warwickshire where the documentary is filmed, the 39-year-old concludes:

“I am struck that if these perverts are prepared to travel to Nuneaton to get sex, they really must be desperate.”

Stinson appeared on This Morning to talk about his controversial methods
Stinson appeared on This Morning to talk about his controversial methods

These comments are sure to upset many, with viewers left shocked after Hunter exposed paedophiles by posing as young girls online.

Hunter has his own Youtube channel (with nearly 5000 subscribers), where he updates followers on his progress in catching dangerous predators.


The Paedophile Hunter raises over £13,500 for NEW project: ‘Now it’s time for brutal, no-holds-barred honesty’

Published October 2, 2014 by misty534

Sex attacker chasing Stinson Hunter is also ready to take on the Crown Prosecution Service and the Police on ‘how they are helping or failing you’


Lead vigilante in Channel 4 documentary The Paedophile Hunter has revealed plans of a new project.

Despite being run over by an alleged sex attacker Stinson Hunter will continue his controversial work.

Plans listed on a cloud-funding site state the the 31-year-old and his team will make more documentaries on different ‘areas in the news’, as well as ‘feature length films based on ideas and things that inspire them’, and even a film on the Crown Prosecution Service.

The latter is a ‘documentary on the CPS and the police and how they work, how they are helping you, failing you and what could be improved’.

The Paedophile Hunter: Controversial documentary provokes passionate reaction on Twitter The


Hunter and his team have come under fire from police and many organisations for their work.

Speaking on This Morning yesterday, Stinson explained their last project in great detail.

He told Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden that his team doesn’t contact the men involved in last night’s controversial documentary, he said: “I don’t really find them. What we do it we set up a profile with a girl who is over the age of 18… when they get a message and respond saying we’re only aged 13. Then it is up to them. We never contact them, we wait for them to contact us.”

‘Paedophile Hunter’ vows to continue his controversial work, despite being RUN OVER by potential sex attacker

The ‘new project’ will look at how ‘different organisation’ work.

He states: “Given our extensive dealings with these organisation we have experienced a lot of troubling things that we feel need to be addressed publicly and for changes to be made.”

“Five years ago, I began a project. Using only my laptop, a camera and a Facebook page, I set out to expose the threat to our children from online predators.

“Early on, I met my soul mate, Grime, the person who would take on this adventure with me. Using online profiles of fake underage children, we attempted to lure predators out from behind their online personas and into carefully constructed, and filmed real life meetings with me. In these stings, I confronted these men – and the world – with evidence of what they had done, and then I handed them over to the police.

“Our original goals have been hit; the lack of Internet safety for our children has been brought to the attention of not only you, but the media and the authorities, we have been labeled as vigilantes of the cyber era; risking life and limb to protect the public. But now it’s time for something new, there are other issues that need our attention.”

Paedophile Hunter: 90% of Mirror readers AGREE with vigilante Stinson Hunter’s controversial tactics


On the site Stinson and his team have asked for £10,000 for the new project.

So far they have raised over £13,500.

Here are their goals listed on the cloud-funding site, which include a follow up documentary with unseen extras and even a piece on the CPS and how they carry out their work.

  • Creating our own stay safe online campaign designed to be shown on the Internet, schools, youth clubs, homes and parent meetings.
  • Our own documentary that we are currently editing together that was filmed alongside our Channel 4 Documentary which will be packed with unseen extras
  • A documentary on the CPS and the Police and how they work, how they are helping you, failing you and what could be improved. Given our extensive dealings with these organisation we have experienced a lot of troubling things that we feel need to be addressed publicly and for changes to be made.
  • Full length documentaries on areas in the news that we feel need more exposure and may be being buried by the wider media.
  • Feature length films based on ideas and things that inspire us

Watch the full interview on This Morning’s website.In last night’s documentary it was revealed that Hunter has helped secure 10 convictions against men who have attempted to groom young girls for sex.

by Danny Walker Daily Mirror

Vigilante ‘Paedophile hunter’ sets example

Published September 29, 2014 by misty534


Stinson Hunter, the internet vigilante who poses as a child online and publicly shames men he accuses of being paedophiles

THE GOVERNMENT can learn from an internet vigilante who poses as a child online and publicly shames men he accuses of being paedophiles, according to the man who used to run its child sex crime agency.

Jim Gamble, the former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop), said he understood “the frustration” that drove Stinson Hunter to target suspected internet predators.

A new documentary shows the 31-year-old former drug addict, who said he witnessed child abuse while he was in care, posing online as an under-age child and being approached by men sending explicit messages, videos and pictures and arranging to meet up.

They are then lured to a house where they are confronted, filmed with handheld cameras and mobile phones, and asked to explain themselves before Hunter hands the evidence to the police and publishes it on his website.

Mr Gamble said: “Some people with very little training are proving just how easy it is to go out there and catch individuals. They are able to go online with little or no training and very quickly they’re shooting fish in a barrel.

“The fact of the matter is this, that needs to be done by law enforcement and whilst I don’t see any justification in reality for vigilantes doing what they do I think it provides the evidence for the Government, if it’s needed, that actually this works.”

Hunter has filmed confrontations with dozens of men including soldiers, teachers and solicitors and seen his evidence help in 10 convictions.

Mr Gamble said his actions created “a risk” to himself and other people and one man, Michael Parkes, 45, killed himself last year after being questioned by police after he was confronted and footage uploaded to the internet.

Mr Parkes’ partner, who was also interviewed for the Channel 4 documentary, said she “may agree” with Hunter going online to gather evidence but said publishing the videos was “what probably tipped him over the edge”.

Hunter told film-maker Dan Reed: “We set the profile. It’s like a rope and if they choose to put the rope around their neck and hang themselves that’s their choice. We’ve not pushed them.”

The film, called The Paedophile Hunter, is being screened on Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4.

Tamworth paedophile catcher reveals identity as TV documentary set to air

Published September 16, 2014 by misty534


A documentary about a Tamworth self-styled paedophile hunter is due to be televised on Channel 4 next month.

The documentary which features Stinson Hunter, who grew up and went to school in the town, will be aired on Wednesday, October 1 at 10pm.

Not only did he make the announcement about the documentary, called The Paedophile Hunter, this morning, he also officially revealed his identity.

Throughout all of his online work, the 32-year-old kept his identity a secret, and his army of follows have only ever heard his voice.

But, on the YouTube clip people finally get to see what he looks like

Speaking to the News about the documentary, which has been 18 months in the making, Stinson warned that he is more than aware that it may split opinion.

“I am not a saint, I have never hidden the fact that I have got a past and I know there is going to be some backlash,” he said.

“But it’s not about me, it has never been about me, it’s been about the work that we have been doing and getting the message across about what happens on line.

“I hope that the documentary makes people sit up and realise what is going on, and what some people do when they are online.”

The documentary airs nine days before Stinson’s birthday and is a present he has been waiting for: “This documentary has been a long time coming. We started it and then I got ran over, and that was a real turning point for me as I could have died, and I decided then that I want to do something to make a difference,” he said.

Hunter, who went to Wilnecote High School, told the Herald that despite not being born in the town “it will always be home”. Previously, In an exclusive interview, he told how in 1999 he started a blaze in the cloakroom of the school following an argument with his girlfriend. “I was just a kid and I was stupid,” he said.

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