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Child porn shame of former Shropshire crown court officer

Published December 8, 2014 by misty534


Trevor Hulse appeared at the court where he had previously supervised defendants for more than 10 years to face the charges.

Following his arrest Hulse, of Nursery Close, West Felton, near Oswestry, told police he started downloading the images after he became “curious”, having heard similar cases while working as a prisoner custody officer.

He had pleaded guilty to three offences of making a total of 187 indecent pictures of children between April 2006 and September last year.

The court heard that 11 of the pictures were in the most serious category and depicted images of bondage.

Hulse was given a three-year community order which includes supervision and a lengthy and intensive sex offenders’ programme.

Recorder Nicolas Daly said that, while custody would be justified for the more serious images, any sentence he could pass would not offer sufficient time for Hulse to receive the rehabilitation treatment he needed.

“You have lost your previous good character and caused considerable embarrassment for both yourself and your family and that, in itself, is a significant punishment,” he said.

In addition to the community order Hulse will be on the sex offenders’ register for five years and subject to an indefinite sexual offences prevention order which involves extensive restrictions on his future access and use of any computer equipment. He was also ordered to pay £300 costs.

Hulse, who now works as delivery driver, had been a regular dock officer at Shrewsbury Crown Court while working for security firm Geo Amey until he left last year.

Mr Robert Edwards, prosecuting, said that police recovered a desktop computer from the defendant’s home in December last year.

He said that only two of the images were accessible by the average user of the computer. The rest were retrieved by police computer experts after Hulse revealed the use of software for secure deletion of files.

Hulse had told police he had deleted the images because “he knew what he was doing was wrong”.

Mr Stephen Scully, for Hulse, said this client had caused embarrassment to his family and himself in having to come to court, especially in view of his previous occupation.

“Almost all the images were deleted. The software was used to regularly clean his computer to make it more efficient and not specifically to hide the images,” he said.

Boy abused by clairvoyant paedophile says: ”He robbed my childhood – I wanted to kill him”

Published December 7, 2014 by misty534

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 15.39.18

Paul Bayliss was jailed at Warwick Crown Court for 14 years after being found guilty of five assaults on a minor and four rapes

A former bodybuilder turned clairvoyant who provided readings to young believers in the back of his car has been jailed for 14 years – for sexually abusing a child.

And now Paul Bayliss’ victim has broken his silence over the years of torment he endured at the hands of the sick spiritualist.

Counselling has failed to erase dark thoughts of revenge, the 26-year-old, who was preyed on by Bayliss as a young teenager, admitted.

“The only spirits he saw were in a bottle,” he said.

“I spent years thinking about killing him and, yes, I wish he was dead. I wanted to kill him myself.

“I hope that what he did to me is done to him in prison. He robbed me of my childhood, no doubt.

“Half of the stuff I’ve managed to get rid of, but there’s always going to be something there.

“It’s something that sticks with you, and still burns.”

At Warwick Crown Court, Midlands, last month, 56-year-old Bayliss was found guilty of five assaults on a minor and four rapes.

As well as the long jail stretch, the building company boss from Hednesford, Staffordshire, will be placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Father-of-three Bayliss, who always maintained that a chronic back injury left him a sexual invalid, originally stood trial at Stafford Crown Court in March, but the jury failed to reach a decision.

At the Leamington Spa retrial last month, the jury deliberated for two days before finding Bayliss, who gave his name as Paul Bayliss-Sambrook in memory of his dead mother, guilty.

His victim, who has a child of his own, gave evidence in both court cases, but was shielded from coming face-to-face with his abuser.

“When I heard the verdict, I was over the moon, well and truly over the moon,” he said. “I had the biggest grin on my face. I was dreading the phone call saying he had been found not guilty.

“But he’ll never admit what he’s done. Who’s going to admit to being a paedophile?”

The victim was abused by Bayliss from the age of 13 until 16, initially trapped by the twisted medium’s pleas to rub his back.

“I’d try to push him off, but he was too strong. I was just a boy. He’d always warn me not to tell anyone.”

“I used to be a happy, chatty kid and ended up as someone with no confidence at all,” said Bayliss’ victim.

“The only time I was happy was when I was riding my bike.”

The constant abuse spawned anger management issues and the teenager was expelled from school for attacking a fellow pupil.

From there, he descended into cocaine and cannabis use and petty crime.

His young life has been studded with suicide attempts.

On one occasion, he claims, Bayliss even offered to help him end it all.

“I’d had enough and just wanted to die. Bayliss told me, ‘If you want to do it, do it right’. He put a rope round my neck and attached it to a gable. Afterwards I had the marks around my neck.”

The motor industry worker, from Lichfield, confessed: “I still think about sticking him in the back of a van and super-gluing him to a chair, ripping out his nails and teeth. Gouging out his eyes, cutting off his fingers.

“That is how much I hate the man.”

Since the age of 16, the victim, whose identity we are forbidden by law from revealing, has seen his tormentor only twice, the first time while driving.

“Everything went through my head. In the blink of an eye, I went from 40 mph to 140 mph,” he admitted.

“The second time I was walking through Lichfield town centre – and there he was.”

Haunted by his horrific childhood, the young man finally plucked up the courage to speak to the police two years ago.

The Staffordshire force, he maintains, have been brilliant, and he singled out Detective Constable John Wincott for praise.

The court cases have brought no closure, however.

“He’ll be out in seven years and that is nowhere near long enough,” he said. “I keep on wondering if there are more victims out there.

“I remember him as smug, and he was smug in court. To him, money was everything.

“Fourteen years seems like a long time, but he’s given me a lifetime of pain and anger.

“That sentence won’t come to an end.”

  • By Mike Lockley

Paedophile doctor jailed for abusing young cancer patients

Published December 1, 2014 by misty534


Children’s doctor Myles Bradbury is jailed for 22 years after admitting to the abuse of 18 boys in his care and taking thousands of pictures of gravely ill children on his spy pen.

The judge described the abuse committed by Bradbury as “one of the worst forms of sexual abuse imaginable”.

Cambridge crown court heard the 41-year-old carried out medical examinations on boys “purely for his own sexual gratification”.

All of the victims suffered from leukaemia, haemophilia or other serious conditions. Some have since died.

One of the worst forms of sexual abuse imaginable Judge Gareth Hawkesworth

He abused some boys behind a curtain while their parents were in the room.

The 41-year-old, from Herringswell, Suffolk, worked as a paediatric consultant haematologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

‘Gravely ill’ boys

He pleaded guilty to 25 offences, including sexual assault, voyeurism and possessing more than 16,000 indecent images, against boys aged between 10 and 16.

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth said Bradbury’s sentence would be reduced because of his early guilty plea.

But the judge said “some might observe” that the overwhelming evidence against him meant he had little choice but to admit the offences.

Something has gone very badly wrong in this man’s life and thought processesDefending counsel Angela Rafferty

He described Bradbury as “manipulative”, adding: “For a doctor to attack children in this way is one of the worst forms of sexual abuse imaginable.”

“These boys were all vulnerable and gravely ill,” the judge said.

“In all my years on the bench, I have never come across such a grotesque betrayal of your Hippocratic oath.

“There are almost too many aggravating factors to list in your prolonged carefully, planned and cruel abuse.

“It is implicit in what you did for your own sexual gratification that you were targeting the most vulnerable, sick children.”

The judge said he had no doubt Bradbury had caused “serious psychological” harm to his victims and there was a risk he would do so in future – but he said the doctor’s recognition of his deviancy meant the risk could be managed.

The offences took place over four and a half years, the first within six months of him taking up his post in 2008. They continued to the day he was suspended when the first concerns were raised.

Spy pen

Police found 170,425 images of partially clothed boys on this pen but none of these was classed as indecent.

Prosecutor John Farmer said Bradbury was first arrested in December 2013 after police were alerted by Canadian authorities that he may have bought a DVD containing indecent images of children as part of Operation Spade.

Cambridgeshire Police were already investigating Mr Bradbury after concerns were raised about his conduct. But questions have been raised about why it took so long for Bradbury to be arrested, 16 months after concerns had been raised with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

What he did was unforgivableDefending counsel Angela Rafferty

The court heard Mr Bradbury was also involved in church and Scout groups, and was described as “a man of great charm and persuasiveness” whom everybody trusted.

When one victim raised concerns with his mother, she responded: “He’s a doctor, it must be necessary.”

In mitigation, defending counsel Angela Rafferty said Mr Bradbury’s guilty pleas had spared his victims the ordeal of giving evidence in court.

She added: “Clearly on a human level something has gone very badly wrong in this man’s life and thought processes.”

She said Bradbury seemed to have repressed homosexual feelings during puberty and this influenced his behaviour.

Ms Rafferty added that he accepted what he did was “repugnant”.

She said: “He knows he will not get any understanding or forgiveness because what he did was unforgivable.”


Self-confessed paedophile, 39, admits to being sexually attracted to children as young as FOUR in Channel 4 documentary but denies he’s ever committed a crime

Published November 24, 2014 by misty534
  • The Paedophile Next Door will show Eddie, 39, out himself on camera
  • Tells the programme he has been attracted to young girls since his 20s
  • He insists he has never abused children and does not plan to
  • Calls for help to stop people attracted to children from becoming criminals
  • Programme looks at so-called ‘virtuous paedophiles’
  • It suggests treatment should be given to those who come forward
  • Programme also features victim Ian McFadyen who was abused at school
  • Says programme may not be popular, but current practices are ‘antiquated’

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 21.19.50

A self-confessed paedophile will admit to being sexually attracted to children as young as four in a Channel 4 documentary, but insists he has never committed a crime.

The Paedophile Next Door will feature 39-year-old Eddie outing himself on camera in order to ask for more help for people sexually attracted to children in a bid to stop them becoming criminals.

Eddie, who tells the programme that he is also attracted to adult women, says he has been attracted to young girls since he was in his 20s, but has never abused children and does not plan to.

‘People will probably say “Why isn’t this guy locked up? We should kill this guy, we should go and give him a good shoeing”,’ he tells documentary maker Steve Humphries on the programme, to be broadcast tomorrow night.

‘I, honest to God, won’t run away from you and if that is what you want to do to me, you come and do it, because all you are doing in that scenario is just keeping the status quo.

‘Going around abusing children is not acceptable, viewing images of child pornography is not acceptable, but people are just waiting for you to offend before they help you.

‘They are saying “Do what you want but if we catch you we are going to bang you up”, instead of saying perhaps “Listen, we can help you”.

‘But if you don’t have that help, (and) you don’t have that option to come forward and say “Look, I have got a problem, I need help”, what are we changing? We are changing nothing.’

The programme looks at so-called ‘virtuous paedophiles’ and suggests radical changes are needed to child protection that include treatment and therapy for those who come forward despite never having committed any sex offences.

‘Virtuous paedophiles’ is a term developed from a support group for men and women who admit to being paedophiles but claim not to act on their desires.

Viewers will also see Eddie meet Ian McFadyen, 49, who was abused by a schoolteacher as a young boy.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 21.23.37

Eddie tells the documentary he realised he was a paedophile after using pornography, adding: ‘When I began to realise the implications of what I had been looking at, I began to really question myself and I was genuinely distressed and worried.’

He adds that this was at the time in 2000 when eight-year-old Sarah Payne was murdered by Roy Whiting and there was ‘hysteria that every paedophile is a rapist and everyone is making that jump’.

He tells the programme: ‘I thought I was a bad person. I thought somewhere along the line I’m going to do something.

‘At that time I honestly was just thinking more and more about suicide. I couldn’t escape it, it was never far from my mind.’

Channel 4 is not releasing any other details of Eddie’s identity, apart from saying he had a normal upbringing, was popular at school and was captain of the rugby team.

He does not have a family and is receiving treatment in Europe, the filmmakers said.

The documentary shows him writing a letter to his mother admitting he is a paedophile so she does not find out from watching.

Several experts in the documentary call for the UK to set up a similar scheme to Germany’s Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD) which treats people who admit they are sexually-attracted to children to help them live safely in society.

They claim research shows that as many as one in 50 men could be sexually attracted to children to some degree and the only resource they have at the moment is other paedophiles, including those who have committed crimes, in online communities for minor attracted persons (MAPs).

Mr McFadyen was abused at Caldicott School in Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire, in the 1970s and became a drug addict and child prostitute.

In the documentary he tells Eddie: ‘Eighteen years ago I was quite violent, I would probably have attempted to kill you.’

Speaking in London today, Mr McFadyen admitted that the documentary may not be popular with child sex abuse victims, who feel they do not get enough support themselves. But he said current practices are ‘antiquated’.

He said: ‘The only reason I agreed to get involved in this was that we can look at this as being potentially another option towards being proactive.

‘This is about stopping the abuse actually happening.

‘It is not a comfortable subject, I don’t want to sit with paedophiles, I don’t advocate for paedophiles, I feel wholly uncomfortable with them, but … the damage is done to me and my generation, what I don’t want is that to keep occurring because we won’t look at new ways and sit down with the offenders before they offend.’

Dr Sarah Goode, an academic who studies paedophilia, brought the film makers Mr Humphries and German co-director Rudolf Herzog, together with Eddie.

She told the documentary that currently the only message getting through to potential child sex offenders was that they were ‘monsters’ who faced a horrific time in prison when they were caught and jailed.

She told the programme: ‘That is the only message we are giving at the moment and that is not a deterrent, it doesn’t keep kids safe because it is not saying that person has any choice.

‘If we change that message and if we say to this person OK you are a paedophile but you are also a moral person who can make moral choices and you can choose never to break the law, never to offend, you can choose to keep children safe.’

Speaking today she argued that paedophilia was a ‘public health issue’ that should be looked at ‘maturely’ and addressed in the same way as campaigns to cut drink driving or smoking.

Jon Brown, the NSPCC’s head of strategy and development, added that there are many grades of attraction to children, saying: ‘There are going to be men out there … who have some degree of sexual interest in children but are going to be able to manage it.

‘There are sufficient inhibitors in place for them to know what they have got to lose, that it is not that strong and they can maintain a consenting adult relationship. They will probably be OK and not go on and offend.

‘But the problem at the moment and over the last decade is the hugely increased availability of child abuse imagery online.

‘That is a problem because that can fuel and stoke interest that for some people perhaps was not that great in the first place.’

He added that the country as a whole needed to become a lot better at talking about sex.

Lucy Crossley

Paedophile continued working at school despite admitting ‘sexual attraction to young boys’

Published November 10, 2014 by misty534


Lewis Nainby was told to leave a junior football club in Newcastle, where he worked as a coach, after two boys reported being abused during a trip in the mid-1980s

A sports coach who abused children continued working at a school – despite admitting his attraction to young boys.

Self-confessed paedophile Lewis Nainby was told to leave a local junior football club, where he worked as a coach, after two boys reported being abused during a trip in the mid-1980s.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Nianby, who was a sports coach at Seaton Burn High, Newcastle, then referred himself to a psychiatrist for help.

He admitted the assaults which took place in the 1980s, reports the Newcastle Chronicle.

During the trip, Nainby had awoken a teenage boy while touching his genitals, a Judge was told.

The boy gathered his belongings and ran from the room reporting the incident to a member of club staff.

After the trip, parents were informed and Nainby was asked to leave the club.

However, despite parents and Seaton Burn High being aware ofallegations facing Nainby at the time, no criminal complaint was made.

After retiring, Nainby worked as a volunteer football coach and exam invigilator on a casual basis at the school.

A spokesman for Seaton Burn College said: “On the day the allegations were made he was immediately suspended by school principal Alison Shaw and he has not been in the school since or had any contact with the pupils.”

He pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual assault in Newcastle Crown Court.

Nainby, of Southward, Seaton Sluice, had abused two boys on a number of occasions asking them if they would like to sit on his knee and drive his car.

Sue Hirst, prosecuting, told the court Nainby’s victims waited almost 30 years to speak out about their concerns after they learned he was still coaching youngsters in May 2013.

Katherine Dunn, representing Nainby, told the court he had not reoffended since his psychiatric treatment in 1985 and had dedicated his life to charity work, working with a hospice in the North East.

Judge Deborah Sherwin, passing sentence, said: “You had been seen in the showers wrapped in a towel but it’s not clear to me whether any adults were made aware at that stage of your actions.

“We’ve seen reference to your medical records, in October 1985 you sought help and we were also told you have told those about you of the allegations, and stopped being a football coach at the time but you continued to be employed by the school until your retirement.”

Nainby was handed a two year jail sentence, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to sign the sex offenders register.

He will also have to take part in the sex offenders treatment programme.

Will Metcalfe

Aberdeen paedophile communicted with girl via sign language

Published November 7, 2014 by misty534


An Aberdeen paedophile was back behind bars last night after he admitted communicating sexually with a 14-year-old girl – via sign language.

Serial offender Brian Morrison, whose record of sexual offences against children dates back to 1984, appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday and admitted being in breach of a sexual offences prevention order, imposed four years ago.

The order, Morrison’s third, forbids him from approaching, contacting or communicating with children.

However, the 53-year-old admitted breaking those conditions by using sign language to send a sexual message to his latest victim as she was standing at her flat window and he was seated in his car outside.

Fiscal depute Gavin Letford told the court Morrison had also been facing two other charges which alleged he had breached his SOPO, however his not guilty pleas to those were accepted by the Crown.

He said: “The accused is a registered sex offender who was made subject to a sexual offences prevention order on September 22, 2010. One of the conditions is that he is prohibited from having contact with children under-17 unless it is unavoidable.”

He said that at the time of the latest offence, which was between May and June this year, the school girl had been at her home address in Aberdeen when Morrison pulled his car up outside.

Mr Letford said the girl waved to Morrison from her window and in response he used his hands to convey a sexual gesture.

Mr Letford said the girl understood what he was trying to sign to her and his actions made her feel “mortified and shocked”.

Representing the repeat offender, solicitor Paul Barnett said that on the day of the offence Morrison had been dropping of his wife of 14-years, who remains supportive of him despite his criminal offending.

He said his client accepted he was in breach of the order, but had not gone out of his way to offend and had made no attempt to approach the girl.

Sentencing Morrison, a prisoner at HMP Grampian, to 15 months in custody, Sheriff William Summers said he had to take into account that Morrison had a “significant history” of sexual offending and that the order was in place in order to “protect potential victims from further abuse”.

Ex-Tory branch chairman Angus Burgoyne of Folkestone and Hythe Conservative Association guilty of child sex attacks

Published September 18, 2014 by misty534

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 00.04.55

A former branch chairman for the Folkestone and Hythe Conservative Association hid a “dark secret” – he was a sick paedophile, it has been revealed.

Angus Burgoyne posed online as ‘James Beevers’ to exchange perverted child sex fantasies and then downloaded vile images of children.

Now the 41-year-old father-of-two is facing a lengthy period behind bars after a jury has convicted him of three sex attacks on children.

Burgoyne, who is pictured standing next to MP Damian Collins at a branch event, formerly lived in New Road, Elham, but has since grown a beard and moved to Melbury Osmond in Dorset.

Prosecutor Simon Taylor had told the jury that Burgoyne was “a brazen liar” and a pervert who molested children before being arrested and questioned in 2012.

Police officers seized his computer and a forensic examination revealed he had downloaded more than 1,500 images of children.

The Canterbury Crown Court jury heard how four of the images depicted children involved in sadism and many others were of children and adults involved in sex.

The prosecutor said the warped Burgoyne had also created another online profile called ‘Matthew Keeping’ in August 2012.

Burgoyne, who admitted eight downloading and distributing image charges but denied the sex assaults, claimed his child victims had lied.

He told police: “It didn’t happen. It really… I mean… I don’t… to think I’d do something like that… it makes me feel sick and I just really don’t know what to say to be perfectly frank.”

Mr Taylor told the jury: “She (one of the child victims) struck lucky, you may think. She would never have known that the defendant had a collection of child pornography on his computer – still less the victim would have realised that the police would seize his computer during the course of their investigation.”

He added that if the victim had lied it would have been to frame Burgoyne for sex offences.

Mr Taylor added: “So, for the defendant to be innocent, this must have been a pure shot in the dark by the victim.

“Pure coincidence, pure fortune that the person she decided to frame just happened to have a perverted interest in children, a dark secret that she could never have known about.”

The jury believed the children and convicted Burgoyne on all three sex assaults.

Judge Heather Norton remanded him in custody for the preparation of reports and he will be sentenced next month.

Kent Online