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Mum’s horror at discovering partner was a PAEDOPHILE who secretly filmed her schoolgirl daughter undressing

Published February 15, 2015 by misty534

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Caroline Walsh had no idea her partner of eight years Martyn Darlington was a pervert until she discovered of sick images on his computer

Mum-of-one Caroline Walsh thought it couldn’t get any worse when she found disgusting child porn images on her ­boyfriend’s ­computer – but her nightmare was just beginning.

When the trusting 49-year-old ­uncovered the sick pictures, she ­immediately reported Martyn Darlington, 39, to the police.

Officers seized the pervert’s computer, hard drive, and dozens of memory cards where they made an even more shocking ­discovery – Caroline’s partner of eight years had been filming her teenage daughter in her bedroom and the bathroom.

Caroline told the Sunday People : “Martyn had set up a secret camera in the bathroom. He had put it under the sink and for years had been watching my little girl on the toilet.

“From the videos the police could tell he had been spying on her from the age of 15. He’s spent hours watching her washing, going to the loo and undressing. I was absolutely mortified and couldn’t believe I had welcomed this sicko into my home.”

Housekeeper Caroline first met Darlington in 2000 through mutual friends and although the pair were close, they only got together five years later.

“Martyn was charming, good-looking and a really lovely man,” Caroline ­recalls. “He was really well-respected in his job as a rail engineer and we had all the same friends.

“It seemed like the perfect match, especially because he was so good with my daughter, who was only 12 at the time we met.

“Never in my wildest ­imagination did I think he could be sexually attracted to her, he seemed like such a straight man.”

Ross Parry / SWNSA man secretly filmed his 15-year-old step-daughter undressing, washing and going to the toilet, a court heard
Horror: Caroline and Jade never suspected a thing

Although the couple fell head over heels in love, Caroline was reluctant to let her new boyfriend move into the home she shared with Jade.

“It was our house and I didn’t want Jade to feel sidelined. I was always very careful of how she would feel because it had been just us two for so long,” she says. “Martyn worked away during the week so would come and stay at weekends.

“It worked really well ­because we would all have days out at the weekends and spend quality time ­together as a family.”

As their relationship progressed, Darlington won Jade’s trust and she looked up to him.

“Martyn was a great role model for Jade and she really loved him,” Caroline adds. “She saw him as a father figure. It made me so happy to see her laughing and joking with him.

“After so long on our own, I was really glad I could finally give her the family life she had always wanted.”

Caroline was so charmed by Darlington, even a horrifying discovery on Jade’s 16th birthday didn’t set enough alarm bells ringing.

“We’d had such a lovely day celebrating her birthday when Jade came ­downstairs with a camera,” Caroline says.

“She walked in and showed me a lens that had been directly facing her bed. I was speechless. I had no idea a camera had been put in place and went straight to Martyn.”

Caroline, of Treuddyn, Wales, accused Darlington of spying on her daughter.

Ross Parry / SWNSMartyn Darlington
Paedophile: Martyn Darlington arriving at Mold Crown Court

She recalls: “I was astounded when he admitted he’d set the camera up. Words can’t describe how furious I was, I couldn’t understand why he would do that.

“But after a screaming row, he ­explained that he was just being over­protective.

“He said he was worried that Jade had been bringing boys back to the house and he wanted to keep an eye on them.

“Although I was angry with him for not consulting me first, I didn’t think there was any malice in his actions.”

To make sure, Caroline made Darlington put the memory card from the camera into her phone to prove he hadn’t been filming Jade.

She recalls: “When he put it into my phone, nothing came up. I don’t know anything about technology so I believed him. I was completely naive.”

After a frosty few days, the pair made up and decided to carry on with life. But Jade’s relationship with her step-dad fell apart and the pair barely spoke.

Caroline says: “Her trust was ­completely shattered and she never really looked at Martyn in the same way. It was hard to see her so upset but I was desperate for things to get back to the way they were before.”

Playing a game: Darlington appeared to be a loving family man

A year later, in 2012, Jade moved out and the couple bought a house in Rhyl. She adds: “Our relationship was back on track and everything seemed fine. When Martyn was home he would spend hours in his office on the ­computer. I didn’t think much of it as I knew his job kept him very busy.

“But every time I went into the room he would close all the screens. Although I thought it was a bit odd, I never could have imagined he was hiding such a disgusting secret from me.”

It wasn’t until October 2013 that Caroline’s suspicions got the better of her and she asked her cousin to help.

She says: “I didn’t even know how to turn on a computer so asked my cousin and his wife to come and take a look at Martyn’s computer.”

“When they logged in we were bombarded with the most disturbing pornographic images. I only saw a couple of photos before I turned away, some of the children looked about six years old.

“I was utterly horrified and ran to the toilet to be sick. Thoughts were racing through my mind and I couldn’t believe what I’d seen.

“My suspicions told me I might find something incriminating but nothing could have prepared me for what we found that day. It was revolting.

“I packed my bags as quickly as I could and left that house. I couldn’t bear to be anywhere near it,” she continues. “When I told Jade, she didn’t seem surprised at all. I think she hadn’t trusted him since her 16th birthday.”

Police found 100,000 indecent images of children and Darlington was jailed for 14 months at Mold Crown Court last week after pleading guilty to three counts of voyeurism and 14 counts of possessing indecent images of children.

The judge described his behaviour as “serious and disturbing” and ordered Darlington sign the sex offender register and a ten-year sexual offences prevention order.

Unsuspecting: Caroline with a young Jade and Martyn Darlington

Caroline says Jade, now 20, hasn’t recovered since the camera was discovered in their bathroom.

“Jade was devastated and hasn’t been the same since,” she says. “She has become so introvert and I hardly recognise her from the bubbly, ­confident girl she was before.

“I feel so guilty that I couldn’t prevent this. It breaks my heart every day. It makes me sick to think that he will be out of prison in a matter of months.

“After everything he’s put us through, he deserves to be in jail for ten years. This was a man I trusted with my and my daughter’s life.

“Now I know he was just using me to get to my daughter because he is sick and twisted.

“I’ll never forgive myself for letting him into my life and allowing him to take away Jade’s privacy and innocence. I could kill him.”

“To think he will be released in less than a year makes us both feel completely let down by the justice system.

“For the rest of my life, I will never forgive myself for letting this happen.

“What’s more, I’m not sure I’ll ever trust anyone again. To think you know someone and then find out they have been lying to you for almost a decade, it’s earth-shattering.

“I should have seen the warning signs. It is repulsive to think the entire time we were together, he was only interested in one thing – my daughter.”

  • By Paisley Gilmour

Pervert George Gibbs who sued The S*n for calling him a paedophile may have to pay back £70,000 damages

Published December 22, 2014 by misty534

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Gibbs, 66, found guilty of fraud after lying in his claim because he knew he had abused children in the 1970s, 80s and 90s

A pervert who won £70,000 compensation from a national newspaper when it called him a paedophile was found guilty of fraud after being jailed for sexual offences.

George Gibbs, 66, successfully sued The Sun after it accused him of being involved in sexual abuse in Thailand in a story on March 17, 2011.

But this summer he was jailed for life after being found guilty of 26 offences against young boys, prompting a fresh investigation into his civil claim.

Liverpool Crown Court heard today how Gibbs lied to Armstrongs solicitors when the Merseyside firm took up his case.

Gibbs said he had no previous convictions and denied he was a paedophile and a check confirmed he was not on the sex offenders register.

However, further enquiries revealed he had been convicted of two offences of gross indecency in 1975.

Gibbs claimed he had forgotten about these crimes, committed in his mid-20s, and Armstrongs said they were not enough to justify what The Sun had written about him.

They went ahead with his claim after he stressed he “was not and never had been a paedophile.”

Yet the whole time Gibbs, of Kremlin Drive, Tuebrook, knew he had raped and abused youngsters in Bournemouth over an eight-year period.

Judge Denis Watson said: “You lied when you claimed firstly that you had no convictions for any sexual offences and also when you said you were not a paedophile.

“You had convictions, historic convictions for gross indecency in 1975, which your claim to have forgotten about is frankly laughable.

“The idea that anyone would forget their first appearance at the Old Bailey is something the jury have rightly rejected.”

The judge said Gibbs, who was on disability benefit, took a calculated risk driven by financial gain.

Sentencing him to three years in prison, he added: “You knew perfectly well what had gone on between 1988 and 1996 with these eight individuals that gave evidence at this court, and you knew perfectly well of the lifestyle you were living in Thailand where you regularly kept the company of young boys.

“This was a deliberate claim for fraud that you persisted in when you were challenged.”

Simon Christie, prosecuting, said Gibbs was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 11 and a half years in July, after confessing to a probation officer following a trial.

But the pony-tailed pervert denied making any admissions to her and told a jury she “misinterpreted” what he said.

The former musician said he intended to appeal against his conviction and claimed his victims and witnesses had lied because they were jealous of his lavish lifestyle.

The court heard he had also not told Armstrongs about a string of convictions for dishonesty and “petty violence”, including assaulting a traffic warden and hitting someone with a sword, which he later claimed solicitors advised him were “spent” – something the firm denied.

Mr Christie said Gibbs was a “persistent liar” who did remember what sexual offences he had committed in the past, adding: “You stood to make thousands of pounds from The Sun newspaper and nothing was going to stand in your way from pursuing your claim.”

The jury, which heard Gibbs was deported from Thailand in 2010, after he was found not guilty of abusing young boys in that country, asked the defendant if he had sought treatment from a doctor for his memory problems.

He said he was seeing a psychologist.

Following his civil claim, The Sun was also forced to issue a retraction and apologise in court.

Gibbs, who heard prosecutors will attempt to claw back the £140,000 he cost the newspaper including court costs in a hearing next year, shouted “wrong again” at the jury as he left the dock.

Judge Watson said: “How dare you address the jury and tell them they were wrong? You are an arrogant man and a man who isn’t going to learn.”

Speaking after the case, Detective Chief Inspector Chris Sephton said he and other officers who investigated Gibbs were delighted with the additional sentence.

He said: “Gibbs has revealed himself to be a deeply devious and manipulative liar as well as being a convicted sex offender. It is my professional belief that he is an incredibly dangerous man and it is satisfying that his attempts to protest his innocence to a jury have failed.

“I would once again like to praise the courage of all the victims that Gibbs has previously been convicted of sexually abusing.

“Reporting such a serious thing to the authorities must have been an incredibly difficult and harrowing thing but it is thanks to their amazing courage that we have been able to put George Gibbs in prison where he cannot harm anyone again.”

Liverpool Echo

A convicted paedophile who boasted of working with ‘really hot kids’ during his time as a teacher is living secretly in Scotland

Published October 23, 2014 by misty534

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A PERVERT teacher who boasted of working with “really hot kids” is living secretly in Scotland.

Twisted paedophile Gary Anderson has been jailed three times in England.

And he mocked attempts to treat him behind bars, saying he concealed his real thoughts in order to appear a reformed character.

Former music teacher Anderson, 48, who has changed his name to Simeon Hope, is now living in Barrhead, Renfrewshire.

His council property is within a 15-minute walk of the town’s six schools. And his new neighbours are completely unaware of his sickening past.

The serial offender admits he is sexually attracted to girls aged between eight and 12.

In online chats, Anderson, a former Green Party candidate, bragged to fellow paedophiles: “I used to be a teacher and met a lot of really hot kids.”

He was jailed in 2000 in his native County Durham and in 2003 and 2010 in the Midlands.

He was barred from working with children for life after his 2003 offence and is the subject of a sexual offences prevention order.

When he was interviewed by police about his most recent offence, he ridiculed his sex offender treatment, saying it was “run by fools” and that he concealed his true thoughts.

Prosecutor Grace Hale told the court at his 2010 trial that computer experts found evidence he had been active on child sex websites.

She said: “On one chat log, he wrote ‘I used to be a teacher and met a lot of really hot kids but little happened because I was too aware of the risks here in the UK.’

“In another, talking about his prison treatment programme, he wrote, ‘My strategy is to tell these lovely, caring people what they like to hear. My real thoughts I keep to myself and for here. I want to be regarded as low risk so I can lead a more normal life’.”

An East Renfrewshire Council spokeswoman would only say it was the authority’s legal duty to help with the supervision of offenders in their area.

Anderson was not available for comment.

Scottish Labour’s justice spokesman Graeme Pearson said: “It should be an offence for people convicted of such crimes to change their names to avoid identification.

“Three jail sentences in a decade reflects a determination to reoffend.”

In June, our sister paper, the Sunday Mail, revealed record numbers of sex offenders are changing their names.

Paedophiles and rapists created new identities in a bid to stop neighbours and workmates uncovering their secret pasts.

Daily Record

Pervert, 72, walks free after 20 years of downloading indecent pictures of children

Published September 14, 2014 by misty534

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A 72-YEAR-OLD pervert who coached youngsters in table tennis has walked free from court despite downloading thousands of indecent images of children over a 20-year period.

After pleading guilty to 11 charges of making indecent images and movies of children, Michael John Smith, of Coventry Crescent, Poole, was spared jail.

Bournemouth Crown Court heard most of the sickening images were rated as category A – the most serious rating given to material of this type. Some were of children believed to be as young as five.

Carolyn Branford-Wood, prosecuting, said the pictures and videos were discovered on Smith’s computer after a warrant was executed at his home in November last year.

Smith told police he been downloading indecent images of children for around 20 years.

Mark Ruffell, mitigating, said Smith, who used to be a coach at Bournemouth Sports Table Tennis Club, resigned from the club when his crimes were uncovered.

The court was told Smith’s wife, who supported her husband in the public gallery, had suffered from bipolar disorder for around 30 years.

He had been her “emotional and physical punchbag”, Mr Ruffell said.

“He does not seek to excuse his behaviour by her illness but it cannot be discounted,” he added.

The court heard as his wife’s condition worsened Smith began viewing more and more pornographic material online.

“Over time they got younger and younger. He got fixated. He admits he has got a problem,” Mr Ruffell said.

Sentencing Smith, who had no previous convictions, Judge Peter Johnson said: “You downloaded these images over a period of time and some of those images showed distress on the children when sexual acts were done to them.

“It seems to me that just under three decades you have grappled with and coped with your wife’s serious disorder.

“This was the turning point in your life, which led you to turn to pornography which became more and more extreme and turned to young children.”

Smith was given a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and was ordered to complete a sex offenders rehabilitation programme.

He was also made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order to prevent unsupervised contact with children.

Judge Johnson said: “It seems to me, while it is a matter of fine judgement, that if anyone deserves a chance it’s you.”

‘They need treatment’

Deborah Denis, spokeswoman for the child sexual abuse prevention campaign Stop It Now, said it was not uncommon for online offenders to be spared jail.

“One of the reasons is that sentencing guidelines mean the offender would not be in prison long enough to receive treatment. Over the past few years judges have been leaning towards community orders and suspended sentences,” she said.

According to a report from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, an estimated 50,000-60,000 people in the UK regularly download child pornography.

Ms Denis said: “The most important thing is that they get some form of treatment and don’t reoffend again. Whether that is in prison or not is by the by.”


  • Jail for pervert who lured teen with porn and alcohol

    Published August 8, 2013 by misty534

    A PERVERT who lured a teenager to his home with the offer of porn and alcohol has been jailed for three years.

    William McNeil met the 14-year-old, who was an acquaintance, in Derby city centre before they caught the bus to his flat in Highfield Road.

    1. Pervert offered teen porn and alcohol in bid to lure him to his home


    Derby Crown Court heard that McNeil had been convicted of sexual offences on four other occasions.

    The last offence was in 2004 when he met a 15-year-old on a bus and when they got off the vehicle engaged in a sex act with him. He was released from prison in 2011.

    For the latest offence, which took place on April 17, the 49-year-old was jailed for three years but has been told he will be closely watched by the authorities until 2021.

    Handing McNeil a three-year prison sentence with a five-year extended licence period, Recorder Timothy Raggatt QC said: “Because of your history and risk, I’m satisfied you impose a danger to young boys in puberty.”

    He said the sentence he was passing was designed to ensure he was “monitored closely” so the public were not at risk.

    The recorder added: “He knows if he reverts to type that, in effect, a very lengthy suspended sentence is hanging over his head.”

    The court heard that the boy had asked McNeil for a cigarette when they met in an alleyway off St Peter’s Street.

    McNiel then suggested they go back to his flat to watch porn.

    The boy agreed and McNiel paid for his bus fare and then gave him a bottle of beer.

    At his flat, McNeil played pornographic material and then asked to perform a sex act on him, said prosecutor Martin Hurst.

    The boy then fled the flat.

    In court, McNeil admitted inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

    Balraj Bhatia, in mitigation, said: “This was not predatory behaviour – it was a chance meeting.

    “There were no threats, no use of violence and when he tried to leave he did not try to stop him.”

    Mr Bhatia said McNeil saw himself as much a victim because of experiences he had when he was younger.

    “He has to concede because he has not had counselling to address the issue, it has grown with him and therefore he realises it’s a problem.”

    McNeil will be on the sex offenders’ register for life and must obey a sex offences prevention order for an indefinite period.

    The order includes banning him from approaching boys in public places and from entering any educational premises for people under 16.

    The recorder said he hoped McNeil would take part in custody in courses to help him address his problem.


    by Aly Walsh

    Gravesend child sex beast Michael Anderson jailed for 13 years

    Published August 2, 2013 by misty534

    Michael Anderson, 52, jailed for 13 years for sex offences

    A pervert who used force to sexually abuse a young girl has been jailed for 13 years.

    Michael Anderson was told by a judge: “There was a persistent campaign. You gave no thought of any harm you might be doing to her.”

    The 52-year-old, of Haynes Road, Gravesend, was convicted of one offence of oral rape, five of sexual assault, one of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, one of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, two of causing a child to watch a sexual act and two of making indecent images of children.
    Maidstone Crown Court heard the abuse was revealed last year after the victim told her sister that Anderson had “fiddled” with her and made her watch pornographic DVDs.
    She made further disclosures in police interviews and told how Anderson held her arms to prevent her from moving as he committed a sex act on her.
    “She repeatedly told him to stop,” said prosecutor Dominic Connolly. “Eventually, he did.”
    On another occasion, he forced her to shave his private parts after she refused. He also made her perform a sex act on him.
    Mr Connolly said Anderson showed the girl film clips of adults having sex.
    When arrested, his computer was seized and pictures of pre-pubescent girls at the lowest level of one were discovered.
    Anderson denied all the allegations and claimed he had no knowledge of the indecent images on the computer.
    Judge Charles Byers told Anderson: “Not only did you rape her orally, you did it forcibly. You had subjected her to a varied and persistent campaign of abuse.
    “Some of it was of a humiliating nature. You also made her watch pornographic material. She must have been both confused and frightened when this was going on.
    “One can only hope she will not have long term effects from your abuse. You performed these acts upon her for your own sexual gratification.”
    The judge added: “You have shown no remorse and you sought to defend yourself by branding her a liar. I take into consideration your good character.”
    A sexual offences prevention order was imposed and Anderson’s name will appear on the sex offenders’ register for life.


     Kent Online


    Paedophile TV presenter Stuart Hall to face new sex charges if jail sentence is not increased

    Published July 26, 2013 by misty534


    The former BBC presenter’s sentence for abusing a string of girls was branded “pathetic” and sparked fury among campaigners and the public

    Pervert Stuart Hall could face further child sex charges if his 15 month jail sentence is not significantly increased.

    The former BBC presenter’s sentence for abusing a string of girls was branded “pathetic” and sparked fury among campaigners and the public.

    That term has been referred to the Appeal Court for review by Attorney General Dominic Grieve.

    But if it is not extended, further prosecutions could still be brought against the 83-year-old paedophile.

    Police are already investigating five new allegations, including the rape of a 12-year-old girl.

    A legal source said last night: “We are fully expecting this sentence to be increased significantly.

    “But if, for whatever reason, it is not we are actively looking at further prosecutions.

    “There is a general feeling throughout the country that justice was not done in this case.

    “Stuart Hall should be facing a much longer sentence. These were very serious offences involving young girls which went on for many decades.”

    Hall was jailed last month at Preston crown court after admitting ­indecently assaulting girls as young as nine between 1967 and 1987.

    A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We can confirm we have received further allegations against Mr Hall and we are working closely with the Crown Prosecution Service to determine the most appropriate course of action.”

    More than 150 members of the public complained to Mr Grieve about Hall’s “lenient” sentence.

    After he was charged, the former It’s a Knockout star vehemently denied the allegations. But he later admitted his crimes.

    Some victims were known to him through family friends. He used champagne and elocution lessons to get to the girls.

    Even if Hall’s sentenced is increased by the Appeal Court, police will still ­investigate the other claims of sexual abuse against him.

    Judge Anthony Russell QC told the court he had to sentence Hall based on the maximum sentence available at the time the crimes were committed, which was two to five years.

    However, the maximum sentence for similar horrific offences has now been increased to 10 years.

    by Andy Lines

    Child sex abuser Adam Noble jailed for six years

    Published July 18, 2013 by misty534


    A MECHANIC who had sexual relationships with two under-age girls has been jailed for six years.

    Adam James Noble, 24, knew one of the girls was only 13 years old at the time, but “deliberately targeted her for sex”, York Crown Court heard.

    Noble had a lengthy sexual relationship with a 14-year-old girl which started when he was 21, but when that broke down, he met the second teenager, with whom he also had a sexual relationship.

    The court heard he also encouraged the younger girl to text him indecent pictures of herself, and was “pestering” her to find a friend to join them for group sex.

    David Dixon, for Noble, told the court his client was carer for his unwell father, after he was sacked from two jobs following the allegations.

    Mr Dixon also said “there was care and affection” towards the girls.

    Throughout the trial, Noble claimed he thought both girls were over 16, although text messages from Noble on the younger girl’s phone showed he had told her they had to be careful not to be seen together, because he could be “banged up for five years” if they were.

    Noble, of York Road in Hessay, denied six charges of having sexual activity with a child, three for each girl, and admitted one of involving the younger girl in pornography by getting her to send him erotic pictures of herself.

    A jury returned not guilty verdicts on two of the charges involving the older girl.

    Recorder Martin Bethen QC told Noble: “Not only did you know she was 13 years old throughout the time of these offences, but you deliberately targeted her for sex.

    “My clear view is as far as you were concerned she was not a girlfriend, she was a sex object.

    “It is disturbing in relation to her and the other girl that the pre-sentence report showed even after conviction you still do not accept responsibility for what you have done.”

    Noble was sentenced to four and a half years each for three counts relating to the 13-year-old and 12 months for causing a child to create an indecent image, all to be served concurrently.

    He was jailed for a further 18 months for sex offences with the older girl, to be served consecutively.


    by Dan Bean

    South Oxhey pervert Clifford Whitehead has sentence slashed at Court of Appeal

    Published July 17, 2013 by misty534

    images (10)


    A pervert who carefully groomed and seduced a vulnerable teenager, coaxing her into twisted sessions of cyber sex, had his sentence slashed by more than a third at the Court of Appeal.

    Clifford Whitehead – a man of previous “excellent character” before his fall from grace – made friends with the “lonely and isolated” Belgian schoolgirl via an online chatroom when she was just 12.

    The Watford man told her his real age but she “thought it was cool to be friends with an older guy” and the two struck up an initially innocent online rapport.

    Whitehead, 45, persuaded her to keep their conversations secret from her family, said Mr Justice King, and the two communicated “almost daily”, swapping details about their personal lives.

    But, after several months of careful “grooming”, Whitehead began talking about sex, the court heard, even sending her photos of children in risqué poses with adults, which he persuaded her were quite normal.

    Later on he got her to undress in front of a webcam and to touch her private parts for his gratification. He also stripped on camera and masturbated in front of the bewildered youngster, said the judge.

    Their bizarre online relationship continued for three years in all.

    His schoolgirl victim later became increasingly depressed and distraught, said Mr Justice King, and even resorted to self-harming, although she was still convinced that Whitehead was her steadfast friend.

    “The grooming process had worked,” said the judge, who added: “She regarded Whitehead as her best friend.”

    But when she reached 17 she finally saw the light, deleting her computer history and severing all contact with Whitehead.

    It was only after protracted therapy sessions that she found the courage to tell her family and police about her ordeal, triggering an international warrant and Whitehead’s arrest.

    The girl’s life had been “devastated” by Whitehead’s insidious torment, the court heard. She was “haunted”, profoundly traumatised, and felt she had “lost four years of her life”.

    Whitehead, of Trevose Way, South Oxhey, received a total sentence of 13 years and two months at Snaresbrook Crown Court in January after he was convicted of 10 offences of indecency with a child.

    He was also convicted of further offences of possessing indecent images of children after illicit photos were discovered on his computer by police.

    However, Whitehead’s case reached the Appeal Court today (Tuesday) as he challenged his sentence as too harsh.

    Mr Justice Sweeney, sitting with Lord Justice Moore-Bick and Judge Peter Rook QC, noted the gravity of his crimes, involving grooming and violating a vulnerable youngster over a three-period.

    But Whitehead had presented glowing character references, which spoke of his excellent work ethic, and Mr Justice King concluded that his total sentence was “simply too long”.

    The pervert’s jail term was cut to nine years and two months.


    Watford Observer

    Maidstone pervert jailed for meeting children

    Published July 15, 2013 by misty534


    Police arrest known offender for breaking his prevention offender

    A perverted criminal has been jailed for three years after braching his sexual offences prevention order.

    On June 7 police arrested Karl Curtis, 58, from Maidstone, after receiving information that he had breached the terms of the life-time prevention order.

    A member of the public raised concerns and an investigation revealed that Curtis had on two occasions allowed a child into his home, breaching his order. Curtis was charged with two counts of breaching his sexual offences prevention order and magistrates remanded him in custody pending a hearing at crown court.


    Curtis was later charged with two further breaches of his prevention order, after officers discovered he had engaged a young girl in conversation, and had also allowed another child to enter his home.

    Appearing before Maidstone Crown Court on July 12, Curtis was sentenced to three years in prison.


    Det Con Victoria Rixon said: “Karl Curtis has a long offending history and is therefore a registered sex offender, and is also subject to a sex offender prevention order. “We rigorously enforce these orders and within 24-hours of receiving information suggesting Curtis had breached his order he was arrested and has remained in prison ever since. He will now serve three years in prison, and when he is released will face the same close monitoring.”


    This is Kent