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Paedophile was kids’ referee

Published January 21, 2015 by misty534

TWISTED Andrew McBride was a football referee who regularly took charge of children’s games.


TWISTED Andrew McBride was a football referee who regularly took charge of children’s games.

The creepy paedophile oversaw matches where children as young as 13 competed in the South West Youth Football League.

Teams like Ayr Boswell Colts, Ayr Juniors, Ayr Thistle Colts, Valspar Boys Club, Coylton FC and Prestwick CFC all compete in the league.

A former refereeing pal was so humiliated to have ever been associated with McBride that he asked not to be named.

Our source said: “This is a sickening thing this man done and knowing him embarrassed me.

“Andrew had refereed in age groups up to under 16, and in fact he was highly rated within the league.”

During his trial McBride claimed he was suffering from a psychiatric illness.

He insisted that he couldn’t remember anything about his crimes because of the amount of alcohol and drugs he was taking.

“At Andrews case it was clearly stated that he was into drugs alcohol so why was he involved with youth football?”

During his trial, McBride was painted as a power-hungry loner by his own defence advocate Derick Nelson.

Mr Nelson told the court that initially McBride became involved online because he had low self esteem found it difficult to form relationships.

The solicitor said: “He found himself popular online and began to abuse that. He enjoyed the power and control.”

That was exemplified in court when it was explained that a 17-year-old befriended one of McBride’s aliases.

In June 2013 he sent her a message asking: “why is your light on so late?”

He asked her to close her windows and when she did she received another message stating: “Not that window the other one.”

Advocate depute Douglas Fairley QC, prosecuting, added: “The accused used the aliases David Paterson, Lindsey Smith, Elizabeth McCormick and Jamie Harvey.

“He induced these teenagers to send him images of themselves in their underwear, naked or engaging in sexual activity.

“In the majority of incidents, the accused then threatened the complainers that he would upload the images to Facebook if they did not send him more photos of a similar nature or perform sex acts on a webcam for him.”

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