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I passed on the names of 26 victims of grooming gangs, but my bosses did nothing, says former GMP detective

Published October 15, 2014 by misty534


The allegations were made by a former senior officer who said she raised the alarm over grooming gangs more than a decade ago

Suspected paedophiles are walking free in Manchester because of GMP’s failure to investigate claims of child sex abuse, a former senior officer has alleged.

Former detective constable Margaret Oliver said she first warned her bosses that Asian grooming gangs were preying on vulnerable girls in a report more than 10 years ago.

But despite passing on the names of at least 26 victims – and the men they had identified as abusers – she claims nothing was done and the problem has now reached epidemic proportions.

“From that time we have had 10 years where that problem has been allowed to develop and to grow and grow and grow,” she told ITV news.

Another former detective who reportedly raised the issue again in 2010 backed up her claims, alleging anonymously: “I told them young girls were being abused but they didn’t listen or resource the investigation.

“They were only interested in target crimes: robbery, burglary and car theft.

“Because this kind of crime is difficult to prosecute and didn’t show up quickly on crime figures they weren’t interested.”

The father of one of the victims of the Rochdale grooming gang also told the investigation GMP were not doing enough.


Rochdale Town Hall

Nine men were jailed over the abuse in 2012, but he said his daughter was promised there would be more arrests after she picked out other perpetrators in an identity parade last year.

Claiming there was “no follow-up, no anything”, he said: ”It tells me they are not dealing with it correctly.”

GMP chief constable Sir Peter Fahy – who is facing an IPCC probe into separate allegations of a mishandled sex offence case – admitted there had been mistakes in the past.

He said: “Some of our officers developed a mindset that victims in these sorts of cases would always be unreliable, and I think that was also a mindset which developed among prosecutors as well.”

Police’s attitudes had now changed, he claimed, but the court system had not.

Sir Peter said it meant GMP had to take a “broader” approach to preventing abuse, by taking away suspects’ away taxi licences, shutting down their shops or prosecuting them for other crimes.

“If that’s the only thing we can get them for, then that’s what we have to get them for,” he said.

by Manchester Evening News

Pervert who flicked semen on young girls’ clothing dodges jail

Published June 3, 2013 by misty534



Dale Cranshaw, 29, also made videos of schoolgirls from his bedroom window, zooming in on their legs and bottoms, a court heard.

A pervert who flicked his semen on young girls’ clothes in the street has avoided jail.

Dale Cranshaw, 29, also made videos of schoolgirls from his bedroom window, zooming in on their legs and bottoms, a court heard.

Cranshaw, of Woodhouse Lane, Norden, Rochdale, earlier pleaded guilty to five charges of sexual assault at Bolton Crown Court.

Cranshaw, wearing a grey suit and black shirt, clasped his hands together at his waist and thanked the judge after he was handed a community-based sentence.

He was given a three year community order, including supervision and sex offenders rehabilitation.

The charges relate to five incidents where young girls discovered a sticky, white substance on their clothing in BuryUnsworthPrestwich and Whitefield between October 2009 and January, this year.

Police were able to later confirm the substance was the defendant’s ejaculate.

Cranshaw took the ball from a roll-on deodorant and filled the container with his semen, prosecutors said. He then followed his five victims in the street and ‘flicked’ the liquid onto their tights, blazers and skirts, it was said.

After his arrest he told police: ‘I need help’.

Several girls burst into tears when they arrived home to find the white liquid attached to their clothes, the judge heard.

Cranshaw also earlier pleaded guilty to a separate charge of criminal damage after admitting smearing dog excrement on a car.

He was given a 12-month conditional dishcharge for that offence, which happened in Bury in September 2010.

Cranshaw’s sex crimes carried a potential jail sentence, but the judge ruled that, in the public interest, the defendant should be given extensive psychological treatment in the community to prevent him reoffending.

Austin Welch, defending, told the court his client was ashamed and remorseful, and had ‘deep, underlying issues’ which needed treatment.


Manchester Evening News

Rochdale grooming detective quits police over treatment of witnesses and a failure to convict suspects

Published March 27, 2013 by misty534


Former Det Con Margaret Oliver claims abusers are still walking the streets, and prosecutors failed to use evidence to convict others


A detective quit the force in the wake of the Rochdale child grooming scandal, it has emerged.

Former Det Con Margaret Oliver claims that men who abused young girls in the town are still walking the streets and that prosecutors failed to use evidence to convict others aside from the nine who were eventually jailed.

Mrs Oliver said that she looked after two witnesses who had been abused by 20 men.

But she said only one of the girls was called to give evidence in relation to one charge against one man.

Mrs Oliver said: “I feel that had the full facts been heard from the girls, we would have got heavier sentences and there wouldn’t be offenders still walking the streets of Rochdale.”

The former officer added that she resigned from her post after failing to get reassurances on how vulnerable witnesses would be treated in future. The Crown Prosecution Service said it focused its case on victims who would give the best evidence in court.

During a failed investigation into the abuse in 2008, one of the girls Mrs Oliver worked with was arrested on suspicion of introducing friends to help the ring widen its network of girls – a claim she denies.

The investigation was eventually dropped and no charges were brought against her.

Three years later, after the case was resurrected, police documents show the girl was ‘clearly a victim of sexual abuse and grooming’.


by Manchester Evening News

Spartacus VIP Paedophile Ring Placed Secret Adverts in Gay Press

Published February 5, 2013 by misty534


Cyril Smith MP: Part of a paedophile ring?

Pop stars and politicians were part of secret paedophile ring which placed coded adverts in magazines, it has been alleged.

Metropolitan Police detectives are gearing up for a series of arrests relating to a VIP child sex abuse ring named “Spartacus”.

Officers suspect that members of the ring, including pop stars, a bishop, a Soviet spy and a top politician, met at Elm Guesthouse in Barnes, southwest London.

Police have interviewed 12 alleged victims over claims that teenage boys were abused there during the 1980s, reported the Daily Express. The investigation formed part of Operation Ferndown, triggered by allegations by Tom Watson MP at Prime Minister’s Questions.

The deceased Liberal Democrat MP for Rochdale, Cyril Smith, reportedly met and abused teenage rent boys at Elm Guesthouse. Last year a plaque dedicated to Smith in Rochdale was removed after two men claimed they were abused by the larger-than-life politician at a hostel which he founded.

International Buisness Times by Dominic Gover