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MI5 Accused of Covering Up Child Sex Abuse

Published February 17, 2015 by misty534


TEHRAN (FNA)- British spy service MI5 is facing allegations it was complicit in the sexual abuse of children, the high court in Northern Ireland will hear on Tuesday.

Victims of the abuse are taking legal action to force a full independent inquiry with the power to compel witnesses to testify and the security service to hand over documents, The Guardian reported.

The case, in Belfast, is the first in court over the alleged cover-up of British state involvement at the Kincora children’s home in Northern Ireland in the 1970s. It is also the first of the recent sex abuse cases allegedly tying in the British state directly. Victims allege that the cover-up over Kincora has lasted decades.

The victims want the claims of state collusion investigated by an inquiry with full powers, such as the one set up into other sex abuse scandals chaired by the New Zealand judge Lowell Goddard.

Amnesty International branded Kincora “one of the biggest scandals of our age” and backed the victims’ calls for an inquiry with full powers, “There are longstanding claims that MI5 blocked one or more police investigations into Kincora in the 1970s in order to protect its own intelligence-gathering operation, a terrible indictment which raises the specter of countless vulnerable boys having faced further years of brutal abuse.

“It’s only Justice Goddard’s inquiry that will be able to ensure that evidence doesn’t remain hidden in Whitehall filing cabinets and that even senior politicians will have to attend the inquiry.”

Children are alleged to have suffered sustained sexual abuse after being taken from the East Belfast children’s home, run by a member of a Protestant paramilitary organization, to be offered to men.

Lawyers for the victims will argue in court that “there is credible evidence (and it is therefore arguable) that the security forces and security services were aware of the abuse, permitted it to continue and colluded in protecting the individuals involved from investigation or prosecution”, according to papers lodged with the Belfast high court.

Huge rise in sexual abuse of hospital patients as police figures show 1,600 attacks in three years

Published January 1, 2015 by misty534
  • Total of 1,615 sex abuse reports received by UK police forces since 2011
  • Data, released under Freedom of Information, includes 157 reports of rape
  • Met Police accounted for 20 per cent of all reports with 141 alleged attacks 
  • Shadow minister for public health said immediate review was necessary 

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 12.33.17

Police figures reveal a huge rise in the number of sexual abuse reports received from hospital patients, with 1,600 attacks recorded in the last three years.

Data from 38 out of 45 police forces across the UK reveals a 50 per cent increase in reports of sexual violence in NHS hospitals, private clinics and health centres since 2011.

The figures, released following a Freedom of Information request by the Guardian, show there were a total of 1,615 alleged attacks, which included 157 reports of rape. A small number reportedly relate to historic assaults which occurred before 2011.

Data from Metropolitan Police showed the force received 17 reports of rapes and 124 reports of other sexual offences, accounting for 20 per cent of all reports, with mental health patients being particularly vulnerable.

One victim, a mental health patient, described psychiatric hospitals as a ‘playground for predators’, and said she was raped up to 60 times by a member of staff.

The woman, who was groomed with gifts from the senior staff member, said she only built up the courage to speak out about the abuse after she was released from Little Brook Hospital in Dartford, Kent.

Remaining anonymous, she told the BBC earlier this year how she was admitted to the hospital after a breakdown.

She said: ‘At times I was on a very heavy amount of Valium, not to where I was unconscious, but the sedative combined with my already defeated self, I was like putty. He would pull the covers back, do what he had to do and leave, all very quickly. I didn’t move.’

She said she couldn’t ‘believe how it could have been so frequent and not picked up on.’ She eventually received £100,000 compensation and her attacker received a suspended jail sentence.

At the time, Kent and Medway NHS Trust said it was unable to comment because the offences occurred under the previous regime.

Doctor Myles Bradbury, 41, (pictured) was jailed for 22 years earlier this month after sexually abusing desperately ill boys in his care at a specialist unit

Another victim told how she was groomed by her mental health support officer for five months, but he resigned before a police investigation concluded and authorities were unable to take action against him.

Earlier this year, Doctor Myles Bradbury, 41, admitted sexually abusing 18 desperately ill boys under his care at a specialist unit.

The court heard how the disgraced doctor targeted the boys – all of whom were ‘really poorly’ and vulnerable – in his private consulting room.

He would tell their parents they should leave the room in case their children got embarrassed, before sexually touching them for his own gratification and telling them it was a ‘legitimate examination’.

Bradbury, from Herringswell, near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, was suspended from Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge last November after a victim’s parents raised concerns with staff.

He was jailed for 22 years at Cambridge Crown Court earlier this month, after pleading guilty to 25 offences against boys aged 10 to 16, including sexual assault, voyeurism and possessing more than 16,000 indecent images.

Luciana Berger, shadow minister for public health, said the new figures were worrying and demanded that ministers order an immediate review of security.

She told the Guardian‘s Martin Williams: ‘A zero-tolerance approach to sexual abuse must be pursued in the NHS.

‘All victims should feel safe to come forward and every incident properly dealt with by the police, courts and health service, to ensure every perpetrator is brought to justice.’

Mind, a mental health charity, said it was ‘completely unacceptable that sexual abuse was so prevalent within mental health units’.

In a statement, Nat Miles, senior policy and campaigns officer, said: ‘Many people told us they are often seen as vulnerable and therefore an easy target by perpetrators, and are more easily discredited and less likely to be taken seriously if they report a crime.

‘Too often, crimes on wards are dealt with internally and not reported to police. It’s vital that frontline staff are adequately trained, so crimes are taken seriously, and dealt with quickly and appropriately.’

An NHS England spokesman said: ‘It is of course essential that both NHS and independent hospitals do everything to ensure that patients are safe and feel safe in their premises, and where concerns arise the police must be able to bring to bear the full force of the law.’

Emma Glanfield

Ministry of Defence pays out £2m to settle cadets’ sexual abuse claims

Published December 29, 2014 by misty534

British army military cadets.

The Ministry of Defence has paid out more than £2m in out-of-court settlements over the past three years as a result of claims of sexual abuse against young people within the ranks of the cadet forces.

The allegations included sex abuse rituals performed by teenage boys on younger cadets in their charge, as well as the case of a cadet who was raped and gave birth to her abuser’s child.

Eight payouts, totalling £544,213, were made this year, according to records released in response to a freedom of information request from the Guardian seeking figures for payments for alleged sexual abuse within the Army Cadets, Combined Cadet Force, and Air Cadet Organisation.

The data, which was recorded in a way that did not distinguish between the various cadet groups, shows that £1,475,844 was paid out in five payments in 2012. Payouts in 2013 totalled £64,782 and there were no payouts in 2011.

While some of the settlements reached in the last few years were made to adults for abuse perpetrated when they were children, some are understood to relate to much more recent abuse claims.

Rebecca Sheriff, a senior solicitor at Bolt Burdon Kemp, who has acted for several clients in claims arising from abuse suffered in the Army Cadets at the hands of military staff, said: “It is common practice for sex offenders to seek out positions of authority in organisations such as the Army Cadets, and vulnerable children need to be safeguarded from this risk. It is terrible that often these children have joined the cadets with a view to a career in the armed services, which they are unable to pursue as a result of abuse by people that they should have been able to trust.”

The mother of a boy abused by two older teenage cadets said she had yet to receive an apology from the cadet authorities although they agreed to an out-of-court settlement of just over £23,000.

The abuse of the boy happened at a cadets’ weekend in East Anglia and allegedly involved the two older boys going into a dormitory over the course of a number of nights and lying naked on top of the younger cadets, putting their penises in the boys’ mouths. One youngster was allegedly made to drink coffee laced with urine. She reported the abuse to police, who, she says, interviewed the alleged perpetrators nine months later. They were not charged but were given a warning.

The mother said: “If something like that goes on and is not right then somebody needs to take responsibility, and the cadets had to pay what they paid to compensate for all the hurt … But the two lads have got away with it, they just received warnings, and it was put on file. [The police] said it was bullying and intimidation of a sexual nature – because it wasn’t anything like a rape.”

She added: “I believe that they had been doing it for a while. It makes me sick and saddened inside. It really, really, does. I was told that the cadets had their own internal investigation but I’m not aware of what happened.”

In the period between the incident being reported to police and action being taken to detain the boys, her son, she says, was chased by one of the abusers near his home and subjected to intimidation on Facebook.

“My son had wanted to go into the army to learn a trade and a career. He loved it beforehand, so that was a massive disappointment to him as well. But immediately afterwards he was left with so much guilt. That was what hurt him the most. He was afraid of his own shadow and began to get really, really, angry and became withdrawn and afraid. The effect that it had on my boy, it was so sad for me to see.”

Another out-of-court settlement involved a claimant who was sexually abused by an adult cadet instructor while she was a member of the group. The abuse started when she was 14 and progressed to rape, which led to her becoming pregnant and giving birth to the abuser’s child. After the abuse, she suffered from chronic post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic dysthymia (a form of depression) and a number of complex psychological problems. The MoD admitted liability at an early stage and settled the claim for £210,000.

The settlements made in 2012 include a successful claim for £900,000 by four people who were abused when they were young members of the Army Cadets in Harborne, Birmingham.

Severe sexual abuse was perpetrated by two of the cadet force instructors behind the closed doors of an army hut, rifle range, and at camp. Lawyers for the victims said that abuse was openly acknowledged within what they called “a permissive atmosphere” and appeared accepted as normal.

One of the instructors, Peter Cooper, was convicted of buggery and indecent assault in September 2007 in relation to one of the claimants. At the time of his arrest he was a serving police officer with the West Midlands constabulary. The other instructor is now dead.

An MoD spokesperson said: “We take any allegation of abuse extremely seriously. All adult volunteers undergo enhanced criminal record checks and are made fully aware of their responsibility to protect children from harm. Any suspicion of bullying, harassment or abuse will be dealt with immediately and any allegation of a criminal nature is handed to the police. This is reinforced throughout all safeguarding training.”

Another freedom of information request by the Guardian revealed that 12 allegations – of which 10 were referred to the police – were logged in 2014 by the child protection officer employed by the Army Cadets (which has 46,000 teenage cadets and 8,500 adult volunteers in the UK). The child protection officer has logged more than 36 allegations of sexual abuse since 2011.

Men’s sexual abuse charity launches city-wide survey

Published November 18, 2014 by misty534

Mankind logo 300.jpg-pwrt2

A charity is celebrating International Men’s Day tomorrow (Wednesday) with the launch of a new survey investigating attitudes towards young men in the city.

Hove-based men’s charity Mankind provides counselling and support for victims of male rape, male sexual assault and violence across Sussex.

Martyn Sullivan, of Mankind, said: “We work with men that have experienced childhood sexual abuse. And we have noticed that young men in particular, who have suffered abuse have difficulty in coming forward.

“We have been thinking about this, and we see the problem as being two-fold – not only do young men have difficulty speaking out, we as a community also have difficulty in hearing them.”

The charity said this was “not surprising” as we “tend to talk more about women and girls when discussing sexual violence and less about men and boys”.

Mr Sullivan continued: “We want to deal with the issue at a local level. We need to find out what both young men and the community need to make it easier for young men to talk about their experiences and for the community be able to respond and support them.

“Mankind are going to run a series of focus groups to generate ideas and form a number of project action groups to develop and implement local initiatives. Being a community led project, these ideas will come from and be owned by the community.”

The survey and project, called Community Squared, or C2 for short, aims to support men and boys who have suffered sexual abuse.

The Mankind C2 can be found at

Suffolk paedophile Glen Martin jailed for 18 years over string of child historic sex assaults

Published November 7, 2014 by misty534


A Suffolk man has been jailed for 18 years after being convicted of a catalogue of “abhorrent” historic child sex offences.

Following Glen Martin’s imprisonment detectives praised his two victims for having the courage to come forward.

Martin, of Aldwyck Way, Lowestoft, was found guilty of three rapes, three counts of buggery, two indecent assaults and two counts of gross indecency with a child.

The 53-year-old was acquitted of a further indecent assault and a third count of gross indecency with a child.

Although Martin had denied all 12 offences he was found guilty by a jury after a trial at Ipswich Crown Court which lasted just over a week.

After his conviction Detective Constable Lisa Hogan-Green from Suffolk Constabulary’s dedicated rape investigation unit said: “We are delighted on behalf of the victims that Glen Martin has been sentenced at court to an 18-year prison term.

“The crimes he committed against his young victims were abhorrent.

“His victims were incredibly brave to come forward a number of years later to report the offences to us and to relive the trauma of what they were subjected to and we will ensure that the victims receive ongoing support.

“Suffolk Constabulary is committed to investigating rapes and serious sexual offences whether current or historic.

“Hopefully the sentencing of Martin will go some way to reassure and give confidence to victims of such offences to come forward to us, safe in the knowledge that we will fully and thoroughly investigate these types of crimes to ensure those responsible are brought to justice.”

Martin was charged earlier this year and made his first appearance before North East Suffolk Magistrates Court in Lowestoft on March 4.

The case was then committed to Ipswich Crown Court.

Some of the former car valeter’s offences dated back almost 30 years. At the time he was living in north London and Cheshunt.

Other sex assaults took place several years later and occurred in Hemsby, Norfolk, and Lowestoft.

Martin was accused of seven assaults on one boy and five on another.

Paedophile Teacher Keith Cavendish-Coulson Assaulted 24 Boys at Terra Nova School

Published November 6, 2014 by misty534


A former French teacher has been jailed for sexually abusing 24 pupils at an independent boys school in Cheshire.

Keith Cavendish-Coulson, 71, pleaded guilty to 42 counts of indecent assault on boys aged eight to 13 at Terra Nova School near Holmes Chapel.

The abuse took place in dormitories, his own rooms and in classrooms during lessons between 1973 and 1975.

Cavendish-Coulson, of Crookham Common, Berkshire, was jailed for six years and nine months at Chester Crown Court.

Described in court as a serial paedophile, Cavendish-Coulson, of Crookham Hill, also pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a 12-year-old boy he privately tutored in the late 1980s.

Terra Nova School
The abuse took place at the school between 1973 and 1975

Judge Roger Dutton described two victim impact statements read to the court as “very powerful”.

They told of the long term effects of the abuse they suffered at the hands of Cavendish-Coulson.

The two men said they had trouble forming relationships, bouts of depression and lingering resentment of their parents who left them in the care of a man who breached their trust and exploited their vulnerability in such a serious way.

Claire Lindley, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Keith Cavendish-Coulson presented himself as a friendly and approachable teacher in order to carry out a string of sexual offences against the pupils in his care.

“He used this position of authority to target young boys who trusted their teachers and were often living far away from home.”

She said his abuse has had a “profound effect on his many victims”.

The former master at prestigious Terra Nova School, near Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, admitted 41 sample counts of indecent assault and was today sentenced to six years and nine months’ imprisonment at Chester Crown Court.

All but one of the 71-year-old’s victims were pupils at £13,000-a-year school Terra Nova, with some of the assaults happening during lessons.

Sexual abuse victims urge others to come forward

Published November 3, 2014 by misty534


SPEAKING OUT: Donna Slater, right, with her aunt, Marion Bradley

A WOMAN who was raped by her father is calling on victims of sexual abuse to come forward to put their attackers behind bars.

Retired diesel fitter George Slater, who raped his daughter and sexually assaulted his sister-in-law, was jailed last month for 13 years for a catalogue of historic offending.

Now Donna Slater and Marion Bradley have waived their right anonymity to urge other victims of sex offenders to come forward.

Ms Slater, 43, who lives in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, and has a 12-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter of her own, said: “We have suffered all lives for this. I want people to know what kind of a man he is. He should be named and shamed.

“He does not deserve to come out of prison. I hope he rots.”

Ms Slater said the abuse at the hands of her father has left deep emotional scars.

She said: “My life has been a mess, mentally and physically. I have tried to harm myself and relationships have failed because of it.

“I made numerous attempts on my own life.”

“I want other people to come forward. I know it has made me feel. Once you do you realise you are not the only person out there.”

The Northern Echo:
BREACH OF TRUST: Slater with daughter Donna

later, 72, of Ouston, was jailed following a trial at Newcastle Crown Court last month.

He was convicted of one count of rape and ten charges of sexual assault against his daughter between 1974 and 1985.

He began molesting her when she was a little girl and raped her when she was 11.

Slater abused his wife Anne’s little sister, Marion, over a two year period between 1967 and 1968 and began when she was aged eight.

Ms Bradley, 55, who is a great grandmother-of-one, with two grandchildren and four children, and lives in Dunston, believes publicity following the revelations about sexual abuse carried out by Jimmy Savile made police take their case seriously.

She said: “I think it helped a lot. It is a hard thing to do, but I hope other people in our position will also come forward

“His victims were very young when it happened. He is a pervert. A sick pervert.”

Northumbria Police Superintendent Lisa Orchard said officers always takes allegations of rape and sexual offences seriously and urges victims to report abuse.

She said: “Their welfare and safety is paramount and we work closely with victims to make sure they receive the help and support they need as investigations are progressed.

“I’d like to commend the bravery of the victims in this case during what was an extremely difficult time for them. I hope this sentence gives others the confidence to come forward.”

Mike Tyson reveals scary street snatching and sexual abuse

Published November 3, 2014 by misty534

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 14.25.59

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson has opened up about being molested by an old man when he was growing up in Brooklyn.

In a heartbreaking interview with Opie Radio, the 48-year-old revealed that he was sexually abused at the age of seven.

He went on to describe how he was snatched off the street in a horrible incident and the effect that it has had on him as a man.

“He snatched me off the street,” Tyson explained in the interview.

“I was a little kid, seven. They were an old man. It was one time, one time. I never seen him again.”

Tyson told the radio hosts he was just walking along the street when the man grabbed him, and his life changed forever as a result of the incident.

He went on to explain how he had to run away from his attacker following the assault, but never went to the police.

“It’s nobody’s business to know,” Tyson explained with the presenters clearly shocked by the revelation.

“Entertainers have egos to buffer their flaws, their demons,” he continued.

When asked if he significantly changed as a result of that day’s events, he replied: “I don’t know if I did or not.

“I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of anything from that perspective.”

You can watch the interview with Tyson below, but be warned about the fact that it contains language many might find offensive:

Archbishop of Canterbury reveals he ‘broke down’ over sexual abuse toll

Published October 28, 2014 by misty534


Former Bishop of Durham the Most Rev Justin Welby spoke of the investigations into clergy going back more than 60 years

The Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken of how hearing directly from the victims of the Church of England’s “total failure and betrayal” over historic sexual abuse caused him to break down in public.

In a frank assessment of the scale of the scandal, the Most Rev Justin Welby conceded that investigations into clergy going back more than 60 years would show that “there is more that has not been revealed”.

The Archbishop, who was Bishop of Durham, said he was “passionate” about exposing past failings after telling the mother of three boys sexually abused by the head of a CofE school that there was undoubtedly a “very significant legacy of unacknowledged cases”.

Abuse had been “rampant” across many institutions and the church was taking “all necessary steps”, he said in the letter seen by the Exaro News investigative website, adding that the historic “failure to face the misdeeds of those in its service is inexcusable”.

“The betrayal of Christ in such behaviour is complete,” he added, and apologised “most sincerely and with deep sorrow”.

Face-to-face meetings with victims are part of the Church’s response to the scandal, with Mr Welby attending along with senior figures.

At a Westminster lunch, he told journalists that the harrowing accounts he heard at one encounter still haunted him later in the day when he was asked about the issue at a talk at a theological college.

“To my intense surprise, because I don’t normally do this kind of thing, I broke down completely.

“It was the shredding effect of hearing what we did, what we did, to those people and the sense of total failure and betrayal.

“So we are taking it, and I am passionate about this, as seriously as we are able to do.”

He added: “It is beyond description terrible. When you abuse a child or a vulnerable adult, you mark them for the rest of their lives,” he said.

Churches fall within the scope of the major review into child sex abuse within state and non-state institutions ordered by Home Secretary Theresa May.

“Many institutions failed catastrophically, including in the media, children’s homes, foster parents, all kinds of areas,” he said.

“But the church is meant to hold itself to a far, far, far higher standard and we failed terribly.”

Every “blue file” personnel record since 1950 – including those of dead clergy – was being closely examined for “anything in the file that would suggest at all that there is anything that needs following up”.

In nine out of 10 cases such concerns proved unfounded or involved cases where all involved were now dead, he said, but the inquiry team, headed by the Bishop of Durham, would bring the rest forward “transparently and openly”.

The process was being overseen by an external body to avoid any claims of a cover-up, he stressed.

“The rule is survivors come first, not our own interests,” he added.

“However important the person was, however distinguished, however well known, survivors come first.”

The Archbishop also spoke about highly-controversial moves to examine whether the confidentiality rules should be relaxed to allow clergy who heard confessions about sex abuse could alert the authorities.

A General Synod measure to initiate a study on the issue was an “incredibly radical move which challenges more than 1,800 years of church tradition”, he said.

“We haven’t decided what we are going to do with it yet but we are starting to look at how we could deal with that.”

going back more than 60 years

Childline Say Calls Over Online Sexual Abuse Up 168%

Published October 24, 2014 by misty534


The number of children seeking help from Childline about online sexual abuse in the last year has more than doubled.

Thousands of youngsters sought help after being sent abusive or sexial images on social networks online.

Locally, the charity’s Aberdeen centre counselled with 168 cases of online sexual abuse.

Elaine Chalmers, area manager for ChildLine in Scotland, said that sex offenders use the internet to access indecent images and to groom children:

“Social networks are an easy place to hide your real identity, and can be the first step in offenders encouraging potential victims to other sites or even to meet in person.”

“The likelihood is that these figures are a drop in the ocean because groomed child victims often do not report abuse, and many young people don’t even recognise what they’re experiencing as illegal.

“It’s vital that we encourage children and young people to talk about what they do online and who they communicate with. The risks involved in online contact are heightened in cases where children and young people feel they have to keep their experiences secret.

“Where you uncover inappropriate contact with a child you must report it – for every instance we know about, there may be many more children at risk.”

ChildlineAnyone looking for advice about keeping children safe online, or concerned about the safety and welfare of a child, can contact the NSPCC’s 24-hour helpline on 0808 800 5000 or email